Rumors that Phil has started...

STONYBROOK TRYING TO CONTROL STUDENTS WITH FOOD - I believe that the college I went to was trying to control their students using the food in the cafeteria. Lets point out a few confirmed facts:

• Students usually exhibited bowel movement about 20 minutes after eating school food.
• Students don't usually eat because they are hungry, but rather that it is one of the things they have to do during the day.
• Most students gain weight.
• Most students feel sluggish after eating school food.

I think that they school is putting some substance in the food so as to control the students. I personally put on a few pounds and I hardly ate anything (compared to the summers when I was living at home). I would go eat during the day, not even being hungry, but rather because it was one of the things on my list to do during the day. I would have to go to the bathroom about 20 minutes later which, in my opinion, means that there was no nutritional food value in the stuff that I was eating. Most students would feel like doing nothing after they ate...

In my opinion, the school was trying to make people fat, lowering their self esteem, resulting in subordinate students.

RIZZO IS A WARLOCK - I think that my friend Rizzo (name changed to protect identity) is a warlock.
• Nobody (to my knowledge) to this day has ever been allowed in his house.
• He has a friend whom we shall call Sung (name changed to protect identity) that will constantly harass him, however he shows no care to Sung's behavior.
• He shows no interest to preserve life.

I think that Rizzo has a secret power source in his house that give him his supernatural powers of a warlock and that is why nobody can go into the house. If they do, then they may acquire these powers as well. Despite that Sung might be (physically) bigger, since Rizzo is a warlock, he doesn't let the threats from Sung bother him since Rizzo knows he is more powerful than Sung. We do know that Rizzo shows interest in women, however, he has never gone crazy in love for a woman. He is immortal, and the woman he says is his mother, is actually his partner in this whole ordeal.