Pride & Prejudice

This is not a page dedicated to a book written by Jane Austen, but rather showing my 'pride' (things I like about myself), and 'prejudice' (things I dislike in life).


Adaptiveness: My ability to adapt to new tasks, responsibilities, and stimulus in life and optimize my efficiency towards it.

Promptness: Anyone who has either worked with me or gone on a road trip with me knows that I am very persistent about leaving and arriving at a location at the pre-specified time.

Creativity: When there new challenges, sometimes the direct approach may be be the optimal choice. This is when my 'Philly-logic' comes into play.


Stupid people: I do not discriminate against race, color, sex, gender, etc... but I can not stand people who are indigent and just don't try (in life).

Cell phones: While cell phones are a great idea for emergencies, it seems as though everyone and their mother have a cell phone which seems to be permanently attached to the person's ear. This sometimes causes a problem when walking and talking when the person gets so enthralled in the conversation that they cannot concentrate what is actually happening, but only what is going on in the conversation.

New Jersey: Where do I begin... While certain areas all over the world may have an odorous emination, it is strange how New Jersey seems to smell wherever you may be, including in the middle of the nice country scenery.

Doesn't it make anyone wonder if the drivers in New Jersey are considered so bad, that rather than trying to improve the driver's test to better the drivers, the insurance companies just reduce or stop giving insurance to people who hold a New Jersey driver's license.