Phillydog for Mayor of NYC in

During the change of mayorial shifts from Giuliani to Bloomberg, it has come to the attention of some NYC residents that NYC may need a new mayor in Support should go to Phillydog for the down-to-earth logic he has towards some of the major concerns that the city has.

Phillydog for mayor Name:
Philip Brazina

1. Education

I vow NOT to cut money from the school budget.
If we cut money from education, then schools will become even more overcrowded than they are now and students will not get the education they deserve. This may cause more kids to skip school, since teachers may not know if a student is missing. While not in all cases, this trend tends to lead to high school dropouts and increased drug use, which in turn, will lead to the increase in the number of people on welfare (see point 2).

2. Welfare

I vow to lower the number of people receiving government assistance a.k.a "welfare".
Individuals on welfare will be given a blood test randomly during the year to test for substance use. If proven that illegal substances have been used, the person tested will no longer receive government assistance. The city will not support anyone's drug habits. If a person can't afford food, then they shouldn't be buying illegal substances. If the person tested is found to be abiding by the rules and is drug free, the person will continue to receive government aid funding as well as will have government aid in finding a job so as to improve the "quality of life".

3. Unemployment

I vow to lower the unemployment rate.
Individuals receiving unemployment will be eligible to receive this aid one of every five years. There are plenty of jobs available in the work place, however, some may not as glamourous and desirable as others. The government will do everything in their power to help place individuals seeking employment into available jobs provided they adhere to the same rules as in point 2.

4. Enforcement of Laws

I vow to enforce the laws, not to be a tyrant, but rather to keep the peace and harmony that NYC should have to offer.
A. Motorists using cell phones.
Certain laws are often ignored, such as cell phone usage in a moving vehicle. Currently NYC has a rule that cell phones are not to be used in moving vehicles or the motorist will receive a $110 fine. This doesn't seem to be working as I see people everyday using cell phones in these conditions. I propose a tier system with differnt severity levels as follows:


On the 5th offense, the motorist's license will be revoked for one year, and the car will be impounded until all such traffic violations are paid off. If the motorist is summoned for using a cell phone within one year of license being re-issued, license will then be revoked indefinately, and motorist will be imprisoned for no less than 72 hours, and not to exceed 5 days. These new laws is for the safety concern of other motorists on the road as well as pedestrians.
B. Unauthorized lights on vehicles.
Any unauthorized lights on vehicles including, but not limited to, strobe flashers, blue-tinted signal lights, blue-tinted head lights, blue-tinted fog lights, and/or any lighted items on the hood of the vehicle will result in the following:

1st$1503 Unauthorized lights must be removed from vehicle at time of summons.
2nd$5006 Vehicle will be seized and owner of vehicle will be imprisoned for no less than 24 hours, and not to exceed 72 hours.

5. Taxes

I vow NOT to raise taxes.
As with the current mayor's promise, I will not raise taxes. Unlike the current mayor who wants to cut funds from education, I believe an optimization can be made to keep all funds allocated where they are without raising taxes. Some people owe money for taxes, while some just don't feel it necessary for their hard earned money to be allocated to tax increases each year. I propose an alternative: City-time!

City-time will be dedicated hours that an individual must give to the city in the form of labor in lieu of paying taxes. The more taxes an individual must pay the city, the more hours that individual must give to the city.

The individual has the option of either paying the tax or working for the city for equivelant number of hours, however one form of payment must be given and this is non-negotiable.

The money from points 2, 3, 4 (see above), can be used to balance the budget and lower taxes.