Famous people I have seen

Alonzo Bodden and Joe Matarese - June 9, 2007 [9:00pm] - Gotham Comedy Club

Winner of season 3 of Last Comic Standing, Alonzo is the bomb!
Alonzo BoddenJoe Matarese

Keifer Sutterland - May 2, 2007 [10:00pm] - Mr. Chow's

This is the guy from the show "24". We saw him at the bar and and my friend Tony (left) caught a pic of him while he was on a smoke break.
Kiefer Sutherland

Chris Porter - September 8, 2006 [9:00pm] - Caroline's Comedy Club

This guy is funny revolving most of his jokes around his own life. I love the one about peeing and pooping.
Chris Porter

Ralphie May - June 6, 2005 [9:00pm] - Caroline's Comedy Club

This guy is hilarious. He may be big, but fat people always tell funny jokes.
Ralphie MayRalphie May #2

David Blaine - May 22, 2002 [12:30 PM] - Bryant Park

This nut, David Blaine, the street magician, is standing on a 22-inch wide platform atop an 80-foot pillar (8 stories) for 35 hours straight, without food, water or sleep and then will jump off his perch with only a pile of cardboard boxes to break his fall.

P-Diddy (Sean "Puffy" Combs) - May 8, 2002 [3:00 PM] - Madison Square Garden

Shown here is P-Diddy making a video on top of the platform holding the digital sign at Madison Square Garden

David Blaine - November 28, 2000 [11:40 AM] - Times Square

Blaine encased himself inside a six-ton block of ice and he plans to stay in there for about two and a half days.