Phillydog solves the issues of the National Debt

During these tough times of recession in the United States, besides some of the citizens owing money, the government itself is in debt. This is one big clusterfuck! Below is an outlined plan of how to reduce the national debt as well as how to keep a perpetaul flow of income to stabilize the city, state, and federal government budgets.

1. Social Security

You should only be allowed to get money if you have put money into the pot. This has nothing to do with being a citizen or illegal alien, but simply, if you don't put in, you can't take out. Period!

2. Welfare

Individuals receiving unemployment will be eligible to receive this aid periodically. If a person's economic situation hasn't changed, it should be the responsibility of the government to help such people improve their quality of life and either train people with manual skillsets, or if the skills are there, help match them to a better paying job. Welfare should be available for citizens only.

Individuals on welfare will be given a blood test randomly during the year to test for substance use. If proven that illegal substances have been used, the person tested will no longer receive government assistance. The government will not support anyone's drug habits. If a person can't afford food, then they shouldn't be buying illegal substances. If the person tested is found to be abiding by the rules and is drug free, the person will continue to receive government aid funding as well as will have government aid in finding a job so as to improve the "quality of life".

3. Unemployment

Individuals receiving unemployment will be eligible to receive this aid periodically, and unemployment is for citizens only. While times are tough, there are people who are perpetually on unemployment and believe that unemployment pays more than getting an actual job. This goes back to the first point of "If you don't put in, you can't take out".

4. Disability

Individuals receiving disability will be re-evaluated periodically to see if they still qualify. There are actual disabilities in which people can't work (i.e. coma, loss of all limbs, etc), but then there are other such scenarios in which people just don't want to work. PTMS, while stressful, should not interfere with such employment as a truck driver, stock person, accountant, etc... If you are able to go to the mall and shop, then you are able to do some form of productivity during the day. I do believe that if you don't have any such skillset, the government should step in and provide such beneficial skills, no matter how trivial they are. Being overweight, blind, deaf, or loss of limbs does not constitute receiving these benefits as well IF you have a skillset or can learn a skillset to earn income. A deaf person could be a programmer, or work on an assembly line. A person who has a loss of a limb may be able to work in an office. Again, this does not include EVERYBODY, and these are just simplictic examples.

There are too many people claiming disability when it is publically seen that they can have a normal life, but are too lazy to work. This should also be available for citizens only. I do not dislike people from other countries, but why should they get free money each month when many of our own citizens are starving the in streets.

The money saved from points 1-4 (see above), can be used to reduce the overall spending. Below is a summary:
Give into the system, and you shall get back.
Get off your ass and earn your keep.
If you can go to the mall and the movies, you can go to your job.
No free money if you aren't part of the nation.

5. Close corporate loopholes

If the government needs money, it will have to get it from somewhere. The choice is either individuals or corporations. If some of the loopholes are closed for corporations, the government will have more money.

6. Stop giving money to other countries

If we don't have money to pay our own bills, then why are we giving other countries money. I understand that the US helps everyone, but who is going to help us?

7. Raise taxes

Nobody wants this option, but let's put this in perspective. When you work at a company, you want a raise don't you? Well, where do you think that money comes from? Either the company needs to earn more money to give it to you, or positions must be lost to gain the money. This would apply with government too. While points 1-4 above will help to reduce spending, the fact is that the budget will always go up due to pay raises, cost of supplies (utilities, rent, etc..) and the money needs to come from somewhere. Now, I'm not saying a 10% hike, but perhaps a 1/2 percent hike.