Fantasy Girlfriends:

These are my famous 'fantasy' girlfriends who don't know I exist. I can't say for sure why I went out with them, but here is to their memory of their relationship with me.

Jenna Ortega Jenna Ortega - (as of 07/2023) - I'm not sure where we first met, but she was infatuated with me despite I told her she was too young for me. Her mom caught her smoking one day and we haven't seen each other since.
Krysten Ritter Krysten Ritter - (as of 2020) - We met on the set of Jessica Jones and her Big brown eyes stole my heart. Her life as an actress caused our paths to deviate and I hope she is doing well.
Emeraude Toubia Emeraude Toubia - (as of 3/2018) - Big brown eyes and an attitude to take what she wants.
Katherine McPhee Katherine McPhee - (as of 9/22/2014) - This innocent waitress becomes such a bad ass... but alas, she chose broadway over me.
Kate Mara Kata Mara - (as of 4/09/2011) - Such big beautiful eyes and that cute nose. We met one day and just hit it off.
Jordana Brewster Jordana Brewster (as of 1/28/2008) - I saw her in this movie called D.E.B.S where she was the bad guy (gal) but also in search for love. Despite she was a lesbian, she had such a cute smile, and she decided to give me a chance. Alas, she is now back to batting for the other team.
Jessica Alba Jessica Alba - We were on and off for years but alas, I figured the relationship should end since she is pregnant with another man's baby. I miss the days of Dark Angel when she was a brunette as I did not like the blonde days from the Fantastic Four.
Linda Papadopoulos Linda Papadopoulos - Usually I don't go for blondes, but she is cute and smart. I didn't like her always psycho-analyzing me so I had to break it off. It was only a fling anyway.
Giada De Laurentiis Giada De Laurentiis - She can cook and speak Italian and is a world traveller with her own tv show on the Food Channel. Unfortunately when she gets mad, she starts speaking in Italian and very fast at that. We are still friends, but I don't think we are meant for each other.
Charisma Carpenter Charisma Carpenter - I first saw her in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and thought she was a doll. I'm not really sure what I saw in her, but she is a good person at heart.
Eliza Dushku Eliza Dushku - I first saw her on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as this bad ass. It turns out she is a sweetheart, but likes people to think she is tough. I hope she can find someone to make her happy one day.
Calista Flockhart    Calista Flockhart - She had those pouty lips, but I am a man who likes to eat, and she ate like a bird. I am not usually into blondes either.

NOTE: Just to be clear, I didn't actually have any sort of relationship with these ladies other than being infatuated with them from seeing them on tv.