Phil's New World Lexicon (Dictionary)

dud · nt (dŭd'ənt)
          Does not: It dudnt matter.

i·tal·ian·ize (ĭ-tăl'yən-īz')
v. tr.
          To relate to Italy or its people, language, or culture: Despite Jeremy was Irish, he showed me how his family has been italianized over the years.

pre·vert (prē'-vrt')
          One who is destined to be a pervert, however is not one currently: Jeff was a prevert.

Phi·los·o·phy (fĭ-lŏs'ə-fē)
  1. Inquiry into the nature of Phil based on logical reasoning rather than empirical methods.
  2. The critique and analysis of fundamental beliefs as they come to be conceptualized and formulated by Phil.
  3. The synthesis of all learning as demonstrated by Phil.
  4. All the disciplines presented in life that Phil demonstrates.
  5. The science comprising logic, ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, and epistemology that Phil uses.
  6. A system of motivating concepts or principles: the philosophy of a culture.
  7. A basic theory of Phil; a viewpoint that Phil sees or is seen of him: an original philosophy of advertising.
  8. The system of values by which Phil lives and teaches: has an unusual philosophy of life.
count·ter·fit (koun'tər-fĭt')
          A sudden outburst of emotion in response to anothers sudden outburst of emotion: Jen had a fit since her mother would not buy her candy, so her mother had a counterfit.

mis·con·cep·tion (mĭs'kən-sĕp'shən)
          The inability to produce offspring: The ultimate misconception is not being fertile.

dumb·i·no (dŭm'ə-nō')
          A person who comes up with a stupid idea: John is a dumbino, and others are sure to be like him.

          dumbino effect
                    A cumulative effect produced when one person comes up with a stupid idea, and others follow: John was the person to initiate the dumbino effect.

com·mu·nize (kŏm'yə-nīz')
v. tr.
          The action performed to a person during a communion: At the Church, John was communized.

drag·on tail (drāg'ən tāl)
          The burning sensation one gets while pooping after eating something spicy or that doesn't settle right in the stomach: After eating White Castle, John had dragon tail.

vag·i·na·tion (vāj'ə-nā'shən)
          The faculty of imagining sexual, or of forming mental images or concepts of what is not actually present to the senses involving vaginas: John had been drinking too much, and after going to a strip club, his vagination was running wild.

snog nog (snog-nog)
          Eggnog mixed with an alcoholic beverage: John and Sara had been drinking too much snog nog, and one thing led to another and now Sara is pregnant.