← Christmas '99. The food was great, and wine... lots of wine.
Central Park, NY. Okay, she got a shot of me. →
← Cindy in Central Park, NY. It was such a beautiful day. We walked around the whole park.
This is the second time I went to the house in the country (Pennsylvania). This is what a long day of going to garage sales does to you. →
← This is April 17th, 1999. This was taken by the photographer at the wedding.
This is April 17th, 1999, when we were preparing for her sister's wedding. She is SO beautiful. →
← On this cold day in December 1998, my sweety graduated college to continue her life in the real world. This is about half an hour before graduation. :)
This is after graduation. I will no longer be able to enjoy lunch with my sweet Cindy. We used to eat lunch and dinner often since I do not enjoy eating alone. →
← Everybody washed their own clothes in college. Cindy was caught in the action by her RA, the last semester she was at Stonybrook.

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