Phil's Hard Cider (...and Perry, Mead, and Apple Wine) List


Craigies Cider (from County Wicklow, Ireland)
2013 Ballyhook Flyer(  5.80%) *- Slightly bitter, but smells quite sweet. This was strong and had an alcohol taste to it.
2012 Dalliance(  5.80%) **- Slightly tart and very crisp.

Dan Kelly's Cider (from Drogheda, Ireland)
Cider(  4.50%) **- Complex tasting; sweet, but not too sweet.

Longueville House (from County Cork, Ireland)
Cider(  5.00%) **- Smooth but slightly bitter.

Magners (Bulmers) Irish Cider (from Ireland)
Magners Original(  4.50%) **- This is very common all around the world.
Magners Pear(  4.50%) ***- Slightly sweeter than the original with a hint of pear.
Magners Selections:     Berry with a taste of Peach(  4.00%) *- This wasn't bad per se, but was very peachy for my taste.
Bulmers Berry(  4.50%) **- A bit sweet, but filled with berries.
Linden Village - Medium Dry(  6.00%) ***- Semidry and earthy, yet slightly sweet.

McGargles (Rye River Brewing Company) (from Kindare, Ireland)
Trader Tommy's Apple(  4.50%) ***- Sweet and appley like a Macintosh.
Trader Tommy's Wild Berry(  4.50%) **- Sweet and syrupy, but with lots of berry flavor.

Nohoval Cidery (Finbarra) (from Cork, Ireland)
Stonewell - Dry Irish(  5.50%) ***- Semidry with a hint of berries.
Stonewell - Medium Dry(  5.50%) **- Sweet and syrupy.

Orchard Thieves (from Cork, Ireland)
Apple(  4.50%) **- Sweet and very appley.

The Druids Cider Company (from Dubin, Ireland)
Rosie's Dew(  5.50%) ***- Sweet but not syrupy.
Taste the Magic(  6.00%) ***- Semidry with no finish.

Dowd's Lane Brewing Company (from Dublin, Ireland)
Big Vat Cider(  4.90%) ***- Semisweet and very mellow.


Aspall Cyder Limited (from Suffolk, England)
Cuvée Chevallier(11.00%) *- This had a medicinal 'band-aid' taste, which was oddly addicting. Not too dry.
Demi-Sec (Draught)(  6.80%) **- This was quite pleasant with a hint of sweetness, but still a bit dry.
Dry (Premier Cru)(  6.80%) *- Quite smooth, and as the name implies dry.
Imperial(  8.20%) **- Quite dry, but slightly sweet.
Imperial (2010 Vintage)(  8.20%) o- Essense of piss... really, this tasted like urine.
John Barrington(  8.40%) ***- This still cider resembles white wine and was very smooth. Had it a second time and it tasted like toast.
Organic (Grand Cru)(  6.80%) *- This was quite bitter for my taste.
Perronelle's Blush(  5.70%) **- A little syrupy, this was very nice being sweet, yet slightly tart.

BlackThorn (from Somerset, England)
Fermented Hard Cider(  6.00%) **- This was dry and quite bitter for my taste, especially for a canned cider. From the tap it is better.
Blackthorn Gold(  4.70%) ***- Semisweet yet still dry.
Blackthorn Cider(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet with a fruity dry finish from the tap.

Brothers (from Somerset, England)
Pear(  5.00%) **- Sweet and smooth, but not syrupy.
Pear Raspberry(  5.00%) **- Sweet and smooth, but not syrupy.
Strawberry Mixed Pear(  4.00%) **- Tasty, like a wine cooler it was very sweet.

Henney's Cider Company Ltd. (from Herefordshire, England)
Still Cider (2010)(  6.50%) *- A classic farmhouse cider that was slightly bitter.
Still Cider (2014)(  6.50%) **- Dry and tannic with a bitter finish.

Hogan's Cider Ltd. (from Warwickshire, England)
Draught Cider(  4.50%) **- Semisweet and crisp.
Dry Cider(  5.80%) *- A bit dry and oaky.
French Revelation(  4.80%) ***- Smooth and sweet with nice tannins.
Hazy Daisy(  3.90%) **- Still and smooth, but quite bland.
Hip Hop(  4.00%) ***- Semidry and clean with a mild hops finish.
Killer Sharp(  5.50%) **- Dry and bitter, but yet left my mouth hydrated.
Medium Cider(  5.40%) **- This was not too dry and not too sweet.
Mulled Cider(  4.00%) ***- Semisweet but the cloves and nutmeg and cinnamon make it seem more dry.
Panking Pole(  6.20%) *- Still dry cider.
Picker's Passion(  5.30%) **- Still and slightly tart.
Vintage Perry 2010(  5.40%) ****- A nice honey aftertaste.

HP Bulmers (from England)
Bulmers Original(  4.50%) *- Smooth taste that was sweet and almost taste like molasses.

Oliver's Cider & Perry (from Herefordshire, England)
At the Hop(  5.50%) **- Semidry with lots of tannins and a deep flavor of hops, yet not bitter. It is only mildly carbonated...almost still.
Bitter Sweet Funk(  7.40%) **- Funky like a Spanish sidra, but dry and smells (not tastes) like caramel.
Classic Perry(  6.00%) **- This was tart, but not bitter.
Ellis Bitter(  7.00%) *- Smooth, still and dry and quite bitter as the name states. It is quite astringent like a perry pear.
Gold Rush(  6.80%) **- Slightly bitter with an oaky taste.
Gold Rush #2(  6.20%) *- Slightly tart with an oaky taste.
Gold Rush #4(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet and tanic.
Gold Rush #5(  6.50%) **- Semidry, tannic, with a slight sidra palate.
Herefordshire Dry Perry(  7.10%) ***- Smooth and oaky. Very delicate.
Herefordshire Perry(  5.80%) ***- Dry, clean, and crisp.
Kingston Black(  7.70%) **- Dry smooth still cider with lots of tannins.
Posh Scrumpy Dry(  6.20%) **- Semisweet with a dry finish.
Traditional Cider(  6.00%) *- Quite dry.
Yarlington Mill(  6.00%) ***- Semidry with a nice bold flavor, and is not syrupy.

Ross-on-Wye Cider & Perry (from Peterstow, England)
Medium Dry Still Cider(  6.60%) **- Semidry still cider with lots of tannins that is very astringent.
Medium Dry Still Perry(  6.90%) **- Very mellow.
Medium Dry Lightly Carbonated Perry(  6.80%) ***- Dry, but slightly sweet with hints of caramel.
Rum Barrel Medium Still Cider(  6.80%) ***- This was sweet and oaky, but very smooth.

Strongbow (from England)
Gold(  5.50%) ****- Better than regular Strongbow in that the bubbles were smaller and it was much smoother.
Original(  5.00%) ****- Similar to Magners but sweeter and smoother. Range is actually (4.50%-5.30%) depending on can, bottle, or draft.
Dark Fruit(  4.00%) **- Sweet and syrupy.
Original Dry(  5.30%) ***- Semidry and thin with a slight tartness to it.

Samuel Smith (from North Yorkshire, England)
Organic Cider(  5.00%) **- This was quite tasty with small bubbles and comes in a 550ml bottle.
Organic Raspberry Fruit Ale(  5.10%) ***- Very tasty, and comes in a 550ml bottle.
Organic Perry(  5.00%) ***- Semisweet and smooth and quite mellow.

Sandford Orchards (from Devon, England)
Ashton Bitter & Dabinett(  6.80%) *- Quite bitter and pretty much tasted bland like cardboard.
Browns & Chisel Jersey(  6.20%) *- This was a bit bland, and very tart.
Chestnut(  6.80%) ***- Bubbly with a slight caramel taste.
Fanny's Bramble(  4.00%) ***- Sweet, not syrupy, with a nice berry taste.
The General(  8.40%) ****- Semidry with lots of tannins and a clean finish. I could drink this in a daily basis.
Straw Oak(  6.80%) ***- Very dry and oaky.
Yarlington Mill & Major Blend(  5.00%) *- Bland, but oaky.

Sheppy's (from Somerset, England)
Bullfinch Medium(  5.50%) **- This one has less bubbles than Strongbow, and is less beer tasting than that black label one I had at home.
Goldfinch Dry(  5.50%) *- It is dry, a bit less sweeter than the medium and would be good with a burger.
Somerset Draught Cider(  5.50%) ***- Slightly sweet and fruity.
Vintage Reserve(  6.90%) **- Dry and oaky.
Original Cloudy(  4.50%) ***- Semisweet and earthy and hazy.
200 Special Edition(  5.00%) ***- Semisweet and tannic with a dry finish.

Thatchers Cider Company (from Somerset, England)
Green Goblin Oak Aged Cider(  6.00%) o- This tasted like carbonated cardboard.
Thatchers Gold(  4.80%) ***- Dry but not bitter and just a hint sweet.

Weston's (from Herefordshire, England)
Caple Road(  5.20%) ***- Crisp and dry and earthy.
Cider - Medium Sweet(  4.50%) ***- Similar to Strongbow but with a sweet after taste. Yummy!
Cider - Organic(  4.50%) ***- Sweet and tart (tastes like a granny smith apple).
Cider - Vintage(  7.30%) ***- A bit stronger than my usual one on tap (Strongbow) but very good. It tastes more like a fermented cider than a beer. Almost no bubbles and only slightly chilled.
Mortimers Orchard(  5.00%) ***- Semisweet and smooth.
Old Rosie(  7.30%) **- A still cider that is smooth and slightly sweet.
Perry(  7.40%) ***- Sweet, but made with pears rather than apples. Much smoother, but not much sweeter than cider.
Rosie's Pig(  4.80%) ***- A still cider that is smooth and semisweet.
Stowford Press - Medium Dry(  4.50%) ***- Semidry and crisp.

William's (Constellation Europe) (from Hereforshire, England)
William's Dragon's Breath(  6.00%) ***- Not too sweet and only a hint of dryness with lots of spicy ginger.
William's Excalibur(  6.00%) ***- Appletastic being not to dry and not too sweet.
William's Sir Perry(  6.00%) ***- This tastes like biting into a Barlett pear.
William's Sir Perry Berry(  6.00%) ***- This was a bit sweet, but was not syrupy. Strawberrylicious!

Worley's Cider (from Shepton Mallet, England)
Mendip Hills(  6.20%) **- Slightly funky.
Premium Vintage 2013(  6.40%) ***- Nice and dry like a standard British cider.
Special Reserve (keeved)(  5.40%) ***- Very bubbly and dry. Quite tasty.

Hecks Farmhouse Cider (from Somerset, England)
Dry Vintage 2013(  7.00%) ***- Dry and oaky. When I say dry, I mean like tasting an actual perry pear.
Tremletts Bitter (single var)(  5.50%) *- Dry and slightly bitter and very tannic.

Old Mout Cider (from Nelson, England)
Kiwi & Lime(  4.00%) **- Very sweet, but not too syrupy.
Passionfruit & Apple(  4.00%) **- Sweet and syrupy.
Pomegranate & Strawberry(  4.00%) **- Sweet and syrupy with a nice strawberry taste.
Summer Berries(  4.00%) **- Sweet and syrupy.

Dunkertons (from Herefordshite, England)
Black Fox(  6.90%) ***- Semidry, earthy and quite smooth.
Court Royal(  7.50%) **- Dry and oaky.
Organic Cider(  6.80%) **- Very dry and earthy.
Organic Dry Cider(  6.90%) ***- Dry, smooth, earthy, tannic, astringent. A nice mouthful with a medium finish.
Organic Perry(  7.50%) ***- Smooth and slightly sweet and earthy.

Handmade Cider (from Chippenham, England)
Agent Orange(  5.80%) *- Dry with a hint of citrus and very carbonated.
Christmas Steps(  6.00%) **- Still and dry and smooth.

Hogs Back Brewery (from Tongham, England)
Hazy Hog(  5.00%) ***- Mellow and semidry.

West Brandley Orchards (Orchard Pig) (from Somerset, England)
Reveller - Medium(  4.50%) **- Sweet, not syrupy.

Addlestones (Shepton Mallet Cider Mill) (from England)
Addlestones Cloudy(  5.00%) ***- Smooth, cloudy, and slightly dry.

The Cotswold Cider Company (from Oxfordshire, England)
No Brainer 500 Cider(  4.80%) ***- Semidry and smooth with a honey aftertaste.

Springfield Cider (from Monmouthshire, England)
Old Barn(  7.80%) **- Still, medium dry, and slightly bitter.

Biddenden Vinyards (from Kent, England)
Strong Kentish Cider - Vintage(  8.40%) ***- A still cider that is smooth and semidry.

Pilton Cider (from Somerset, England)
Somerset keeved cider(  5.00%) ***- Semisweet with small bubbles and slightly earthy.

Cornish Orchards (from Cornwall, England)
Blush(  4.00%) **- Awful nose, but a semisweet cider with fruity notes.

Perry's Cider (from Ilminster, England)
Barn Owl(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet with a hint of earthy vanilla and tannic on the finish.

Celtic Marches (from Herefordshire, England)
Thundering Molly(  5.20%) ***- Semidry with a smooth earthy finish. Just like biting into an apple.


ACE (California Cider Company) (from Sebastopol, California)
ACE Fermented Apple Cider(  5.00%) **- It went well with the burger.
ACE Apple Hard Cider(  5.00%) **- Tasted very much like apple and low carbs.
ACE Blackjack 21(  9.00%) **- Crisp and dry, but not bitter.
ACE Ginger(  6.00%) ***- Dry with a strong ginger nose and sour citrusy ginger.
ACE Joker(  6.90%) *- This wasn't bad, but was a bit bitter for my taste.
ACE Perry(  5.00%) ***- This was quite delicious and almost tasted like candy. Very refreshing.
ACE Pumpkin(  5.00%) ***- This was tasty with pumpkiny spices.
ACE Fermented Berry(  5.00%) *- This was too sweet for me and had a very distinctive berry flavor.
ACE Apple-Honey(  5.00%) *- This was just "okay" with a faint taste of honey.
ACE Pineapple(  5.00%) ***- A bit sweet, but very tropical!
ACE Rose(  5.00%) **- Nice fruity nose. Sweet and fruity with a tart berry finish.
SpACE Blood Orange [ Lim. Rel. ](  6.90%) ***- Just like drinking a mimosa.

Banter's Hard Cider (from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania)
Bon (Bön)(  8.30%) ***- Semidry and clean tasting.
Gold N Delicious(  7.90%) **- Semisweet with a honey finish.
Easy Peasy(  7.10%) ***- Semisweet with lemon.
Granny's Gold(  8.10%) **- Semisweet with a hint of honey.
Overcast(  8.30%) ***- Semidry and tart with a smooth honey finish.
Peachrozza(  8.10%) **- Sweet and syrupy with a mellow peach flavor.
Red Rite(  8.10%) ***- Semisweet with a punch to the face of tart cherries.
Stygian(  8.10%) ***- Semisweet with a nice color and flavor of tart black currant.
Monster Fist(  8.30%) - TBD
El Diez(  8.10%) ***- Dry and very citrusy from the limes. Slight bit of heat from the chiles, and slight barrel aging.

Bellwether Hard Cider (from Trumansburg, New York)
Black Magic(  5.20%) ***- Made with black currant, this was quite tasty.
Cherry Street(  5.50%) ***- Tasted like a yummy tart cherry juice.
King Baldwin(  6.80%) **- A bit tart, but crisp.
Legacy(  6.90%) **- Bubbly and crisp, but a bit bland.
Liberty Spy(  6.80%) **- This was a bit sweeter than the original, but had an alcohol taste to it.
Lord Scudamore(  6.90%) *- This was quite sour and I needed to mix it with something to be drinkable.
Heritage(  6.90%) ***- A dry, still cider that is very clean. This is their still version of Legacy.
Original(  6.50%) *- Crisp, but slightly medicinal tasting.
Provisions (batch #1)(  7.50%) ***- Semidry and smooth with a caramel finish.

Big Apple Hard Cider (from New York, New York)
Brooklyn(  7.30%) ***- Mellow with hints of vanilla.
Classic(  7.30%) ***- Sweet with a honey aftertaste.
Hells Kitchen(  x.x0%) **- Smooth with a funky pickle nose, and a slight Sriracha finish. The heat is only a tickle.
Little Italy(  6.30%) ***- Semisweet with oranges.
SOHO(  6.30%) ***- Semisweet with cherries.
Upper East-Cider(  7.00%) ***- Semidry with hints of oak and orange bitters.

Blue Bee Cider (from Richmond, Virginia)
Charred Ordinary(  8.30%) o- This was bitter, sour even.
Hopsap Shandy(  8.00%) *- Tasted like pear and was slightly bitter.
Mill Race Bramble(  7.00%) **- Smooth with hints of some kind of berry.

Blue Mountain Cider Company (from Milton-Freewater, Oregon)
Cherry Hard Cider(  6.25%) ***- Sweet, but not as sweet as a wine cooler.
Cranberry Hard Cider(  6.25%) ***- Tart like cranberry juice, this was the perfect combination of tart and sweet.
Dry Creek Hard Cider(  6.50%) *- A bit more tart than the cherry above.
Eden Ridge Hard Cider(  6.00%) **- Not as sweet as the Raspberry, but sweeter than the Dry Creek above. Very refreshing.
Estate Gravenstein Hard Cider(  6.80%) **- Clean and slightly tart.
Estate Winesap(  6.75%) *- Crisp with a vinegar taste.
Farmstead Hard Cider(  6.25%) *- A bit bitter, but nice ice cold on a hot summer day.
Raspberry Hard Cider(  6.25%) ***- Sweet, but not as sweet as the cherry one.

Jack's Hard Cider (Hauser Estate Winery) (from Biglerville, Pennsylvania)
Original(  5.50%) ***- Sweet, but bland.
Blueberry Lavendar(  5.x0%) **- Semisweet with blueberries.
Bourbon(  8.40%) **- Semisweet, smooth and oaky.
Breakfast(  6.00%) **- Sweet and mellow coffee taste.
Conewaco Orchard(  5.50%) ***- Dry and tart.
Dry Hopped(  5.50%) **- Dry and hoppy and quite smooth.
Dry Hopped Pear(  5.50%) **- Semidry and slightly hoppy and quite mellow.
Fireside(  5.00%) ***- Smooth and sweet with hints of cinnamon and cloves.
Granny Smith(  7.00%) **- This still cider was tart and slightly bitter.
Harvest(  5.00%) ***- Semidry and tart.
Helen's Blend(  5.00%) ***- Sweet and tasty.
House Bourbon(  8.50%) **- Dry and oaky.
Johnny Jump Up(  5.00%) **- Sweet and syrupy.
Peach(  5.00%) **- Smooth and sweet with a hint of peach.
Pear(  5.50%) **- Sweet and mellow.
Rose(  5.50%) **- Semisweet and fruity.
Rose Strawberry(  5.50%) **- Sweet and fruity and floral.
Strawberry Rhubarb(  4.80%) ***- Sweet and refreshing strawberries.
Teaberry(  5.x0%) **- Sweet and earthy.
Victoria(  5.x0%) ***- Semidry and earthy with tea.

Strongbow US (Heineken) (from America)
Artisanal Blend(  6.00%) **- Semisweet with a tart finish. Slightly syrupy.
British Dry(  5.00%) **- Semidry and crisp.
Cherry Blossom(  4.50%) **- A bit sweet with cherry flavor and syrupy.
Ginger(  4.50%) *- Quite sweet and syrupy with a hint, just a small hint of ginger.
Gold Apple(  5.00%) **- Sweeter than the original. This was not bad, but I prefer it a bit dryer as is the imported 'Original' one.
Honey & Apple(  5.00%) **- A bit sweeter than the original, and very honey.
Orange Blossom(  4.50%) ***- Orange nose and semisweet.

Woodchuck (Vermont Hard Cider Company) (from Middlebury, Vermont)
802(  5.00%) **- This was very smooth
Amber(  5.00%) *- This is very common all around the US.
Crisp(  3.20%) **- This was a bit sweet and quite refreshing.
Day Chaser(  5.50%) ***- Not too dry and not too sweet with just a hint of citrus.
Granny Smith(  5.00%) **- A bit sweeter than the amber.
Hopsation(  5.00%) ***- Like drinking an adulterated pink grapefruit juice.
Pear(  4.00%) *- Smooth taste.
Raspberry(  4.50%) **- Very sweet and syrupy with a bunch of raspberry.
Gumption(  5.50%) **- Sweet and tasted like Granny Smith apples were used.
Gumption - Citrus Freak(  5.50%) **- Semidry and the citrus overpowers the apple. Very fragrant.
Fall Harvest(seasonal)(  5.00%) ***- This 330ml bottle held a spiced cider that compares to no other. It was almost a cross between a pumpkin pie and an apple pie, and may have tasted good heated.
  This is limited (as per the website) to the months of September and October.
Spring(seasonal)(  5.00%) ***- This 330ml bottle held a maple syrup flavored cider that tasted a cross between syrup and molasses. This is limited (as per the website) to the months of March and April.
Summer Time(seasonal)(  5.00%) **- This was slightly sweeter than most with a floral/fruity taste. This is limited (as per the website) to the months of June and July.
Winter Chill(seasonal)(  5.00%) o- It was almost peppery. There was a spice in it that I could not place. It was okay, but I don't think I would by a six pack. This is limited (as per the website) to the months of December and January.
Local Nectar - Vermont(  6.90%) ***- Smooth and sweet with an almost still with a honey aftertaste.
Local Nectar - Michigan(  6.90%) ***- Smooth sweet and slightly more boozy tasting than its brother from Vermont. Almost no aftertaste.
Bar. Aged Cherry (private reserve)(  6.90%) ***- Tastes like tart cherry juice.
Barrel Select (private reserve)(  6.90%) ***- There was a slightly oaky taste to it, but mostly tasted like a very smooth molasses-flavored cider.
Ginger (private reserve)(  6.90%) ***- This was very gingery, even more-so than the Angry Orchard, but not as spicy.
Pumpkin (private reserve)(  6.90%) ***- This tasted very good, but I didn't really taste the pumpkin. A bit sweet as I was expecting it to taste like pumpkin pie spice.
Pink (private reserve)(  5.50%) **- Tasted like the Amber to me, but slightly different. I can't put my finger on it.
Belgian White (private reserve)(  5.50%) **- Tasty and not too sweet. This was almost like a mixture of 80% cider and 20% beer.
Farmhouse Select [Original '91](  6.90%) ****- This was very smooth with hints of honey. While unfiltered, you could see the sediment, but couldn't taste it.
Chocolate(Cellar Series)(  6.90%) *- This was more predominantly chocolate flavored than apple. The chocolate tasted like it was missing depth.
Dry Hop(Cellar Series)(  6.90%) ***- This was quite hoppy and tasted like the rind of a grapefruit. Very smooth.
Ginger(Cellar Series)(  6.90%) ***- Spicy from the ginger, but overall a sweet cider.
Mint(Cellar Series)(  6.90%) *- You can taste the mint in the aftertaste. It wasn't bad, but wasn't my favorite either.
Smoked Apple(Cellar Series)(  6.50%) ****- This is quite unique in that it reminds me of bacon as it has a taste and smell of a ham smokehouse in Virginia.
Sour Cherry(Cellar Series)(  6.90%) ***- Tart from the cherries, but still a sweet cider.
Chocolate Raspberry (Out on a Limb)(  5.50%) ****- Like drinking a raspberry jelly ring.
Splitter Splinter (Out on a Limb)(  5.50%) **- Oaky and a bit bitter... well not the word, but something.
Cheeky Cherry (Out on a Limb)(  5.50%) ***- Tart cherry goodness.
Oopsy Daisy (Out on a Limb)(  5.50%) ***- Smooth, sweet, and floral. Quite different and enjoyable.
Lazy Hazy (Out on a Limb)(  4.20%) **- Tastes like a lemon Starburst candy, but with slightly less lemon flavor.
Hot Cha Cha Cha (Out on a Limb)(  5.50%) **- Sweet with a spicy kick in the end.
Campfire Pancakes(Out on a Limb)(  5.50%) *- I don't taste any apple or smoke, but rather like drinking a thin maple syrup.
June and Juice(Out on a Limb)(  5.50%) ***- Semidry with a slight berry flavor. Not syrupy and quite smooth with an almost citrus taste.
Ginger Lovin'(Out on a Limb)(  5.50%) ***- Tastes like a semidry ginger ale.
Bubbly Pearsecco(  6.10%) **- Semidry and slightly bitter.
Bubbly Rose(  6.10%) **- Semisweet and floral.
25th Anniversary(  8.40%) ***- Mostly dry and very smooth. Quite drinkable and not syrupy at all.

Woodpecker Cider (from Middlebury, Vermont)
Woodpecker Premium Cider(  3.50%) **- This is very common all around the US.

Original Sin (from NYC, New York)
Apple(  6.00%) *- A bit bland, but strong. Tasted a bit like wet cardboard.
Apricot(  5.50%) **- Apricot goodness.
Black Widow(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet but not syrupy. Tastes a bit like cotton candy and would be nice in a mixed drink.
Dry Rose(  6.50%) ***- Semidry, light, and fruity.
Elderberry(  5.00%) **- This was not as bland as the other two, but not really anything special. It may be good if paired with a burger though.
Extra Dry(  5.50%) ***- Dry as the name states and mellow apple flavor.
Pear(  5.00%) **- This was a bit sweeter than the original, but just as bland.
Cherry Tree[Heirloom Series](  6.70%) ***- This was tart from the cherries, but very tasty.
Newtown Pippin [Heirloom Series](  6.70%) *- This was a bit dry, but still tasty.
Northern Spy [Heirloom Series](  6.70%) *- Just a bit more apple taste than the original, but still bland.
McIntosh Unfiltered [SV](  6.00%) ***- Semisweet and tart with a clean finish.

Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery (from Warwick, New York)
Doc's Hard Apple Cider(  5.00%) **- A bit bitter, but was tasty.
Doc's Draft - Black Dirt(  7.20%) ***- Dry and slightly oaky.
Doc's Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider (limited)(  7.20%) ***- Semidry with a slight bourbon and oak taste. It is very clear on like their other varieties.
Doc's Dry Hopped Hard Cider(  6.00%) ***- This had a nice flavor, but since I don't know what hops tastes like, I can best describe it as having a grapefruit rind taste. I liked it.
Doc's Gold Rush(  7.20%) **- Quite dry, like a champagne.
Doc's Hard Cassis Cider(  6.00%) ***- Clean and crisp and slightly bitter from the cassis.
Doc's Hard Cranberry Spice Cider(  6.00%) ****- This was nice in that it was slightly spicy, but not too tart from the cranberry.
Doc's Hard Peach Cider(  6.00%) ***- Very creamy, and tastes like a peach pie.
Doc's Hard Pear Cider(  5.50%) **- A nice mellow flavor.
Doc's Hard Pumpkin Cider (2014)(  5.00%) ***- A bit spicier than the previous years. Yum!
Doc's Hard Pumpkin Cider(  5.00%) ****- This was very flavorful and did infact taste like pumpkin.
Doc's Hard Raspberry Cider(  5.50%) *- A bit tart and was too bubbly for my taste.
Doc's Hard Rose Cider(  6.00%) *- Sweet with heavy strawberries..but something is off.
Doc's Hard Sour Cherry Cider(  6.00%) ***- Just as the name implies, sour cherry...but a bit sweet.

J.K. (JK) Scrumpy's Hard Cider (from Michigan, USA)
Farm Batch #1: Dry Gold Rush(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet and very smooth, like a caramel.
Farm Batch #6: Rye Whisky(  6.75%) ***- Smooth and semidry and still with minimal spirits.
Farm Batch #7: Honeycrisp Haze(  5.00%) **- Dry and tannic.
Farmhouse Summer(  4.50%) ***- Sweet with hints of orange. This is even better than the original Orchard Gate Gold!
Northern Neighbour(  5.50%) ***- I tasted hints of cherry. This was quite smooth.
Orchard Gate Gold(  6.00%) ***- Sweet, smooth, and comes in a 22oz bottle.
The Pair Perry Cider(  5.50%) ***- This was very smooth and quite sweet despite there is no added sugar. The pear is quite mellow.
Scrumpy(  6.00%) **- Semisweet with hints of molasses.
Winterruption (Winter Solstice)(  6.90%) ***- The spices in it were very noticable and this would taste good warm as well.

Harpoon Brewery (from Boston, Massachusetts)
Cider(  4.10%) o- I was not fond of this as it was bland and tasted like cardboard to me.
Cranberry(  4.80%) ***- Semidry with lots of cranberry.
Hibiscus Ciderr(  4.80%) ***- Smooth and semisweet with a honey aftertaste.
Honey Cider(  4.80%) **- This was quite tasty with a touch a honey and very very smooth.
Pumpkin Cider(  4.80%) **- This tasted more like the bitter pumpkin puree rather than pumpkin pie filling, but it was interestingly quite addicting.
Spring Cider(  4.80%) ***- Semidry yet not syrupy with a hint of orange in both the taste and nose.

Crispin (from Minnesota, USA)
Original(  5.00%) ***- This was sweet and really tasted to me like Mcintosh apples.
Brut(  5.50%) **- This tasted more like a champagne rather than a cider. Quite nice and in a nice portable bottle.
The Saint[Artisanal Reserve](  6.90%) ***- This was tasting fresh apple cider from the orchard, but with a kick. This was cloudy.
Honey Crisp[Artisanal Reserve](  6.50%) ***- This was like drinking a liquid honey comb. This was cloudy.
Lansdowne[Artisanal Reserve](  6.90%) **- This was dark and tasted like molasses. It was not quite bitter, but not as sweet as the others. This was cloudy.
Cho-Tokkyu[Artisanal Reserve](  6.50%) *- This tasted a bit like cardboard, but was very smooth.
The Bohemian[Artisanal Reserve](  5.80%) **- Interesting in that it tastes more like a not-so-bitter beer than a cider, but very very refreshing. This was cloudy and unfiltered.
Lion Belge[Artisanal Reserve](  6.50%) ***- This was quite tasty, being very mellow with a hint of citrus.
Bare Naked[Single Strength Reserve](  6.00%) **- Not too sweet, and not too dry. This was quite nice.
Browns Lane(  5.80%) ***- Not as sweet as most ciders, but did resemble Strongbow a bit.
Rose(  5.00%) ***- Dry with a hint of fruitiness.
15 Men[ Limited Release ](  6.90%) ***- Tastes like rich sweet cider, and the rum cask is noticeable.
The Jacket[ Limited Release ](  8.30%) o- This tasted like cider with a shot of whiskey in it. I was not particulary fond of it, but other parties tasting it fell in love with it. The bottle does resemble Jack Daniels.
Stagger Lee[ Limited Release ](  6.90%) *- This tasted like cider with a shot of whiskey in it, but not as strong as 'The Jacket' above. I was not particulary fond of it (as I don't like whiskey), but other parties tasting it fell in love with it. This would actually go nice with some pretzels with spicy mustard.
Georgia[ Limited Release ](  6.78%) **- The bourbon flavor from the oak barrels was tasted, but the subtle hints of mint and peach were a nice treat.
Venus Reigns[ Limited Release ](  6.90%) **- Dry, but slightly sweet and hints of red wine and oak.
Cidre Blanc (boxed)(  6.00%) *- This was too bitter for my taste, but others seemed to like it.
Steel Town Anniversary(  6.90%) **- Sweet with an oaky taste and hints of bourbon.
Prickly Pear(  5.50%) ***- Clean pear taste.

Fox Barrel (from California, USA)
Pacific Pear Cider(  4.50%) ***- Very perfumey and slighly spicy.
Blackberry Pear Cider(  5.00%) ***- Not too sweet. It was tart with a nice blackberry flavor.
Mulling Cider(  6.90%) ****- This was served warm and tasted like a spiked apple pie.
Wit Pear (Orange Peel & Coriander)     Unfiltered Pear Cider(  6.50%) ***- This was quite tasty, being very mellow with a hint of citrus.
Pomegranate & Pear Cider (boxed)(  5.30%) **- This is a still cider, and quite tasty. It doesn't taste like alcohol, but the buzz creeps up on you. Only available in a box.
English Perry(  5.30%) ***- Sweet, but not too sweet, with a strong pear taste.

Kelly's (from Florida, USA)
Traditional Hard Cider(  4.60%) *- This was okay. Nothing special.

Hornsby's Hard Cider (from California, USA)
Amber(  5.50%) ***- Tastes like when you try and caramelize sugar at home.
Crisp Apple(  6.40%) ***- Very crisp.
Hard Crisp Cider(  5.50%) ***- Sweet and almost a smokey caramel taste, but not really smokey.
Hard Strawberry Lime(  5.00%) **- This was VERY sweet and strawberrylicious.

Julian Hard Cider (from California, USA)
Apple Pie(  6.99%) ***- Sweet with a heavy clove taste.
Black & Blue(  6.99%) *- This was quite sour, but the berries were distinguishable.
Cherry Bomb(  6.99%) *- This did taste like tart cherries, but the cider itself was not that good.
Harvest Apple(  6.99%) **- A bit bubbly, but nice 22oz bottle.
Razzmatazz(  6.99%) *- This was bitter, but had a nice fresh raspberry taste.

Eve's Cidery (from Van Etten, New York)
Albee Hill Still Cider(  9.00%) *- A bit bland, but strong.
Autumn's Gold(10.00%) o- This was quite bitter. Perhaps used for sauce or stock base, it would be better than drinking a glass.
Autumn's Gold 2015(  7.50%) ***- Dry and clean tasting.
Beckhorn Hollow Dry(  8.00%) **- This was dry, but slightly sweeter than the other varieties.
Bittersweet(  9.00%) *- This was very dry and tasted very slightly like caramel.
Dabinett Spy(  7.90%) **- Semidry with a slightly earthy 'dirt' finish.
Darling Creek(  8.50%) **- Slightly dry and not too tart.
Essence(12.00%) ***- This was sweet as it was an ice cider. Very nice aftertaste.
Kingston Black Still Cider (2013)(  6.50%) *- Dry and bitter, but smooth.
Northern Spy(  8.00%) ***- This was more dry than sweet, but a nice balance.
Peach Apple(10.00%) ***- This was sweet and very peachy keen.
Perry Pear(  8.00%) **- Mellow, but very bubbly.
Rustica(  7.00%) **- This was very sweet and quite tasty.
Scatterseed(  8.50%) *- Quite dry with little apple taste, but very clean.
Skelepear(  6.00%) **- Dry and a sour granny smith apple.
Sow the Seeds(  9.00%) o- This was very bubbly, but didn't really have much flavor.
Sow the Seeds [batch #7](  8.10%) *- Very dry and didn't have much flavor.
Wassail Summer Blend(  8.00%) **- Slightly bitter, and almost (but not quite) crisp.
Wild Crab(  9.00%) **- Tart and clean.

Angry Orchard Cider Company (from Cincinnati, Ohio)
Apple Ginger(  5.00%) ***- Sweet with a little more than a hint of ginger.
Crisp Apple(  5.00%) **- Nice mellow flavor.
Easy Apple(  4.20%) **- Sweet and smooth.
Green Apple(  5.00%) **- Sweeter than a granny smith apple.
Hop'n Mad Apple(  5.00%) **- Not as hoppy as I would have liked, but hoppier than their other varieties..
Rose(  5.50%) *- Semisweet and fruity, like strawberry.
Stone Dry(  5.50%) ***- Mostly dry, but every so slightly sweet. Not syrupy.
Traditional Dry(  5.50%) **- Not as sweet, but good.
Cinnful Apple(seasonal)(  5.00%) ***- This was a bit sweet and the cinnamon tasted a little like an Atomic Fireball.
Elderflower(seasonal)(  5.00%) ***- Interesting taste... not too sweet, but almost reminds me of roses.
Summer Honey(seasonal)(  5.00%) **- Sweet and smooth, but nothing special.
Tapped Maple(seasonal)(  5.00%) **- Tastes like watered down, slightly fermented semisweet maple syrup.
Farm "House" (small batch)(  6.50%) **- Semidry, crisp, but slightly bitter.
Cider House "Legend of Iceman"(10.00%) ****- This was quite tasty with an intense apple taste and was strong.
Cider House "Legend of Strawman"(10.00%) **- This was not very sweet and almost resembled a seasoned beer. This was very strong and tasty.
Cider House "Legend of The Muse"(  7.70%) ***- A bit sweet with an intense apple taste.
Cider House "Walden Hollow"(  8.00%) ***- Semidry, tart, and crisp.
Orchard's Edge - Knotty Pear(  6.50%) ***- Strong pear taste and a spice can be tasted. Slightly sweet and dry finish.
Orchard's Edge - Old Fashioned(  6.50%) ***- Sweet but not syrupy and a bit dry. Strong cherry taste, but I don't really taste the bourbon barrels.
Bitter Steve(  6.50%) ***- Dry and oaky.
Blueberries For Sal(  7.20%) ***- Semidry with hints of blueberries, but no distinct berry taste.
Dear Brittany (2016)(  7.50%) **- Semidry and tannic.
Edu (2016)(  6.60%) ***- Dry with a slight sidra funk and quite mellow.
The Extention (2015)(  7.57%) ***- Semidry and clean tasting with nice tannins.
First Flora (2015)(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet, crisp, and oaky.
Foranna (2017)(  6.70%) *- Dry, oaky and very tannic.
Maple Wooden Sleeper(12.00%) ***- Sweet and very smooth with a vanilla highlight and a nice oaky bourbon flavor.
Newtown Pippin(  7.70%) ***- Dry, mellow, and very smooth.
Newtown Pippin SV (2016)(  8.50%) ***- Semidry, creamy with a slight caramel finish.
Orchard Cuvee #1 (2014)(  7.00%) ***- Dry, oaky, but slightly bland.
Oval Nouveau (2015)(  6.20%) ***- Dry and oaky.
Super Natural (2017)(  7.60%) **- Dry and mellow.
Wooden Sleeper(  9.50%) ****- Mild bourbon nose. Dry and smooth with a tannic bourbon finish...but not too strong that it overpowers the apple.
Understood in Motion 01(  8.00%) ****- Semisweet with a puckeriffic apple taste amd a slight non-sweet caramel finish.
Understood in Motion 02(  7.20%) **- This was bone dry.
Understood in Motion 03(  7.20%) **- Dry and tannic with a honey finish.
Perry (2016) - Experimental(  x.x0%) **- Tart, semi-dry and mellow.
Bottle Conditioned (2016) - Experimental(  x.x0%) ***- Smooth and semi-sweet with a caramel flavor.

Wyder's (from Middlebury, Vermont)
Dry Pear(  4.00%) *- A bit sweet, but not syrupy.
Dry Raspberry(  4.00%) ***- Tastes like real raspberries rather than syrup flavoring.
Prickly Pineapple(  5.00%) ***- Semisweet, not syrupy, with lots of pineapple.
Reposado Pear (barrel aged)(  6.90%) **- Sweet with hints of oak.

McKenzie's (from West Seneca, New York)
Original(  6.00%) **- This was a bit sweet, but I had to go back for a second.
Black Cherry(  6.00%) ****- Crisp and sweet with a hint of tart from the cherries.
Green Apple(  6.00%) **- This was a bit strong as almost gave a vodka after taste. Tasty.
Lazy Lemon(  5.00%) *- This wasn't my favorite, but was a bit sweeter than the average cider with a faint tart lemon taste. I'm sure this would be better if it wasn't just cold, but ice cold.
Peach Tea(  5.00%) **- Semidry and quite peachy.
Pineapple Hemp(  5.00%) - TBD
Pumpkin Jack(  5.00%) ****- Imagine drinking pumpkin pie, but better.
Rose(  5.00%) **- Sweet and syrupy with noticeable strawberries.
Seasonal Reserve(  5.00%) ***- This reminded me of fall weather and had nice spice... not very pumpkiny, but just a nice feeling.

Leonard Oakes Estate Winery (from Medina, New York)
Sidra Doa(  7.20%) **- Dry with a honey finish.
Steampunk(  7.00%) **- Quite tasty and sweet.
Steampunk Eloquince(  7.00%) ***- Semisweet with a tart funky hint of something as I'm not sure what Quince tastes like.

Harvest Moon Cidery (from Cazenovia, New York)
Blissful Moon(  6.50%) **- This tasted like honey.
Blueberry Moon(  5.50%) ***- This was crisp with a light blueberry taste.
Cherry Moon(  6.25%) **- This was very cherry tasting and a bit tart, but not too sweet.
Double Vision(  5.50%) ***- Sweet with an almost honey taste.
Four Screw(  6.25%) ***- This was my favorite and had a nice honey flavor.
Gathering Moon(  5.50%) **- Crisp and tart from the raspberries.
Glinda's Gold(  6.25%) **- This still cider was sweet and light.
Heritage Hops(  6.75%) *- More bitter than hoppy tasting, but tasty.
Maple Moon(  6.25%) ***- This still cider was sweet and tasted like maple syrup.
Red Barn Raspberry(  5.50%) **- This was a bit sweet, and natural tasting.
Rippleton Original(  7.50%) *- Very dry and slightly bitter, this was not my favorite, but it did go well with dinner.

Farnum Hill Ciders (from Lebanon, New Hampshire)
Dooryard #314(  7.50%) **- Slightly bitter and quite bland.
Dooryard #1206(  7.50%) **- This was a sweet, but not sugary.
Dooryard #1214 Still(  7.50%) **- This was slightly bitter, but sweeter than a white wine.
Dooryard #1310(  7.50%) **- This was slightly bitter like a white wine.
Dooryard #1312 Still(  7.50%) *- Slightly bitter with no lingering aftertaste and extremely smooth.
Dooryard #1315(  7.50%) **- This was slightly bitter like a white wine.
Dooryard #1403(  7.50%) **- Dry and slightly bitter.
Dooryard #1411 Still (Bittersweet Selections 2013)(  7.50%) ***- Smooth and oaky.
Dooryard #1413(  7.50%) **- Tart like a Granny Smith apple.
Dooryard #1421(  7.50%) **- This was slightly tart, but crisp.
Dooryard #1422(  7.10%) **- This was dry and slightly bitter.
Dooryard #1425 Still(  7.50%) *- Bitter and dry.
Dooryard #1502 Still(  7.50%) ***- Quite nice as it was sweeter than the other dooryard varieties I have tried.
Dooryard #1509(  7.50%) ***- Dry and just a hint of oak. Crisp!
Dooryard #1512(  7.50%) **- Tart and smooth.
Dooryard #1517 (Uncommon Apple)(  7.50%) ***- Dry, but with minimal flavor other than a slight barrel age. Very delicate.
Dooryard #1613 Still (Ashmead's Kernel)(  7.50%) ***- Crisp and tart and not as dry as other versions of Dooryard.
Dooryard #1615 (uncommon)(  7.50%) ***- Semidry and crisp with a clean tart taste. Sweeter than most other Dooryards.
Dooryard #1701 (uncommon)(  7.50%) **- Semidry, but quite bland compared to some of their other varieties.
Dooryard #1703 (uncommon)(  7.50%) **- Semidry and slightly tart. Clean finish that is slightly vinegary.
Dooryard #1707 (uncommon)(  7.50%) **- Dry and slightly bitter, but tapers down.
Extra Dry Cider(  7.40%) **- This was dry as the name implies, but quite tasty.
Extra Dry Still Cider(  7.50%) **- Very smooth, but not as super dry as I would have expected.
Extra Dry Perry #1424(  7.20%) **- This still perry is dry and tannic, yet quite smooth.
Farmhouse(  6.50%) *- This was more dry than sweet. It was tasty and crisp, but slightly bitter like a white wine.
Kingston Black Reserve(  8.50%) *- This was a dry still cider and very clean.
Kingston Black Reserve 2015(  8.50%) *- Dry and clean, with a bad funky nose and palate.
Semi-Dry(  7.40%) ***- This was dry, but not too dry.
Special Reserve(  7.30%) **- This was very smooth.
Summer(  7.50%) **- Quite tasty and goes well with chicken or pork.

Virtue Ciders (from Fennville, Michigan)
Lapinette(  6.20%) o- This was quite sour, but very crisp.
The Ledbury(  6.50%) *- This was quite bubbly from the tap, but didn't really have much flavor.
Mezzo Spritz(  3.50%) **- Overly carbonated but fruity with an orange nose.
Michigan Apple(  5.50%) ***- Dry with an almost musty taste giving it character.
Michigan Brut(  6.70%) **- Bone dry and clean tasting, with a slight fading finish.
Michigan Cherry(  5.00%) ***- Semisweet with cherries.
Michigan Harvest(  5.50%) ***- Semidry with a nice apple bite.
The Mitten(  6.80%) **- Not too dry, but slightly sweet with oaky goodness, but not too whiskey tasting.
Cidre Nouveau (2013 harvest)(  6.00%) *- This was not too sweet and mostly dry.
Offalgood Cider(  6.70%) **- Dry and slightly bitter.
Orchard On The Lake(  5.60%) *- Dry and tart and crisp.
Percheron(  5.50%) **- This was crisp and the apples had a fresh and clean taste to them.
The Publican (2013 harvest)(  6.90%) *- Bone dry and bitter.
RedStreak(  6.30%) *- This was a bit tart, but so are many of the proper English ciders.
Rose(  6.70%) ***- Dry with a quick finish.
Sidra de Nava(  5.20%) *- This was very sour for my taste, but was a nice palette cleanser than the usual sweet ciders. This Spanish cider had a predominantly citrus taste to it.
Seedling Orchard With Schaerbeek Cherries (2015)(  7.00%) **- Semidry and a bit carbonated with a mild cherry flavor.
Seedling Apricot (2015)(  7.20%) **- Semidry and smoother than regular one.
Cidre Rose(  7.00%) **- Semidry with a quick sweet finish.
Cherry Mitten (2015)(  6.50%) ****- Semidry with nice barrel aging offset by the heavy, non syrupy, cherries.
Fennville Cidermaker Blend(  6.40%) ***- Semidry with slight oakiness.
Overhiser Orchards (2013)(  6.10%) **- Semidry with slight vinegar tinge, yet very clean.
Prince Hal(  5.70%) **- Semisweet with a slight oakiness.
Maple Mitten(  8.30%) ****- Semisweet with lots of oak and sweetened by the syrup.
Elderhall (still)(  6.00%) **- Semidry with a slight funk which makes me think of beans.
Seedling Orchard (2015)(  7.00%) **- Semidry with quick finish.
Spirit Springs Farm (2016)(  6.070%) ***- Semidry with a medium finish.

Slyboro Ciders (from Granville, New York)
Black Currant(  6.90%) ***- Sweet, but the tart cherry flavors balanced it all out.
Cherry Harvest(11.00%) ***- Sweet and smooth due to it being an ice cider, but the cherries add a nice tartness to balance it out.
Hidden Star(  9.00%) **- Smooth and semidry with small bubbles.
Kingston Black(  8.00%) ***- Dry and super smooth.
Old Sin (original)(  8.00%) **- This was slightly sweet and quite tasty and came in a 750mL bottle.
Ice Harvest (ice cider)(11.00%) ***- Sweet and yummy.
Night Pasture(  8.00%) *- A bit dry and quite bitter.
La Sainte Terre(  8.00%) **- Smooth with a honey aftertaste, but the cider is both slightly sweet and tart.
Slate Valley Cider - Monmorency Cherry(  6.90%) **- Awful nose....dry and bitter with faint cherries in the background.
Slate Valley Cider - Dry(  6.70%) **- Bone dry with a medium finish.
Slate Valley Cider - Black Currant(  6.90%) - TBD

Eden Ice Cider Company (from West Charleston, Vermont)
Cellar #1 - Cinderella's Slipper (2014)(  7.50%) **- Dry and tart and clean.
Cellar #2 - The Falstaff (2008)(10.00%) *****- Smooth with a musky note of stone fruits like raisins plums and prunes.
Cellar #2 - The Falstaff (2011)(10.00%) - TBD
Cellar #3 - King of the North (2015)(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet with a sour apple taste and light fruit flavor and oak aging from the cab barrels.
Cellar #4 - Guinevere's Pearls (2015)(11.00%) ***- Semisweet and bubbly with an almost Jelly Belly popcorn taste.
Cellar #4 - Guinevere's Pearls (2016)(11.00%) - TBD
Cellar #5 - Juliette (2015)(  6.40%) **- Dry and still and quite smooth and slightly bitter with lots of tannins and a slight hint of starfruit.
Cellar #6 - Treebeard (2015)(  8.00%) **- Dry, boozy, bitter, hoppy, but in a floral way. Lingering bitter aftertaste.
Cellar #7 - Two Ellies(  7.50%) - TBD
Cellar #8 - Ezekiel (2016)(  8.00%) **- Quite bone dry.
Cellar #9 - Siren Song (2017)(  7.50%) - TBD
Cellar #10 - Goodwood (2017)(  7.50%) - TBD
Heirloom Blend 2010 (ice)(10.00%) **- This was quite sweet (as it should be) with nice robust apple taste.
Heirloom Blend 2011 (ice)(10.00%)- TBD
Heirloom Blend 2012 (ice)(10.00%) ***- This was quite sweet (as it should be) with a solid apple flavor.
Heirloom Blend 2013 (ice)(10.00%) ***- This was quite sweet with a bold apple flavor.
Heirloom Blend 2013 Brandy (ice)(10.00%) ***- Sweet and fruity.
Heirloom Blend 2014 Brandy (ice)(10.00%) ***- Smooth, sweet and complex.
Imperial 11 Rose(11.00%) ***- Dry and bitter with a hint of sweetness from the currant.
Northern Spy 2009(ice)(10.00%) **- This was nice and crisp.
Northern Spy 2011(ice)(10.00%) ***- Sweet as expected with a slight oaky taste.
Northern Spy 2013(ice)(10.00%) ***- Sweet and smooth with a slight oaky molasses taste.
Windfall Orchard(ice)(  9.00%) ***- This was not too sweet (for an ice cider) and very smooth.
Honeycrisp 2013(ice)(10.00%) ***- Sweet and tasty.
Honeycrisp 2014(ice)(10.00%) ***- Sweet and viscous.
Honeycrisp 2015(ice)(10.00%) - TBD
ORLEANS Herbal Aperitif (ice)Cider(15.50%) ***- This was quite nice as it had hints of basil. This would be better to be served in a cocktail or with something to offset the basil like dark chocolate.
ORLEANS Bitter Aperitif (ice)Cider(16.00%) **- Bitter as expected, but not sour. It had a slight citrus taste to me.
ORLEANS Wood Aperitif (ice)Cider(16.00%) **- Smooth and boozy and very complex. I get prune at first followed by many herbs and some sort of fir tree.
Predicaments #1(  8.00%) **- Dry and slightly oaky, and smooth.
Predicaments #2(12.x0%) ***- Barrel aged and slightly tart, but not bitter. Slightly sweet from a fruity taste, but more dry.
Route 91 Sparkling Cider(  8.50%) ***- Clean and crisp with a slight honey aftertaste.
Sparkling Cider - Dry(  8.50%) **- This was clean and bubbly. It was more dry than sweet, but not bitter.
Sparkling Cider - Semi-Dry(  8.50%) ***- Slightly sweet and a bit fruity.
NewHall Farm(12.00%)- TBD
Land of Goshen(10.00%) - TBD
Heritage (can)(  6.20%) ***- Dry with a honey finish.
Steve's Cider(  8.40%) ***- Dry and smooth with a non-sweet caramel finish.

Applewood Winery (Naked Flock) (from Warwick, New York)
Original(  6.80%) **- This was okay and nicely tasted a bit like honey.
Basil Mint (small batch)(  5.50%) ***- Lots of basil and a hint of mint. Quite refreshing on a hot summer day.
Black Tea (small batch)(  5.50%) ***- Sweet with hints of tea.
Carrot (small batch)(  6.00%) ***- Sweet with a distinct carrot taste. Quite unique.
Citra(  6.90%) **- This was light with a moderate amount of hops. There was no usual bitter aftertaste which was nice.
Currant(  6.00%) ***- Sweet and smooth with hints of currant.
Currant Saison(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet from the currant, but dry from the saison. Nice balance and quite a clean taste.
Cyser(  6.00%) ***- Semidry and smooth from the honey undertones.
Draft(  6.80%) **- This was more dry than sweet, but still refreshing.
Lemon Ginger(  6.80%) **- Very spicy from the ginger, but only a hint of lemon. Quite refreshing and not too sweet.
Original Hibiscus (small batch)(  5.50%) ***- Sweet and floral with a honey aftertaste.
Pumpkin(  6.80%) ***- This was truly a masterpiece. A bit sweet, but not syrupy with lots of holiday spice.
Riesling (small batch)(  8.50%) ***- This was dry, but tasted like honey.
Sour Rush (small batch)(  8.00%) **- Crisp and slightly bitter.
Sparkling Riesling (small batch)(  5.50%) **- Tasted more like wine than cider.
Violent Delights(  6.30%) - TBD

Redd's Brewing Company (from Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Apple Ale (  5.00%) **- Sweeter than a beer with a heavy apple taste. This was almost like a cider with a splash of beer.
Blueberry Ale (  5.00%) **- Appley with blueberries.
Blueberry Ale (  5.00%) **- Not a sweet as others with a nice hint of cranberry.
Ginger Apple Ale (  5.00%) ***- Semidry with a nice spicy ginger taste.
Green Apple Ale (  5.00%) **- Sweet like a green apple Jolly Rancher.
Strawberry Ale(  5.00%) **- This was not too sweet and was very berrylicious.
Wicked Apple(  8.00%) **- A very apple taste, with a slight alcohol taste.
Wicked Mango(  8.00%) **- Sweet mango goodness.

Cliffton Dry (from NYC, New York)
Cliffton Dry(  5.50%) **- This was very crisp and dry. While very bubbly, it had a nice clean taste like champagne.

Wandering Aengus (from Salem, Oregan)
Bloom (2011)(  6.90%) ***- This was a medium dry cider that was slightly sweet and very smooth.
Dry Oaked(  6.80%) *- A bit dry for my taste, but nice oaky taste.
Golden Russet(  9.80%) ***- Bitter with a slight honey aftertaste.
Wanderlust(  6.90%) o- This was a bit bland with no taste in my opinion.
Wickson [single varietal](  8.20%) *- This was dry and slightly bitter, but went well with the meal.
Calville Blanc D'Hiver 2015(  6.90%) **- Semidry and tart with a quick finish.
Cellar Door 2016(11.60%) **- Dry and bitter with a sour apple taste.

The Standard Cider Company [Brotherhood Winery] (from Washingtonville, New York)
Rebel Reserve(  7.00%) ***- Oaky and smooth with vanilla.
True Believer(  7.00%) ***- This is quite smooth and tasty with a hint of cinnamon.
True Companion - Sparkling Apple(  7.00%) **- This had a very concentrated sweet apple taste, but not syrupy.
True Companion - Natural Ginger(  7.00%) ***- Very gingery, but not spicy. A little bit dry to balance it out.
True Couple(  7.00%) ***- Sweet with mellow pear.
True Honey(  6.00%) **- Sweet with a bold honey taste.
True Thirst(  7.00%) ***- Dry with a slightly bitter finish.

Mike's Hard Beverage Company (from Illinois, USA)
Crisp Apple   (smashed apple cider / hard smashed apple ale)(  5.00%) **- This was tasty, a bit sweet, but had a very strong taste of alcohol on the finish.

Kennebec Cider (from Winthrop, Maine)
Traditional Hard Cider(  6.80%) ***- Slightly tart, but very crisp and refreshing with slight honey taste.

Anthem Cider (from Salem, Oregan)
Anthem Cherry(  6.00%) *- This tasted like tart cherries... almost like what would be used from a can to fill a pie.
Anthem Chili(  5.70%) **- Just a hint of spice and very smooth.
Anthem Cider(  5.50%) *- Nothing special... but not bad.
Anthem Cosmo Fresh Hopped Cranberry(  6.50%) **- Semidry, tart, and fruity. Just a hint of hops to balance out the berries.
Anthem Honeycrisp(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet with banana notes.
Anthem Hops(  5.50%) **- This interestingly tasted like rose hips.
Anthem Pear(  6.20%) o- This tasted like bandaids.
Anthem Raspberry(  x.x0%) **- Smokey and dry.
Anthem Rye Barrel-Aged(  7.90%) **- Semisweet with vanilla notes.
Blind Tiger(  8.00%) **- Dry and oaky.

Foggy Ridge Cider (from Dugspur, Virginia)
Serious Cider(  7.00%) *- This was very bubbly.
Sweet Stayman(  7.00%) ***- This was quite tasty. Slightly sweet and slightly tart with just the perfect amount of bubbles.
First Fruit (2012)(  7.00%) **- This was slightly more tart than sweet, but a nice balance.
Handmade (Lot 2014)(  7.00%) - TBD

Aaron Burr Cider (from Wurtsboro, New York)
2012 Traminette(  8.30%) *- This had very small bubbles and almost a complex taste as it contains juice from grapes as well.
2012 Golden Russet(  8.30%) *- This was bland, but the texture of the very fine bubbles was nice.
2013 Appinette(  8.30%) *- While it was not aged in barrels, it tasted a bit oaky to me.
2013 Ginger Apple(  6.60%) **- This was very gingery, even a bit spicy.
2013 Homestead: (no-name) Island(  6.00%) *- This was very bitter.
2013 Homestead: Mamakating Hollow(  7.60%) *- This was bland and only slightly sweet, but the texture of the very fine bubbles was nice.
2013 Homestead: Isle Au Haut(  7.30%) *- Slightly sour and very smooth.
2013 Homestead: Neversink Highlands(  7.60%) **- This was quite smooth and clean tasting.
2013/2014 Ginger Apple(  8.00%) **- This was very gingery with hints of carrot.
2013/2015 Hemlock Apple(  6.50%) ***- Dry and quite complex with a nose of a forest and has a pine needle or sappy taste that doesn't linger.
2014 Appinette(  8.30%) **- Semidry and fruity.
2014 Elderberry Apple(  7.40%) **- Small bubbles and very carbonated-like with subtle fruity taste.
2014 Homestead: East Branch / Upper Deleware River(  7.80%) **- Smooth, but slightly bland.
2014 Homestead Perry: Choke Pear(  6.40%) ***- Mellow pear flavor.
2015 Appinette(  8.30%) ***- Semisweet with a strong flavor due to added grape juice.
2015 Homestead: Callicoon Creeks(  7.80%) **- Semidry with small bubbles.
2015 Homestead: Summitville(  7.80%) **- Dry with small bubbles and a slight sidra funk.
2015 Homestead: Taconic(  7.80%) **- Dry and smooth.
2015 Homestead: Terminal Moraines & Outwash Plains(  7.80%) ***- Lightly carbonated with a crisp apple taste and dry smooth finish. Slightly tannic.
2015 Homestead Perry: Choke Pear(  6.60%) ***- Semidry with a mellow pear flavor.
2015 Homestead Var.: Denniston Red(  7.40%) *- Dry and tart and quite tannic.
2015 Homestead: Central Sullivan(  7.80%) *- Dry with small bubbles and mellow flavor.

Ciderboys (from Stevens Point, Wisconson)
British Dry(  5.00%) ***- Nice balance of sweet and dry. Quick finish but very tasty overall.
Cranberry Road(  5.00%) ***- It tasted like cranberry juice ith a kick.
First Press(  5.00%) ***- This was really tasty with a bold apple flavor although slightly sweet.
Grand Mimosa(  5.00%) ***- Just as the name implies, a perfect mimosa.
Lemon Cello(  5.00%) **- Semisweet with a nice balance of lemon, despite the lemon tastes like Lemonheads candy.
Mad Bark(  5.00%) ***- This was like a liquid cinnamon roll. YUM!
Peach County(  5.00%) **- This was very peachy and very sweet.
Pineapple Hula(  5.00%) ***- Clean pineapple taste, and not too sweet.
Raspberry Smash(  5.00%) **- More than subtle hints of raspberry and very sweet.
Strawberry Magic (Magic Apple)(  5.00%) **- This was tasty, but a bit too sweet for me. The strawberry was nice.
Tiki Colada(  5.00%) - TBD
La Vida Sangria(  5.00%) **- Sweet and fruity and a hint of wine like a real sangria sans the fruit.
Zen Berry(  5.00%) **- Sweet with more berry goodness than apple and a tart finish.

Tieton Cider Works (from Yakima, Washington)
Apricot(  6.90%) **- Semidry with a subtle taste of apricot that doesn't overpower the apple.
Blackberry Mint(  6.9%) ***- Semidry with a faint blackberry flavor and natural mint finish.
Blossom Nectar(  7.00%) ***- Fairly sweet with floral hints of spring.
Cherry Blend(  6.90%) **- While these were sweet cherries not sour cherries, the cider itself wasn't too sweet. Very cherry.
Cider Summit Special Release(  6.90%) ****- Oak is more in the nose than in the palate. This dry cider has hints of clove and nutmeg and citrus... maybe orange.
Cidermaker's Reserve(  6.90%) ***- Smooth and oaky.
Cranberry(  6.90%) **- Semidry and fruit was like drinking cranberry juice.
Holiday Cheer(  6.90%) ***- This was slightly tart with a lot of spice. Quite tasty and not too sweet!
Huckleberry(  6.90%) **- Semidry and very smooth...kinda reminds me of cranberry juice.
Precipice Perry(  5.50%) ***- Quite tasty and very mellow. It did taste slightly vinegary, but I believe that is just the perry pears.
Rambling Route(  6.90%) **- Dry and quite bitter, but very crisp. Sucks that they consider 1 can to be 2 servings.
Rambling Route Pear(  6.90%) **- Semidry with a mellow pear finish.
Smoked Pumpkin(  6.90%) **- A bit tart, this did taste like pumpkins, but not pumpkin pie.
Sparkling Perry(  5.50%) ***- Semidry and mellow with a smooth pear taste.
Tieton Dry Blend(  7.00%) **- Similar (to me) to the Wild Washington, but a bit drier.
Tieton Frost(11.00%) ***- Not overly sweet, and effervescent.
Tieton Wind(16.00%) **- Smooth, but tasted more like a pommeau or brandy.
Wild Washington(  7.00%) **- Crisp, but slightly bitter.
Yakima Valley Dry Hopped(  6.90%) **- Dry and hoppy, but not bitter.

Wölffer (Wolffer) Estate (from Sagaponack, New York)
Big Apple Wine(  7.10%) **- This tasted a bit dry like a still cider.
No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider(  6.90%) **- Slightly sweet, but tasted more like a wine than a still cider.
No. 139 Dry White Cider(  6.90%) *- This was a bit bitter and dry for my taste, but quite clean and crisp.
Cuvee Cider(  8.50%) **- Dry with a slow finish.
Red Cider(  6.90%) ***- Seems dry and tart. Tastes like raspberry to me, but the label does not mention it. Sweeter finish to the dry start.

Beek & Skiff / 1911 Hard Ciders (from New York, USA)
Blueberry(  5.50%) ***- Slightly tart with a hint of blueberries.
Brettanomyces (limited)(  6.70%) *- Slightly funky like a skunk beer, but it grows on you.
Cinnamon (limited)(  5.50%) **- Semisweet with a mild fake cinnamon flavor like a Red Hots candy. More on the nose than the flavor.
Grapefruit (limited)(  5.50%) ***- Semisweet with a mellow flavor of the flesh of a pink grapefruit.
Light & Crisp(  6.50%) **- Crisp and dry.
Original(  5.50%) **- A bit sweet, and a very concentrated apple taste.
Pumpkin (limited)(  5.50%) **- A slight spice flavor, but not really pumpkiny.
Raspberry(  5.50%) **- Clean and crisp raspberry taste.
Sweet Apple(  2.00%) ***- A bit sweet, but quite refreshing.
Heritage Dry [Founders' Reserve](  6.90%) ***- Dry and very smooth.
Honeycrisp (seasonal)(  7.00%) **- Semidry and tart like a granny smith with a slight hint of honey.
Hopped [Founders' Reserve](  6.90%) ***- Smooth and hopped ever so mellowly.
Rosé [Founders' Reserve](  6.90%) ***- Sweet with a slight tartness.
Sweet Apple [Founders' Reserve](  3.50%) **- A bit sweet and slightly syrupy.
Ginger [Tree to Bottle](  6.90%) ***- Nice bite from the ginger and smooth, but a bit sweet.
Hopped IPC [Tree to Bottle](  6.90%) **- Semidry with a hint of grapefruit rind.
Cider Donut Limited Release(  7.00%) ****-, it does tastes like a cider donut.

Bonny Doon Vineyard (from Davenport, California)
2011 ¿Querry?(  6.90%) *- Slightly bland and mostly dry.
2013 ¿Querry?(  6.90%) **- Not too dry and not too sweet.
Winter Nelis Perry(  7.50%) ***- Smooth and sweet with a lingering honey taste.

Shinn Estate Vineyards (from Mattituck, New York)
Wickham's Pear Cider 2012(  6.00%) *- Slightly bitter and bland, this was a true pear cider, and not a pear-flavored apple cider.
Wickham's Pear Cider 2013(  6.00%) *- Dry and quite bland.

West County Cider (from Colrain, Massachusetts)
Alyson's Orchard(  6.80%) ***- Smooth and semisweet with a mellow apple flavor.
Apex Orchard - Dorothy's Rosebushes(  6.30%) ***- Sweet and smooth.
Ashmead's Kernal(  6.80%) ***- Semidry and tart with a heavy apple presence.
Baldwin(  6.20%) ***- Dry and crisp, being only slightly bitter.
Catamount Hill Orchard(  5.90%) ***- Sweet and smooth.
Cidermaker's Favorite(  4.80%) ***- Slightly bitter and tart, but quite clean.
Cidre de Garde(  6.30%) ***- Sweet and smooth, with a dry finish.
Colrain / France(  6.30%) ***- Sweet, smooth, with a caramel flavor.
Dry Baldwin(  5.60%) ***- Dry and smooth with lots of tannins.
Dry Blueberry(  6.20%) ***- Semidry and smooth with an essence of blueberries.
Dry McIntosh(  5.80%) ***- Crisp and semisweet.
Dry Strawberry(  6.40%) ***- Semidry and smooth with a nice light strawberry nose and flavor.
Ginger Gold(  5.20%) ***- Semidry, tart and crisp.
Heritage Apple(  6.20%) ***- Crisp and tart without any syrupy aftertaste. Nice apple flavor.
Kingston Black (2010 harvest)(  5.80%) **- Dry, but with a hint of caramel.
Lost Orchards(  4.80%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with a slightly tannic tart finish.
McIntosh-Gold Delicous(  6.90%) ***- Smooth and semisweet and tart with a nice dry finish.
McIntosh "Hager Orchard"(  6.10%) ****- Semidry and smooth with a honey finish.
McIntosh "M2"(  6.50%) **- Not too dry, with an almost honey flavor.
McIntosh "Pura Vida"(  5.50%) ***- Smooth with a honey aftertaste.
Peckville Road(  6.20%) - TBD
Pippin(  6.40%) ***- Being a dry cider, this was quite tasty and a hint of sweetness.
Pippin (2016)(  5.50%) ***- Semidry and tart.
Pippin (2017)(  5.30%) ***- Semidry.
Pura Vida(  7.40%) ***- Semidry with a honey aftertaste.
Red Pippin(  7.50%) - TBD
Redfield(  5.90%) **- This was tart and slightly dry, but sweet enough to drink as a wine.
Redfield-Ashmead's Kernel(  7.50%) **- Dry, crisp, and fruity.
Redfield-Gold Delicous
    "Margy and the Silver Spring"
(  6.80%) **- Crisp sweet taste of natural apples.
Redfield - Wild Apple(  5.30%) ***- Sweet, smooth, and earthy.
Redfield - Wild Apple II(  5.00%) **- Dry and tannic with a quick finish.
Redfield - Wild Apple III(  7.50%) ***- Semidry and mellow with small bubbles.
Reine de Pomme(  7.30%) *- Very dry and bitter.
Roxbury Russet(  7.40%) ***- More dry than sweet, and very clean.
Strawberry(  5.60%) ***- Semidry and smooth with a nice strawberry nose and flavor.
Spitzenbury Dry(  6.80%) ***- Dry and tannic and tart.
Reine de Pomme (2018)(  7.80%) **- Semidry and earthy.
Heritage (2017)(  5.60%) **- Dry and still and a bit bland.
Mac Rein des Pommes(  6.70%) ***- Dry with a honey finish.
Maple(  x.x0%) ***- Semisweet with heavy molasses palate.

Bad Seed Cider Co. (from Highland, New York)
Another Juice Bomb(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and tart. Smooth and packed with flavor.
Apple Pie Dry(  6.80%) **- This was dry, but did resemble an apple crisp in flavor.
Belgian Abbey(  6.30%) *- This was quite bitter and unfiltered, but more like a sour beer. Quite unique.
Belgian Witte Reserve(  6.20%) **- Slightly bitter, but kind of grows on you.
Black & Blue (small batch)(  6.70%) ***- Tart and berrylicious.
Blueberry (small batch)(  6.70%) **- Slightly sweet with hints of blueberries.
Blueberry Barrel(  6.90%) **- Dry with a musty flavor of faint blueberries.
Bogged(  5.50%) **- Dry with mellow cranberry.
Bourbon Barrel(  7.10%) ***- Semidry with medium bourbon barrel aging and slight bitter oak finish.
Bourbon Barrel Reserve(  6.50%) *- Smooth whiskey taste.
Bourbon Cask Reserve (small batch)(~7.xx%) **- This was nice in that it had a slight oaky taste, but not an overbearing taste of whiskey. It was a bit bitter.
Cask Aged Rum (small batch)(  8.50%) ****- Dry and smooth with a slight coconut taste.
Cherried Away (small batch)(  6.70%) **- Dry with a slight cherry taste.
Cognac Barrel(  7.10%) **- Semidry and slightly tart with a hint of cognac and lime.
Cranberry (small batch)(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with a strong cranberry flavor.
Dry(  6.30%) *- This was sour to me. I think it would be better suited for cooking, but no aftertaste which is a plus.
The Farmer(  6.90%) **- Dry with a smooth honey finish that isn't quite sweet.
Four Roses (small batch)(  6.90%) ***- Dry and with light bourbon barrel aging and a smooth honey finish.
Farmhouse Blend Reserve(  6.90%) **- Slightly bitter, but very smooth.
Ginga Ninja(  6.70%) ***- Dry with a subtle hint of ginger. Quite refreshing.
Ginga Roots(  5.40%) ***- Semidry and spicy from the ginger. Quite refreshing.
Ginger Peach Tea (small batch)(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with a strong peach nose and medium peach and black tea palate.
Green Tea & Raspberry (small batch)(  6.90%) ****- Dry with heavy nose of green tea, but subtle in taste along with some berry.
Hibiscus Ginger(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet ginger with a hint of floral.
Hopricot (small batch)(  6.70%) **- This dry cider is smooth from the apricot, and bitter from the hops.
IPC (India Pale Cider) Reserve(  5.50%) *- Hoppy but other than that tasteless.
Joe Coffee (small batch)(  6.90%) ***- Apple is there, but this semidry cider is more coffee centric.
Lager (small batch)(  6.90%) **- Dry with a slight beer flavor.
Malus Rouge(  6.90%) ***- Dry yet a hint of sweetness from the grapes.
Maple Bourbon Pecan (small batch)(  7.20%) ***- Semidry with a maple vanilla nose and undertone flavor, and a slight nutty finish.
Mapled & Mulled (small batch)(  5.50%) ****- Semisweet with a heavy cinnamon presence...feels like fall.
Mint Honey (small batch)(  6.00%) **- Semidry with a hint of mint and kind of creamyness.
Old Elmer(  6.80%) *- This was a bit dry and bitter.
Pina Colada (small batch)(  6.90%) ***- With a coconut nose, this dry cider is spot on with the name.
Pineapple (small batch)(  6.90%) **- Dry with a slight hop, but very quick finish. Not bitter and very thin.
Pineapple Express (small batch)(  6.70%) ***- Dry, yet sweetness from the pineapple and slightly hoppy.
Raspberry Reserve(  6.50%) ***- Crisp and ever so slightly sweet from the raspberries.
Smoke & Oak (small batch)(  7.10%) ***- Semidry and oaky.
Sour Patch(  5.50%) **- Semidry, thin, and slightly tart.
Space Cadet(  6.90%) ***- Smooth with a sweet hop. Semidry and easy drinking.
Up North(  5.50%) ***- Tart and dry and crisp.
Captains Cask: Rum Cid-Arggg (small batch)(  7.20%) **- Dry with hints of clove and cinnamon.
Whisky Joe(  6.90%) ***- Dry and smooth with a thin coffee flavor.

Michelob (from Missouri, USA)
Light Cider(  4.00%) *- This was nothing special, in fact I can't remember too much about it.

Johnny Appleseed (from New York, USA)
Hard Apple Cider(  5.50%) ***- Sweet with a very concentrated apple taste, almost like ice cider.
Caramel Apple Cider(  5.50%) ***- Just like a liquid caramel covered apple.
Spiced Apple Cider(  5.50%) ***- Sweet with a hint of wintery spice.

Breezy Hill Orchard/Hudson Valley (from Staatsburg, New York)
Bourbon Barrel Aged(  6.80%) ***- Smooth and oaky.
Farmhouse Scrumpy(  4.50%) ***- Bright orange cloudy color with lots of pear taste. Very smooth with no alcohol taste.
Farmhouse Sparkling(  6.80%) ***- Bubbly and sweet with a very concentrated apple taste.
French Kiss(  6.80%) ***- Smooth and dry, but slightly bitter from the tannins.
Golden Russet(  6.90%) ***- Dry and tannic. Nice earthiness.
God Speed the Plough(  6.90%) ***- Dry, with only a hint of sweetness and smooth.
The Last Blacksmith(  6.40%) **- Dry, boozy, and oaky.
Maeve's(  6.50%) ***- Dry. Not bitter and smooth.
Northern Spy(  6.30%) **- Semidry with small bubbles and earthy.
Winesap(  6.90%) **- Dry and slightly bitter.

Downeast Cider House (from Boston, Massachusetts)
Aloha Friday (one off)(  5.10%) ***- Semidry with a nice hint of pineapple and slightly tart.
Barrel Project 9(  6.20%) ***- Medium sweetness with a nice oaky flavor and slightly tart and a hint of smoke.
Barrel Project 15(  8.50%) ****- Dry with a hint of oakiness.
Cider (Original Blend)(  5.10%) ***- Cloudy and sweet with fine bubbles.
Cranberry Blend(  5.00%) **- Smooth with just a hint of cranberry. Oddly it smells like the cereal Honey Combs to me.
Drier Side(  5.30%) ***- Semidry and tart like a granny smith apple.
Drier Side: Hopped Grapefruit(  5.30%) ***- Dry and tart with white grapefruit flesh, but not bitter like the rind.
Hard Honey(  5.10%) *- Smells like honey, but tastes kind of funky to me.
Lemonade(  5.10%) **- Smells like gasoline, but tastes like lemonade. Quite enjoyable!
Maple Blend(  5.40%) **- Smooth and only slightly sweeter than the original one with a slight maple flavor.
Maple Oak (small batch)(  5.50%) **- Smells awful, but has a nice maple flavor.
Pumpkin Blend(  5.00%) ***- Slightly sweet and tastes like pumpkin puree. Quite pleasant!
Randolph Ginger(  6.00%) **- Crisp with nice ginger taste that wasn't really spicy.
Rum Pumpkin(  7.70%) **- Semidry with a hint of pumpkin and cinnamon and smooth from the rum.
Saison (small batch)(  6.50%) *- Tastes like an apple flavored beer as it is not really dry or sweet.
Sour Oak (small batch)(  6.50%) **- Very sour, but only slightly oaky.
Summer Blend(  4.50%) ***- Heavy on the ginger and light lemon. Yum!
Unoriginal Blend(  5.50%) *- A bit bitter for what is considered an English cider.
Wassail Blend(  6.70%) **- Smooth and heavy, but not much barrel aging for this semidry gem.
Wild Berry(  5.30%) **- Semisweet with heavy blueberries.
Winter Blend(  6.50%) ***- Tasted like sweet cider with a kick of cinnamon.
Survivor Bob (one off)(  5.30%) ***- Semidry and tart from the blueberries.
Roasted Joe (one off)(  6.70%) ***- Nose of coffee, this dry cider has an essence of coffee.
Double Blend(  7.30%) ***- Tastes like fresh tart apple cider from the farm.

Orchard Hill (from New Hampton, New York)
Draft(  7.25%) *- Quite bland.
Gold Label(  8.00%) **- Very bubbly, but clean and dry.
Red Label(  7.25%) *- Very bubbly and had a slight honey taste to it.
Ten66 (Gold Label)(20.00%) ***- Very smooth and not really boozy. Barrel aging is quite noticeable and in a good way.
Ten66 (Red Label)(20.00%) **- This pommeau was sweet and smooth and slightly fruity, but strong like whiskey.
Verde(  7.25%) ***- Semisweet, smooth and mellow.

Fly Creek Cider Mill (from Fly Creek, New York)
Original Cider(  5.00%) **- Quite sweet and very crisp.
Apple Raspberry Cider(  5.50%) **- Sweet and raspberrylicious.
Apple Black Current Wine(11.40%) **- Clean and crisp.
Apple Wine(10.00%) **- Had a distinct honey flavor.
Strawberry Kiss Wine(11.40%) **- Very sweet like a dessert wine with a strawberry punch.
Apple Frost (ice) Wine(11.00%) **- Very sweet with a concentrated apple taste.
Apple Cherry Wine(11.00%) **- Tasty wine with tart cherries..
Apple Cranberry Wine(10.00%) **- This was a bit tart, but tasted very much of cranberries..

Uncharted Cider Company (from Memphis, Tennessee)
Smith & Forge(  6.00%) *- A bit sweet for my taste and very syrupy.

Whetstone CiderWorks (from Vermont, USA)
Barnyard Blend (2013)(  7.50%) *- Very clean, but not very sweet.
Barnyard Blend (2014)(  7.50%) *- Very dry, but not bitter.
Kingston Black (2014)(  8.00%) **- Smooth and clean, but a bit watered down.
Methode Champenoise(  9.50%) **- Highly carbonated and quite crisp and slightly dry.
Moonlighter(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and smooth.
Orchard King (2013)(  7.50%) **- Mellow and slightly dry.
Orchard King (2014)(  7.50%) **- Bland but addicting.
Orchard Queen (2013)(  7.50%) **- Very dry with a hint of sweetness.
Orchard Queen (2014)(  7.50%) **- Similiar to the 2013 varietal, but even more dry.
Whetstone Reserve (2015)(  8.00%) **- A still smooth cider that is smooth like white wine.
Whetstone Reserve: Perry 2018(  8.00%) **- Dry and astringent.

Redbyrd Orchard Cider (from New York, USA)
Celeste Sur Lie 2014(11.30%) **- Semidry with a tannic tart finish and smooth mouthfeel with intense apple.
Cloudsplitter 2014(  9.70%) ***- Dry, tart and clean.
Cloudsplitter 2015(  9.70%) ***- Dry, tart crisp with a sweet nose.
Harvest(  7.70%) ***- Dry and clean.
Kingston Black(  9.10%) *- This was like a white wine, but oaky.
North Star(10.00%) **- Slightly sour, but crisp.
Porters Perfection/Golden Russet 2015(  9.80%) ***- Dry, smooth, and tart.
Quince(10.00%) ***- Mostly sweet, but slightly tart, and very smooth.
Starblossom(  8.30%) **- Dry but slightly sweet.
Still Barrel 2014(  8.70%) ***- This still cider was semidry and tart, but very smooth and creamy.
Wild Pippin(  8.20%) o- This was a bit bitter and vinegary.
Workman Dry(  7.70%) *- This was dry, but not bitter.
Workman Semi-Dry(  8.20%) **- Dry, but slightly sweeter than the Dry.

Proper Cider (from Brooklyn, New York)
Ashburg 2009(  x.xx%) o- This tasted a bit bitter like a Spanish-style cider.
Battle Hill 2014(  7.50%) **- Semidry, smooth, and tart but slightly watered down.
Black Label 2014(  x.xx%) ***- Smooth, dry, oaky, and clean.
Dive Bar(  7.00%) ****- Semidry and nice barrel aging with both oak and whiskey.
Gala 2009(  x.xx%) o- Very watered down, but clean taste.
True 2010(  x.xx%) o- Very watered down and very vinegary.
Lil SOB (surprise oo barrel) 2011(  x.xx%) **- Oaky and smooth.
Barrel Aged(  x.xx%) **- Tastes like honey.
Campfire 2013(  7.50%) ***- Very dry, but a bit sweet from the fruity taste. Very clean.
Farmhouse 2013(  7.50%) ***- Dry and crisp and clean tasting with a hint of citrus.
Savage 2015(  6.50%) **- Hard to describe as it tastes kind of hazy. Mostly dry and mellowly appley.
SOB 2014(  x.xx%) **- Smooth and oaky, but a bit watered down.
Standard 2015(  6.50%) **- Dry and slightly tart. Very crisp!

Dogfish Head (from Milton, Delaware)
Positive Contact(  9.00%) *- This was just a very smooth beer and didn't taste like cider.

Tilted Shed (from Windsor, California)
Barred Rock 2013(  9.00%) ***- Small bubbles with a hint of oakyness and a marshmallow aftertaste.
Barred Rock 2014(  9.20%) ***- Dry and bourbon barrel aged.
Graviva! 2013(  8.00%) o- This was dry and quite bitter.
Graviva! 2014(  8.00%) o- Very carbonated and very dry with a hint of sweetness. Not too much apple flavor.
Graviva! 2017(  8.00%) **- Dry and tannic.
Inclinado(  7.50%) ***- Slightly oaky and not really funky as with other Spanish sidras.
Inclinado (batch 001.2015)(  8.00%) ***- Tart and crisp and citrusy.
January Barbecue Smoked Cider 2013(  7.50%) **- Slightly bitter with a hint of smokiness.
Lost Orchard 2013(  8.60%) *- Bland with small bubbles.
Lost Orchard 2014(  8.00%) ***- Oaky, smooth, and dry.
Lost Orchard 2016(  8.00%) ***- Dry and tannic.
Spimosa Sloe Gin(  8.00%) **- Dry and floral.
Topwork 2014(  8.00%) **- Easy drinking, light carbonation and quite dry.

Sundog Cider (from Chatham, New York)
Sundog Cider(  6.00%) *- This was sweet and tasted like pear which was refreshing, but it was very syrupy.

Ninepin Cider (from Albany, New York)
Hard Cider (Signature Blend) [green](  6.70%) **- Quite nice and refreshing and not too sweet.
Belgian [pale yellow](  6.30%) *- A bit bland.
Blueberry [blue](  6.00%) **- Faint taste of blueberries. Very mellow.
Blueberry Pear Mosaic(  6.90%) **- Sweet from the blueberries which is cut by the hops. Overall a smooth semisweet cider..
Ginger [brown](  6.70%) **- Slightly tart, but very gingery.
Vanilla Chai (specialty)(  6.70%) **- Semidry with lots of spice....reminds me of the holidays.
Cidre Rose (specialty)(  5.00%) **- Smooth like honey and semidry with a fruity finish.
Peach Tea (specialty)(  6.30%) ** - Dry and peachy. Different than my last check in which was a 26er.
ADC Rye (small batch)(  6.70%) ***- Oaky and smooth.
Antique Blend #2 (small batch)(  6.50%) **- Dry and clean with a slight bitter finish.
Brandy Bean(small batch)(  6.90%) ***- Smooth and sweet with lots of vanilla goodness.
Dry Sumac (small batch)(  6.00%) ***- Dry and tart, almost like a SweetTarts candy.
Elderflower Lime(small batch)(  6.70%) **- Sweet with a floral nose and light lime flavor.
Golden Russet 2013 (small batch)(  6.90%) *- Dry and slightly bitter.
Hibiscus Dry Hopped (small batch)(  6.50%) **- Floral and hoppy and quite dry.
Hibiscus Lime(small batch)(  6.70%) **- Dry with a nice floral lime flavor. Not syrupy.
Hibiscus Peach(small batch)(  6.60%) **- Smooth and sweet with a nice floral peach flavor.
Hopbiscus (small batch)(  6.90%) ***- Floral from the hibiscus, with a slighty bitter aftertaste from the hops.
Huguenot St. Ginger (small batch)(  6.70%) ***- Have you had sushi? Yeah, the ginger in this semisweet gem is that fresh.
Peach (small batch)(  6.70%) ***- Smooth and peachy, but more dry than sweet..
Maté (small batch)(  6.70%) *- Dry like green tea.
Northern Spy (small batch)(  6.50%) ***- Dry and crisp.
Peach (small batch)(  6.70%) ***- Smooth and peachy, but more dry than sweet..
Red Clover Blossom (small batch)(  6.70%) ***- Semisweet with a slight honey flavor, and I taste tea.
Roger's Family Dry (small batch)(  6.70%) ***- Not too sweet, and not too dry.
Rooibos (small batch)(  6.40%) **- Semisweet and smooth. I taste tea, but since I don't know what rooibos tea tates like, I can't comment. Interesting.
Vanilla Molasses (small batch)(  6.70%) ***- Distinct vanilla taste.
Lemon Drop Hop (small batch)(  6.70%) ***- Semidry with slight hops and a citrus finish.
Fruit of the Forest (Limited Reserve)(  6.40%) ***- Sweet and smooth with a tart berry aftertaste.
Rum Barrel Aged (Limited Reserve) (  6.70%) **- Mulling spices are nice with this sweet, yet dry smooth cider. The rum from the barrel aging is a bit much, but A for efforts.
The Lion's Share (Limited Reserve)(  5.90%) **- Smooth, semisweet and quite mellow.
Monster 2014(  6.60%) - TBD
Monster 2015(  6.60%) - TBD
Monster 2016(  6.60%) **- Semidry and mellow.
Crimson Gold (26er #1)(  7.40%) ***- Crisp and slightly more tart than there other varieties. The cherry is very subtle and is a nice finish.
La Casa (26er #2)(  6.50%) **- Dry and crisp. Not too much flavor, but a nice British style cider.
Maple Oak (26er #3)(  6.80%) ***- Sweet and mapley, with a dry oaky finiah.
Bourbon Barrel Aged (26er #4)(  6.80%) ****- Smooth with a mellow vanilla flavor and hints of bourbon that are not overwhelming as the apple taste is still predominant.
Hopped Pear (26er #5)(  6.70%) **- Smooth and mellow like a perry, but a slight bitter bite from the hops. Quite refreshing!
Earl Grey (26er #6)(  6.70%) ***- Nice balance of dry and sweet for the core, and the tea can be found in the finish.
Blueberry Peach Cobbler (26er #7)(  6.50%) ****- Just as the name describes...cinnamon, sweet peaches, and a hint of tart blueberries.
Newtown Pippin (26er #8)(  6.70%) ***- Crisp and VERY appley. Not syrupy and full of flavor.
Raspberry (26er #9)(  6.30%) ***- Huge raspberry taste without the seeds.
Sour Flower (26er #10)(  6.50%) ***- Sweet floral aroma, but slightly bitter..maybe from hops? Dry finish.
Barrel Noir (26er #11)(  6.70%) ***- Smooth and dry and slightly fruity.
NY Dry Hopped (26er #12)(  6.70%) **- Semidry with a weak hop taste (which is how I like it). Not bitter at all.
Glass Half Full (26er #13)(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and tart like a cross between a Crab apple and a Granny Smith. Very crisp!
Julep (26er #14)(  6.80%) ***- Semidry cider with a real mint taste (as if sucking on a spearmint leaf).
Peach Tea (26er #15)(  6.70%) **- Semidry and floral with an almost sugarfree iced tea mix flavor and hints of peach. The combo works well, but masks most, if not all of the apple taste.
Hopped Belgian (26er #16)(  6.70%) **- Dry and smooth with a slight hoppy flavor which dissipates into a beer finish.
The Idared(26er #17)(  6.70%) ***- Clean and not too sweet.
Rum Barreled Treasure(26er #18)(  6.90%) ***- Dry with a nice oaky flavor and sweetness from the rum.
Hunny Pear (26er #19)(  5.50%) ***- Smooth and sweet with a nice spiced pear flavor.
Willsie Wet Hop(26er #20)(  6.70%) **- Semidry and hoppy and smooth with no bitter aftertaste.
Cornelius Apple Jack(26er #21)(  6.90%) **- Semisweet with a nice fruity flavor, and a hint of booze which makes it smooth.
Stayman Winesap(26er #22)(  7.20%) **- Dry and a slightly bitter.
Ginger Berry(26er #23)(  6.10%) **- Semisweet and smooth with a bite from the ginger and berrylicious.
Brandy Pearrel(26er #24)(  6.90%) **- Smooth with a sweet barrel aging, more like rum than brandy.
Winter Warmer(26er #25)(  6.90%) ***- Dry with a nice cinnamon and clove flavor that doesn't overpower the apple.
Strawberry(26er #26)(  6.30%) ***- Semidry with a nice strawberry zing to it.

Badass Cider Company (from Blauvelt, New York)
One Bad Apple(  5.50%) **- This was quite sweet and tasted like any average cider.
Quite A Pear(  5.50%) **- This was quite sweet and tasted like pear jolly rancher if such a thing existed.

Millstone Cellars (from Monkton, Maryland)
Blossom(  8.00%) *- Dry, slightly bitter with hints of vanilla.
Bonfire(10.00%) **- This tastes to me like peperoncino peppers, but not spicy. Interesting.
Cellar Door(  7.00%) ***- Semidry and mellow with only a hint of tartness. Very smooth!
Cherrykriek [batch #002](  8.00%) *- Very sour with a strong cherry flavor.
Cherub(  8.00%) ***- Smooth and sour and dry and oaky, but not too tannic.
Ciderberry(  8.00%) o- Quite sour and vinegary.
Cobbler(  8.00%) *- Slightly sour (but not as much as their other varieties), and very clean..
Collaberation #1 [collab. with ANXO](  7.50%) ***- Smooth and tart with hints of dill.
Collaberation #2 [collab. with ANXO](  7.50%) ***- Smooth and oaky and sour.
Debauched [collab. with Stillwater](  7.00%) **- Sour and hoppy with a slightly smokey taste.
Farmbucha(  9.50%) **- Sour yet smooth.
Farmgate(  8.00%) *- This was bitter and a bit oaky.
Farmhouse 2015: (Albany Shaker) Century Project(  8.00%) **- Smooth and slightly tart.
Gingeroot(  8.00%) ***- Very gingery, and not sour like their other varieties.
Heirloom X [small-batch](  8.00%) **- Dry, and oaky and sour, but no aftertaste.
Hopbrosia(12.00%) ***- Dry and earthy.
Hopricot Cyser [batch #001](10.00%) ***- Sour apricot flavor with a hoppy, yet not bitter, finish.
Hopvine(  8.50%) **- Slightly hoppy, but not bitter.
Millhouse [collab. with Oxbow](  8.50%) **- Sour and heavy with a strong raspberry taste.
Oud Plum [small-batch #002](10.00%) **- Smooth but very tart highlighting the plums.
OVB Farmgate( 8.00%) ***- Dry, tart, oaky and smooth.
Peche Cyser [small-batch #002](10.00%) *- This was quite sour and I really didn't taste the peach, but it was very smooth.
Pommust Cyser(10.00%) ****- Dry and oaky and very fruity. The honey smooths everything out.
Redeye(  8.00%) ***- Semidry and smooth with a slight bourbon taste.
Rhuberry [batch #002](  8.00%) **- Quite tart, but not sour.
Rhuberry [batch #003](  8.00%)- TBD
Rose Bonnet(  8.00%) ***- Semidry and tart with a nice berry flavor that doesn't overpower the apple.
Sidra Americana [small-batch #001](  7.00%) *- This was sour, but did NOT have the aftertaste of Spanish-style sidras.
Spicebush(12.00%)- TBD
Springhouse(10.00%) ***- Dry and gingery.
Square One(  8.00%) *- Smooth and quite sour.
Thistle[batch #002](  8.00%) **- Pungent and sour and very smooth.
Vin de Pomme[small-batch #001](  8.00%) *- Quite sour.

Cigar City Mead and Cidery (from Tampa, Florida)
Fight the Power Sour Apple (  5.50%) **- Sour like a granny smith apple.
Hard Cider(  5.50%) **- Crisp and fresh but a tad sweet.
Homemade Apple Pie Cider(  6.90%) ***- Tasted just like apple pie, cinnamon and sugar and all.
Premier(  5.00%) **- This was crisp and refreshing with a floral note.
Toppel(  5.50%) **- Smooth with a slight honey flavor.

Worthog Cidery (from Penn Yan, New York)
Apple Enhancement(  8.00%) ***- Tasted like sweet apple juice.
Big Bertha's - Hard Blueberry Cider(  5.60%) ***- Sweet with a suble blueberry highlight.
Big Jake - Hard Spiced Cider(  6.70%) ***- A nice clean cinnamon taste.
Devil's Cut - Hard Raspberry Cider(  6.70%) ***- Sweet raspberries, but not syrupy.
Sassy Sally - Hard Strawberry Cider(  5.50%) ****- Sweet strawberries.
Porky's Pleasure - Hard Cherry Cider(  5.50%) ***- Sweet like a maraschino cherry, but not syrupy.
Worthog - Original Hard Cider(  5.50%) ***- Clean, crisp and sweet.
Black Jewel - Mead(  8.50%) ***- Sweet raspberry goodness.
Blueberry Bounty - Mead(  9.00%) ***- Sweet and smooth with lots of blueberry juice.
Blueberry Wine - Mead(  8.00%) ***- Just like drinking blueberry juice.
Cherry Charisma - Mead(  9.00%) ***- Sweet cherry taste.
Cruisin' Cranberry - Mead(  8.00%) ***- The tartness of the cranberries balances the sweet from the honey.
Pear - Mead(  9.00%) **- Slightly funky taste.
Raspberry Reflection - Mead(  9.00%) ***- Just like drinking raspberry juice. This could be dangerous.
Semi-dry Contemporary - Mead(12.00%) **- Sweet and dry with a slighty funky taste.
Semi-sweet Contemporary - Mead(  8.00%) ***- Sweet honey taste.
Strawberry Shadows - Mead(  9.00%) **- Very light, but strawberries had a bit of a funk to them.
Traditional - Mead(12.00%) ***- Light honey taste.
Twinkle - Mead(  9.00%) **- Earthy tasting with slight carbonation.

Woodside Orchards (from Laurel, New York)
Black Cherry [seasonal](  6.80%) **- This was not too sweet and was almost like drinking a dry, earthy wine.
Cinnamon(  6.80%) ***- Just like drinking an apple pie with a bit of cinnamon.
Cranberry [seasonal](  6.80%) ***- Semidry with a light cranberry flavor that doesn't overpower the apple.
Ginger [seasonal](  6.80%) ***- Semisweet with a hint of ginger. Very clean tasting.
Pumpkin [seasonal](  6.80%) *- Semidry and a bit peppery with just a hint of pumpkin.
Raspberry(  6.80%) ***- Sweet with a clean raspberry taste.
Traditional Sweet(  6.80%) **- Sweet but not syrupy.
Traditional(  6.80%) **- This was slightly dry and slightly sweet.

Rumor Mill [Leib Cellars] (from Mattituck, New York)
Dry Sparkling(  7.00%) *- This was slightly dry with really no taste.

Oyster River Winegrowers (from Warren, Maine)
Dry Cider(  7.20%) **- Dry and mellow with hints of mango or lemongrass.
Hoboken Station(  9.00%) *- Quite dry and slightly bitter, but very smooth.
Organic Cider(  6.80%) *- Dry and bitter, and an almost spicy aftertaste.
Wild Man(  6.50%) **- Dry and slightly bitter and smooth.

B. Nektar Meadery (from Ferndale, Michigan)
American Maniacs(14.00%) **- Smooth and semisweet with an earthy taste, almost like aloe.
Ancient Soul Lifetime #1(14.00%) - TBD
Apple Pi(12.00%) **- Tastes like a boozy apple pie.
Apple Pi with Crust(15.30%) **- Smooth and boozy with a hint of cinnamon. Semidry with lots of apple.
Backwoods Cyser(14.00%) ****- Bourbon nose, with a smooth barrel aged taste that is not overpowering.
Black Fang Mead(  6.00%) **- The clove is very distinct and goes nicely with the blackberries.
Cherry Chipotle(14.00%) ***- Smooth and sweet from the cherries, and smokey and spicy from the peppers.
Core Crusher(  6.50%) **- Bone dry with a slightly bitter finish.
Cranberry Orange Zest Cider(  6.50%) **- Tart from the cranberries.
Death Unicorn (  6.00%) ***- Smooth and sweet and tart from the cherrylicious currants.
#Dragonsarereal(14.00%) ****- Lots of dark cherry flavor and quite viscous with a hint of cocoa. I don't tasteal the chipotle peppers, but there is a bit of heat.
The Dude's Rug Cider(  5.50%) *- While it did taste like chai tea, the flavor was overpowering of the cider.
Dwarf Invasion(  6.00%) ***- Smooth and tastes like cherry juice.
Episode 13 - B.Nektar Strikes Back(15.50%) ***- Smooth and oaky, yet not really boozy.
Evil Genius(  6.00%) *- Sweet from the mead and bitter from the hops. A bit too hoppy for me.
Kill all the Golfers(  6.00%) ***- Smooth and tastes like an Arnold Palmer.
Kill all the Golfers - Prickly Pear(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet and smooth and mellow. Prickly pear and black tea are prominant.
Milton's Madness - I Said NO Salt!(14.00%) ***- Sweet with a light honey flavor and slightly Margarita flavored, but not overpowering.
The Mutant Killer Zombie Manhattan Project Thingy(10.00%) ***- Smooth and sweet with a nice mellw cherry flavor and quaint barrel aging.
NecroMangoCon Mead(  6.00%) ***- Mango with just a hint of the black pepper.
Orange Blossom(12.50%) **- Nose of fresh honey and a sweet and smooth flavor with a boozy kick in the butt.
Punk Lemonade(  6.30%) **- Semisweet with tart lemons and raspberries.
Scurvy Shyster Bastard (limited)(12.00%) **- Semidry and bitter like a grapefruit rind. A bit thin and grape based.
Sleeping Giant(15.10%) **- Smooth and semidry with a strong whiskey oaky taste.
Slice of Life Cider(  5.50%) ***- Not too sweet and just the right amount of lemon and ginger.
Stupid Man Suit(  6.00%) ***- Sweet and smooth with lots of cherries and tart from the raspberries.
Tuco-Style Freakout(  6.50%) ***- Smooth and sweet with lime. Very floral.
Wildberry Pyment(15.00%) ****- Sweet and boozy with the grape stronger than the honey on the palate.
Wildflower Mead(14.00%) **- Sweet and smooth with a pure honey taste.
Zombie Killer (Cherry Cyser)(  6.00%) ***- The pure taste of cherries is unsurpassed.
Zombies Take Manhattan(12.00%) ****- Barrel aged and cherries make a nice combination.

Sovereign Cider (from Finger Lakes, New York)
Apples & Honey(  6.30%) ***- A nice honey aftertaste, but not syrupy.
Crisp & Dry (NYCrisp)(  6.60%) **- Slightly dry being a little tart, but mellow.

Yankee Folly Cidery (from New Paltz, New York)
Yankee Folly Cider(  8.50%) **- Mellow but strong.

Uncle John's Cider Mill (from St. Johns, Michigan)
Apple(  6.50%) **- Dry, a bit tart, but not bitter.
Apricot Apple(  6.50%) **- Sweet like an apricot.
Blueberry(  6.50%) **- Very sweet, but distinct blueberry taste.
Deep Roots(  6.90%) ***- Dry and tannic.
Lost Orchard(  6.50%) **- Semidry and earthy.
Melded(  6.50%) *- Semidry and slightly sour.
Perry(  5.00%) **- Semidry with mellow pear.
Russet(  6.50%) *- Dry with lots of tannins.
Apple Pear(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and tart and quite easy drinking. Funky nose.
Cranberry Apple (seasonal)(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet yet slightly tart from the cranberries and a smooth honey finish.

Boonville Cider House (from Boonville, California)
Bite Hard Apple Cider(  6.90%) o- This was very bubbly and had some sort of strange artificial plastic taste which was not enjoyable.
Bite Hard Semi Sweet(  5.50%) - TBD

King Ferry Winery (from King Ferry, New York)
Apple Mystique (2013)(11.30%) **- This was sweet and very smooth.
Apple Mystique (2014)(12.00%) **- This was sweet and very smooth.

Colorado Cider Company (from Denver, Colorado)
Cherry Glider(  6.95%) ***- Cherry sweetness added the the Glider.
Distraction(14.50%) **- This was like drinking apple pie.
Glider Dry(  6.95%) **- This was semidry and quite pleasant.
Glider(  6.95%) **- Not too sweet.
Grasshop-ah(  6.95%) ***- This was more grapefruit than hops. Very refreshing!
Newtown Pippin(  6.00%) **- Semisweet, fruity, tannic, and quite smooth.
Ol' Stumpy(  6.95%) **- This was very oaky.
Pearsnickety(  6.95%) **- Kind of an odd-tasting pear, but refreshing.
Pome Mel(  6.50%) ***- The lavendar and rosemary, even though subtle, was very predominant.
Radl'ah(  4.25%) **- Light with a sort of creamy lemon hint.
Uvana(  6.90%) *- A bit dry.

Sonoma Cider (from Healdsburg, California)
Dry Zider(  6.900%) **- Interesting as hints of oak and wine and dry.
The Anvil(  6.00%) ***- Sweet and oaky.
The Crowbar(  6.00%) **- Very spicy with lime.
The Hatchet(  6.00%) ***- Dry, but slightly sweet. Clean.
The Pitchfork(  6.00%) **- Tasty, but a bit sweet like a pear jolly rancher candy.
The Pulley(  6.00%) *- Strong nose of black licorice and tastes of it as well. Not a bad combination per se, but quite odd. Kudos for uniqueness!
The Washboard(  6.00%) ***- Sweet vanilla and sasparilla.
Blackberry(  5.80%) **- Semisweet and very fruit forward with the blackberries.
The Wimble(  5.50%) **- Semidry with hints of rhubarb, but overly carbonated.
The Imperial(  6.0%) ***- Semidry and smooth with nice oak and whiskey barrel aging.
Gravenstein(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and crisp with a nice full bodied apple.
Dry Golden Delicious (  6.70%) ***- Semisweet like drinking sweet cider.
Bananaweizen(  5.40%) ***- Semidry and vinegary with a finish of those dried banana chips.
WestCider(  5.70%) ***- Semidry with a nice mouthfeel.
The Hatchet - BA(  6.50%) ***- Semidry with nice bourbon barrel aging.
Winter Banana(  6.50%) ***-Semidry with a faint banana undertone.
The Jax (Breakfast Cereal)(  6.00%) ***- Semidry and slightly thin with hints of cinnamon.
Honey Lavender(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet with heavy notes of honey and floral.

Rocky Mountain Cider Company (from Firestone, Colorado)
Wild Cider - Berry(  5.00%) **- Blueberry goodness.
Wild Cider - Pineapple(  5.00%) ***- Tastes like pineapple and honey and very smooth.
Wild Cider - Pumpkin(  5.00%) **- This did taste like actual pumpkin.

Wynkoop Brewing Company (from Denver, Colorado)
Carmel Apple(  5.50%) ***- Just a hint of caramel.

Big B's Hard Cider (from Hotchkiss, Colorado)
Harvest Apple(  6.20%) **- Not too sweet and crisp.
Orchard Original(  6.90%) *- A bit bland and sour.

Culture Club LLC (JB's) (from Colorado, USA)
Cherry(  5.00%) ***- The cherries make it a bit tart, but it is very tasty.
Farmhouse(  5.00%) ***- Very flavorful, but I can't put my finger on it.

Redstone Meadery (from Boulder, Colorado)
Nectar (SPARKLING Honey Wines)
Black Raspberry Nectar(  8.00%) ***- Very sweet.
Black Raspberry (BA) Nectar(  8.00%) ***- Semisweet, smooth, oaky, with nice mellow raspberries, slight bourbon and a smooth quick finish.
Boysenberry Nectar(  8.00%) ***- A bit dry for a mead.
Mango Nectar(  8.00%) ***- Very sweet and lots of mango goodness.
Nectar of the Hops(  8.00%) ***- Not bitter, but did taste like grapefruit.
Pumpkin Nectar(  8.00%) ***- Smooth from the honey and semisweet with only an essence of pumpkin to give a mild yam taste.
Sunshine Nectar(  8.00%) ***- I taste flowers and a bit of citrus.
Mountain Honey Wine (STILL Honey Wines)
Blueberry(12.00%) ***- Sweet with hints of blueberries.
Juniper Berry(12.00%) ***- Very oaky.
Plum(12.00%) ***- Had a distinct plum/prune taste and was quite mellow.
Traditional(12.00%) ***- Thicker, with a slight bite and distinct honey aftertaste.
Vanilla Beans & Cinnamon Sticks(12.00%) ***- The cinnamon was predominant.
Reserve (thicker STILL Honey Wines)
2005 Black Raspberry(14.00%) ***- Like a raspberry syrup...for adults.
2006 Traditional(13.50%) ***- Imagine the best honey you have ever remember it has alcohol.

Stem Cider (from Denver, Colorado)
Banjo(  6.90%) **- Dry and oaky with hints of whiskey; quite strong.
Chile Guava(  5.70%) ***- Semisweet with guava.
Colorado Heritage Blend(  7.20%) **- Dry and floral.
Crabby Neighbor(  6.30%) **- A bit dry to me.
Farmhouse(  6.40%) ***- Dry and tannic with a smooth vanilla finish.
Hopped(  6.70%) **- Dry and tart and slightly hoppy.
L'Acier(  6.40%) *- This was dry and bland. I was told it is the Le Chêne cider before it is put in wooden barrels.
Le Chêne(  6.40%) **- This was oaky.
Off-Dry(  5.80%) ***- Semidry and crisp.
Raspberry (Branch and Bramble)(  6.70%) **- Sweet nose, but dry with bitter raspberry flavor.
Real Dry(  6.80%) ***- Bone dry.
Remedy(  6.70%) **- Dry and quite hoppy, but not bitter.
The Pippins(  5.90%) *- Bone dry.
A Salted Cucumber(  6.70%) ***- Dry with both a nose and palate of cucumber.

Scrumpy's (from Fort Collins, Colorado)
Blueberry Lavendar(  5.90%) **- Tart from the blueberries.
Calypso(  5.90%) ***- Very refreshing with citrus and mangos.
Chocolate Cherry(  6.00%) ***- Like drinking a not-so-sweet dark chocolate covered cherry.
Della's Apple Struedel(  6.50%) ***- Yummy.
Hopricot(  6.90%) **- Tasted like sour apricots.
Peach Cobbler(  6.50%) ***- Sweet; like drinking a dessert.
Rasbenero(  6.50%) **- This had a distinct raspberry taste with a spicy kick.
Sour Crabby Neighbor(  6.00%) ***- This was smooth, not bitter, but not too sweet either.
Summit Dry(  6.90%) *- This was very dry (as the name implies).
Tart Cherry(  5.90%) ***- Exactly as the name describes it.

Compass Cider (from Fort Collins, Colorado)
11 Stitches(  8.00%) **- Smooth with an oaky taste from the bourbon barrels.
Cherry Lychee (small batch)(  6.70%) ***- Very smooth with lots of cherries.
Divide(  6.95%) **- Slightly oaky.
Golden Russet(  6.99%) *- This was very dry and very bitter.
Michigan(  5.12%) **- This was slightly bitter and tasted watered down.
Sailor's Sour(  6.90%) ***- This was tart and citrusy.

Blossomwood Cidery (from Cedaredge, Colorado)
Conference Pear Perry(  6.95%) **- Very smooth.
Golden Arrow(  6.90%) ***- Sweet and smooth.

The Infinite Monkey Theorem (from Denver, Colorado)
Dry Hopped Pear Cider(  5.50%) **- Very crisp, but slightly bitter.
CAMP Cider(  5.50%) ***- Semisweet with cinnamon like an apple pie.

Eddie's Cider [homebrew] (from New York, USA)
Thanksgiving Blend 2013(  5.00%) **- Dry and a bit tart, but with a nice natural cinnamon taste.

Descendant Cider Co. (from Queens, New York)
Dry(  6.90%) ***- Dry and crisp being slightly tart.
Dry Hopped(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and slightly hoppy, but not bitter. Very clean tasting.
English Kills(  7.20%) **- Semidry with a smooth finish that doesn't linger.
Origin - Ginger & Cardamon(  6.50%) **- Sweet and smooth with a mellow ginger flavor with spices.
Pair(  8.50%) ***- Smooth and okay, with complex flavors that are subtle.
Pom Pomme(  6.50%) **- Fruity and slightly sweet.
Saint Rose (BGH Anniv.)(  6.70%) **- Tart with a hint of hops.
Succession Semi-Dry(  5.50%) **- Smooth and mellow.
The Hop Experiment 1: Huell Melon(  7.00%) **- Slightly hoppy and the melon can be tasted.
Wilderness(  7.30%) **- Semidry with a bitter aftertaste.
Wilderness 2017(  7.30%) **- Dry and mellow.

Reverand Nat's Hard Cider (from Portland, Oregon)
Barlett Amarillo Perry(  6.00%) **- A bit funky tasting, but addictive.
Deliverance Ginger Tonic(  6.10%) **- This was a bit sweet and very gingery with a hint of lime.
Fruit in the Garden of Good and Evil(  4.50%) ***- This was made with the spicy pineapple. Yummy!
Hallelujah Hopricot(  6.70%) ***- Sweet from the apricots.
Lorrie's Gold(  6.50%) *- Dry and served at room temperature.
Mountain Rose(  6.40%) ***- Dry with hints of floral.
Newtown Pippin (Bourbon BA Rasp.)(  6.90%) ***- I taste vanilla, and slightly oaky.
Padre Nat's ¡Tepache!(  3.20%) ****- Pineapple! There was a hint of cloves, but very subtle.
Padre Nat's ¡Tepache! (Apolis Cider Weisse)(  4.20%) **- More beer than pineapple, but still refreshing.
Padre Nat's ¡Tepache! w/ Revival(  5.xx%) ****- Pineapple goodness in that the Revival balanced out the sweetness.
Padre Nat's ¡Tepache! Radler(  4.00%) **- Slightly herby with the pineapple.
The Passion(  6.90%) ***- Cider is sweet with sour passionfruit.
Revelation: Blue Pear Main(  7.50%) ***- Slightly bland, but very smooth.
Revelation: Centennial Crab(  7.60%) ***- Sweet and funky.
Revelation: Gravenstein(  5.20%) **- Quite dry and slightly bitter.
Revelation: Kingston Black(  7.50%) *- Slightly bitter and very dry.
Revelation: Lady-Api(  5.20%) ***- Dry and smooth, with just a hint of sweetness.
Revelation: Mountain Rose(  6.40%) ***- More sweet than dry and tastes like biting into an apple.
Revelation: Newtown Pippin(  6.90%) ***- Oaky and clean.
Revelation: Niedzwetskyana(  8.00%) ***- Sweet and tart with a slight berry taste.
Revelation: William's Pride(  5.90%) **- Slightly tart and crisp.
Taylor Gold Simcoe(  5.60%) ***- Sweet aftertaste.
Providence(10.20%) ***- Tastes like a not-so-sweet apple pie.
Revival(  6.00%) ***- Sweet, not syrupy, and very floral.
Sacrilege Sour(  7.00%) ***- Sour cherry goodness.
7 Deadly Sins: Envy(10.50%) *- This was quite hoppy, being very complex and a bit heavy.
Bourbon Barrel Beermonger's Birthday Cider(  6.80%) ***- Smooth barrel aged cider with a noticeable bourbon oaky taste.
¡Viva La Pineapple!(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet with lots of pineapple.
Passion with Blood Orange(  6.90%) ****- Semisweet with a balance between the tart from the oranges and sweet from the passionfruit.
Tassajara Peach Book(  8.50%) ***- Semidry with peach and bitter hops.
Sidra Bravo(  4.50%) ***- Tart and funky like most Spanish sidras.
Jon Teiste's Tonic(  6.80%) ***- Semidry and tastes like those dry noodles found as snack before the meal at many Indian restaurants.
Holy Water(melon)(  4.50%) ***- Semidry with watermelon, but has a funky nose.
TS: Bodhisattva of Compassion(  8.30%) ***- Semidry with tart cherries and smooth from the barrel aging.
Tepache w/ Costa Rican Speedway(  7.00%) ***- Nice combo of a thick stout and sweet pineapple.
TS: Whiskey BA Tepache With Mango And Ghost Chili(  5.00%) ****- Semidry with the awesome tepache base and kicked up a few notches with a hint of mango and a kick of heat to the throat.
Sidra Del Sol(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet with really smooth pineapple and a hint of heat at the end.
TS: Red Wine BA Vinocot(  8.50%) **- Dry and tannic with a hint of apricots, but the wine barrel aging is predominant. Quite a bitter finish.

Shacksbury (from Shoreham, Vermont)
Arlo (2014)(  6.20%) ***- Sweet at first, with tart finish.
Barrel Reserve(  6.80%) ****- Semidry and smooth with a perfect oaky undertone.
The Basque(  6.20%) **- This still cider was smooth, but had the usual taste of band-aids as most Spanish ciders do.
Cider Spritz(  3.80%) **- Semidry with floral notes of roses.
Classic(  6.00%) **- Dry as the name implies.
Dabinett (2013) (Lim Rel-series 002)(  6.90%) **- Smooth and semidry, but with a quite earthy overtone, and flat finish.
Deer Snacks(  6.90%) ***- Dry with a funky nose and smooth tart body.
Dorset(  6.20%) **- Dry with a strong apple presence and slightly vinegary.
Dry(  6.50%) ***- More a semidry cider with a bold apple flavor.
Farmhouse(  6.50%) **- Clean, smooth and mellow.
Garagista - La Garagista(  8.10%) ***- Dry and funky. Aweful nose but citrusy and tannic on the palate.
Hereford (2014)(  6.90%) *- Smooth, but watered down.
Huertas x Shacksbury Collab.(  6.50%) **- Semidry with just a hint of funk from the sidra, but kind of bland.
Lost and Found (2014)(  6.70%) **- Smooth and dry, but slightly sweet.
Lost and Found (2015)(  6.70%) **- Dry and crisp with a full mouthfeel.
Lover Boi(  6.50%) - TBD
Montagna Verde(  3.80%) **- Semidry and earthy with spices...clove maybe?
Pét Nat (2015)(  6.80%) ***- Dry and crisp.
Pét Nat (2016)(  6.70%) ***- Semidry and smooth.
Ping Pong (collab Modern Times Beer)(  5.50%) - TBD
Rose(  6.00%) ***- Semidry and tart and fruity.
Semi-Dry(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet with a clean dry finish.
The Vermonter(  6.00%) **- Bone dry and bland with a quick clean finish. Funky nose.
Wild Perry(  6.90%) **- Semisweet and mellow.

Urban Farm Fermentory (UFF) (from Portland, Maine)
Amalgam(  4.50%) ***- Smooth and earthy. Nice combo!
Baby Jimmy(  6.80%) **- Semidry and sour and smooth.
Blueberry Cidah(  5.50%) ***- Semidry, smooth and fruity with blueberries.
Dry Cidah(  6.50%) **- Crisp and dry and sort of bland, but tasty.
Dry Cidah w/ Basil and Pink Peppercorn(  6.80%) ***- Slightly peppery, but not spicy. This would make an excellent marinade for pork.
Dry Cidah (Van Brunt Stillhouse Cask)(  6.80%) ***- Smooth, dry, and oaky.
Dry Cyser(  9.00%) o- Slight urine taste and smell.
Dulse Cidah(  6.80%) **- Slightly sour and smooth from the seaweed.
Hopped Cidah(  6.80%) ***- Floral and hoppy.
Ol' Cranny(  6.80%) ***- Sweet with hints of fruit.
Seaweed Cidah(  6.80%) **- Semidry with seaweed.
Sidrah(  6.50%) ***- Wow, my first basque style cider in a can and so happy. It is tart and funky, but not sour.
Sour Cidah(  5.00%) **- Smooth and sour, but not bitter.
Sugar Kelp Cidah(  6.80%) **- Slightly sour and smooth from the seaweed.
Super Dry Cidah(  6.50%) **- Bone dry with a honey finish.

E.Z. Orchards Farm Market (from Rickreall, Oregon)
Willamette Valley Cidre (2011)(  6.00%) **- Bland and a bit bubbly.
Willamette Valley Cidre (2012)(  5.90%) ***- Sweet and slightly funky.
Cidre Dry(  6.10%) **- Dry but bland.
Cidre Dry (2014)(  6.10%) **- Dry and clean.
Cidre Semi-Dry(  6.40%) ***- Sweet, but not syrupy and quite crisp.
Hawk Haus Cider(  6.60%) **- It did have bubbles, but it was oaky and smooth.
Hawk Haus Cider (2014)(  5.60%) ***- Semidry, smooth, and mellow.
Poire(  5.90%) ***- A bit bubbly, but the pear is quite mellow.
Poire (2014)(  4.80%) **- Semidry, very mellow, but slightly bland.
Roman Beauty(  4.20%) ***- Slightly funky, and sweet.
Pomme(17.90%) ***- Extremely smooth and semi-sweet. A bit boozy, but mild compared to others.

Southern Tier Brewing Company (DeMunck's) (from Lakewood, New York)
DeMunck's Cider(  5.00%) ***- Not too sweet or syrupy which is good.
DeMunck's Holiday Cider(  5.00%) ***- Strong clove flavor.

Cunningham Creek Distributors, Inc. (Cider Creek) (from Canisteo, New York)
All The Kings Men(  6.90%) **- Slightly bitter and heavily oaked. Quite boozy, but full of flavor.
Cascade Hopricot (seasonal)(  6.40%) ***- Citrus from the hops, but smooth from the apricot.
Cran-Mango Saison(  6.90%) ***- Smooth and sweeter than semisweet, with a nice, non-syrupy fruity flavor. I taste mango, but not the cranberries.
Fall-n-Cherry (seasonal)(  6.90%) ***- Smokey like bacon.
Farmhouse(  6.90%) **- Perfectly balanced between sweet and dry, but had this funky aftertaste.
Saison Reserve(  6.90%) ***- Very smooth with a taste and smell of honey.
Spy Games(  5.30%) ***- Semidry, easy drinking, smooth, and quite mild.
Winter Cinn (seasonal)(  6.90%) ***- Like a cinnamon roll with hints of cloves.
Cider Kriek (limited)(  6.90%) ***- Tart cherry goodness.
Little Boy Brett (limited)(  6.90%) ***- Dry with hints of cinnamon and blueberries.
Saison Brett (limited)(  6.90%) **- Dry and clean.
Queen of Tarts (limited)(  6.90%) **- Semisweet with a nice apple bite.
Tres Dedos De Sidra (limited)(  6.90%) **- Smooth with a sour pineapple flavor.
Make America Grape Again (limited)(  7.60%) **- Tastes like a cider had a wild night with a wine cooler. Semidry and smooth.
Kiwi Cider Gose (collab Swiftwater)(  5.80%) ***- Smooth and nice balance of tart and sweet, with a dry finish.
Smoked Up (  5.50%) **- Smooth with the taste of cinnamon apple sauce.
Strawberry Kiwi(  5.40%) ***- Dry with nice strawberries.
One in a Melon (limited)(  6.90%) **- Semisweet with nice front forward melon.
Loganberry(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet with lots of tart berries. Nice tannic tart finish.
Black Eyed Peach(  6.90%) **- Semisweet with lots of peach....not much berry.

Fish Brewing Company (Spire Mountain) (from Olympia, Washington)
Apple(  5.00%) ***- Smooth and clean.
Dark & Dry(  5.00%) ***- Smooth with a slight molasses taste.
Pear(  5.00%) ***- Lots of bubbles, but tasted more like apple than pear.
Winter Warmer(  5.00%) ***- Semisweet with nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla.

Crown Valley Brewery (from Ste. Genevieve, Missouri)
Pink Lemonade(  5.00%) **- Tastes like a sparkling lemonade.
Strawberry Cider(  5.00%) **- Sweet like mellow strawberry juice.

Holmberg Orchards & Winery (from Gales Ferry, Connecticut)
Apple Cranberry Wine(10.00%) **- Smooth and not too sweet.
Cortland Hard Cider(  5.00%) ***- Sweet, but slightly tart and had an almost caramel hint to it.
Heirloom Apple Wine(11.50%) *- Quite strong, but very clean with a slight alcohol taste.
Macintosh Hard Cider(  6.90%) ***- Sweet and yummy.
Pear Cider(  6.50%) ***- Sweet and pearlicious.
Perry(  8.50%) ***- Slightly dry and strong.
Russett Hard Cider(  6.90%) ***- A bit drier than the other two, but still quite tasty and clean.

Jack Daniels (from Lynchburg, Tennessee)
Winter Jack(15.00%) **- I don't like Jack, but this was tasty. Just a hint of oakyness and not too dry.

Left Foot Charley Urban Winery (from Traverse City, Michigan)
Apple Classic(  6.00%) ***- Mellow apple taste.
Cinammon Girl(  5.00%) ***- Tasted like drinking French Toast.
The Cunning Ham(  7.00%) ***- Semidry and tart, with a sweet finish.
Henry's Pippin(  6.50%) ***- Semidry with a slight tartness to it, but not quite like a granny smith apple.
Henry's Pippin (Barrel Reserve)(  x.x0%) ***- Semidry and tart from the blueberries with a nice wine barrel aging.
Perry Hannah(  5.00%) ***- Semidry and tart. Quite refreshing.
Relic(  6.00%) **- Slightly tart.

Eaglemount Winery (from Port Townsend, Washington)
Apple Dessert Wine(18.00%)- TBD
Apple Mead(10.00%) **- Smooth and sweet with a dry finish. Tastes more like cyser than mead.
Boot Brawl(  8.00%) **- Slightly bitter with a complex mellow hoppy taste.
Brambleberry Burn(  8.00%) **- Semidry, tart, fruity, with a slight heat in the finish.
Cherry Mead(10.00%) ***- Smooth from the honey, and tart from the cherries make for a nice balance.
Choc o' Tomic Cherry Bomb(  6.xx%) **- Semisweet and a bit thin, with hints of cocoa and heat.
Cranberry Mead(10.00%) ****- Smooth and tart and tastes just like cranberry juice. I'm not sure why they call it a mead when it clearly says apple wine on the label.
Cyser(  8.00%) **- Dry and very alcohol tasting.
Dandelion Honey(12.00%)- TBD
Ginger Cider(  8.00%) ***- Clean and spicy from the ginger.
Homestead Dry Cider(  8.00%) ***- Smooth, but a bit dry and bitter.
Homestead Semi-Sweet(  8.00%) **- Smooth, and as the name describes, not too sweet or dry. Slight alcohol aftertaste.
Quince Cider(  8.00%) ***- Hoppy and clean.
Raspberry Ginger Cider(  8.00%) ***- Mellow ginger with a hint of berry.
Raspberry Hopped Cider(  8.00%) ***- Nice balance of sweet from the raspberries and bitter from the hops.
Log Cabin(  8.00%) ***- Semidry, crisp and light.
Perry(  8.00%) ***- Semisweet and tannic with a smooth honey finish.
Raspberry(  8.00%) **- Semisweet with tart raspberries.
Honey Pear(10.00%) ***- Smooth and semisweet with a honey finish.
Quince Mead(10.00%) ***- Smooth and semidry with a tart citrus quince finish.
Rhurbarb Cider(  8.00%) **- Smooth with the tartness of rhubarb.

American Hard Cider Company (from Middlebury, Vermont)
Newton's Folly - Authentic(  5.00%) **- Not too sweet.
Newton's Folly - Granny Smith(  5.00%) **- Slightly tart, like a Granny Smith apple.

Hard Pressed Cider Company (by Gordon Biersch Brewing) (from San Jose, California)
Henry Hotspur's Hard Pressed for Cider(  5.80%) ***- Crisp and refreshing and not syrupy.
Henry Hotspur's Hard Pressed for Cider - Ginger(  5.40%)- TBD

Brookview Station Winery (Joe Daddy's Hard Cider) (from Castleton, New York)
Whistle-Stop White Apple Wine(13.00%) **- A smooth honey taste.
'Oh What a Pear' Pear Wine(13.00%) *- A bit dry for my taste.
Sunset Charlie Apple Wine(13.00%) *- A bit too sweet for my taste.
English Style Dry(  7.00%) ***- Slightly dry and crisp.
Cranberry Apple(  7.00%) ***- Sweet and floral.
Pomegranate(  7.00%) ***- Sweet like Chambord.
Winter Spice(  7.00%) ****- Crisp with winter spices like clove.

Blackduck Cidery (from Ovid, New York)
Aronius(  7.50%) ***- Semidry, tannic and smooth with a hint of other fruits.
Black Currant(  6.90%) **- Like a sour beer, quite refreshing.
Black Flag(  7.80%) **- Semidry and tart with currant and slightly spicy.
Bottle Conditioned Dry(  6.40%) *- Vinegary.
Circus Cider(  7.20%) **- Dry and tart and fruity.
Crabby Pip(  6.90%) ***- Very dry and crisp. Almost sucks the moisture out of your mouth.
Dry Hopped(  6.40%) *- Slightly hoppy, but not bitter.
Dry Keg Conditioned(  7.50%) **- Semidry and slightly floral, but quick finish. Very mellow.
Dry Perry(  6.70%) *- Tart and vinegary.
Hamilton's Revenge(  8.40%) **- Semidry, smooth and slightly tart with a slight vinegar undertone.
¡No Parasan!(  6.40%) **- Tart and smooth with a slight funk of Spanish sidra, but a bit fruity.
Percy Percy(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and earthy and tannic.
Perry Still(  6.40%) ***- Smooth and mellow with a honey like aftertaste.
Red Flag(  8.00%) ***- Semidry and tart and tannic.
Scrumpy(  6.00%) ***- Smooth and dry.
Seader Kin( ~5.00%) *- Slightly sour with an almost citrus taste.
Sidra(  6.40%) **- Funky, dry, and easy drinking.
Spi vs. Spy(  7.80%) **- Dry and tannic, yet thin.
Woody(  6.80%) **- Smooth and tart with a mild sidra like quality.

Blue Toad Hard Cider (from Rochester, New York)
Flower City Blonde(  4.90%) ***- Sweet with a slight pear taste.
ROC HARD Amber(  5.50%) ***- Sweet like honey.
Toadaly Tea(  4.90%) **- Semidry with a hint of black tea which gives nice tannins.
Black Cherry(  6.00%) **- Semisweet with a tart cherry juice finish.
Paddy Green(  5.50%) **- Semidry with a tart apple finish.
A.P.A.(  5.50%) *- Thin and semidry with a slight hoppyness, but not bitter and an odd taste that can't be placed.

Kaneb Orchards (from Massena, New York)
St. Lawrence Cider(  4.90%) ***- Sweet with a honey aftertaste.
Cranberry Crisp Cider(  4.40%) ***- Hint of cranberry and very floral.

Gravity Ciders, Inc (Awestruck) (from Walton, New York)
Eastern Dry(  6.20%) **- Not bad as not too dry and not too sweet, but plain.
Empire(  5.50%) ***- Semisweet and not syrupy.
Lavender Hops(  6.40%) ***- Very floral and not bitter from the hops.
Hibiscus Ginger(  6.80%) ***- Spicy from the ginger, but not syrupy.
Hometown Homicider (limited)(  6.80%) ***- Sweet, bit not too sweet and pumpkin in a yam, not pie, type of way.
Sahti(  6.50%) ***- Reminds me of a not so sweet version of "SweeTarts" candy.

Rogue Ales (from Newport, Oregon)
Fruit Salad Cider(  6.40%) o- Quite horrible as it tasted like beer and nothing like cider.
Oakpricot(  7.00%) **- A bit bland but tasted like sour apricot.
Pink Gin Cider(  7.30%) o- Bland and tasted like seltzer.

Blackbird Cider Works (from Rochester, New York)
Dry - Organic(  6.70%) ***- Dry and crisp.
New England Style(  9.90%) **- Kind of a funky earthy flavor, and more dry than sweet.
Red Barn(  4.80%) ***- Sweet and smooth still cider.
Semi Sweet - Organic(  6.20%) **- Slightly dry and slightly grassing tasting, but not as much as the sweet one.
Sweet - Organic(  4.40%) **- Smooth and grassy tasting.
Estate Reserve Semi-Dry(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and clean.
Estate Reserve(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet and mellow.

Poughkeepsie Sprit Works, Inc (from Poukeepsie, New York)
Pitchfork Hard Cider(  6.90%) *- Smells rancid, and quite bitter.

Hazlitt's Red Cat Cellars (from Naples, New York)
Cider Tree Cinnamon Spice(  6.60%) **- Sweet with only slight cinnamon taste, and smooth.
Cider Tree Hard Cider(  6.90%) ***- Sweet with a honey aftertaste.
Cider Tree Light 'n Dry(  5.50%) ***- Crisp and semidry and easy drinking.

Bold Rock Hard Cider (from Nellysford, Virginia)
Blackberry (seasonal)(  4.70%) *- Sweet and syrupy with blackberries galore.
Blood Orange(  4.70%) ***- Dry and light with a hint of mandarin oranges and a slight tart finish.
Carolina Apple(  4.70%) **- Sweet and slightly syrupy with a bold apple taste.
Carolina Draft(  4.70%) **- Mellow apple flavor, more sweet than dry.
Citrus(  4.70%) **- Semisweet with a hint of orange.
Ginger Tumeric (seasonal)(  4.70%) **- Semisweet with ginger and tumeric.
IPA(  4.70%) ***- Adulterated pink grapefruit juice.
Orchard Frost (seasonal)(  4.70%) **- Semisweet with light clove.
Pear(  4.70%) **- Not too dry and not too sweet, but a bit syrupy.
Premium Dry(  6.00%) **- Semidry with a quick finish.
Rose(  6.00%) **- Semisweet and floral.
Virginia Apple(  4.70%) **- Clean, sweet, and almost creamy.
Virginia Draft(  4.70%) **- Concentrated apple taste, and really smooth.

Citizen Cider (from Burlington, Vermont)
The Americran(  6.80%) ***- Slightly tart and very smooth.
B Cider (limited release)(  6.90%) ***- Dry with a hint of honey.
Barrel Aged (limited release)(  6.90%) ***- Very smooth with strong oaky taste.
Big Juicy(  8.00%) ***- Semidry with a nice clean big apple taste.
bRosé(  6.90%) **- Smooth and sweet.
Cidre Bourgeois (limited release)(  6.20%) **- Slightly sweet, slightly dry, but fully tasty. Nice nose and quite smooth and tart.
Citizen Dry(  6.20%) ***- Dry and clean tasting with almost no finish.
Companion(  5.50%) ***- Semisweet with a hint of cherry.
Crab Apple (small batch)(  6.80%) **- Dry and crisp and slightly bitter.
The Dirty Mayor(  6.90%) **- Sweet like an adult ginger ale.
Dry Spy(  6.90%) ***- Mostly dry, but slightly sweet.
For Shore(  6.00%) ***- Semi dry and clean.
The Full Nelson(  6.90%) ***- Slightly bitter like grapefruit rinds.
High Tide(  6.00%) *- Dry and perfumy with an awful nose.
The Lake Hopper(  6.20%) **- Smooth and sweet and hoppy with a caramel aftertaste.
Mr. Burlington(  6.90%) **- Dry with nice oakyness and hints of orange peel and oddly mint.
Northeast Cascade(  6.20%) **- Dry and hoppy.
Northern Spy (limited release)(  6.90%) ***- Tart and dry, but not too bitter.
Northern Spy (can)(  6.40%) - TBD
Stan Up(  8.00%) **- Dry with an ever so slight bitter aftertaste.
Stan Wild (small batch)(  6.90%) ***- Smooth and sweet.
Tree Tapper(  6.90%) ***- Dry and oaky with a splash of maple not to overpower the apple.
Unified Press(  6.80%) **- Nice taste, but slight alcohol aftertaste.
Wayne County Sixer(  6.00%) **- Semidry and smooth, but slightly bland.
Wit's Up(  5.90%) *- Bland, but clean tasting.
Citizen Cellar: Burlington Cider(  6.20%) ***- Very appley with a honey finish.
Citizen Cellar: Chapin(  6.00%) **- Dry and smooth.
Citizen Cellar: Crab Apple(  8.70%) ***- Semidry and crisp with a clean taste.
Citizen Cellar: Currant Affair(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet with lots of tart currant flavor and very smooth.
Citizen Cellar: Holmetown(  5.90%) ***- Dry and crisp.
Citizen Cellar: New England Barrel(  6.90%) ****- Dry with a nice light oaky flavor.
Citizen Cellar: The Olmstead(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with a nice clean slow finish.
Citizen Cellar: Pear(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with a mellow pear note.
Citizen Cellar: Plum Intended(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with a hint of tart plum that doesn't overshadow the apple.
Citizen Cellar: Stan Wild(  6.90%) ***- Dry and slightly bitter, but with a smooth honey aftertaste.
Citizen Cellar: Sur Lies(  6.90%) ****- Semidry with a nice light clean bourbon oak which matches the flavor perfectly. The finish lingers dry and a hint of bourbon.
Citizen Cellar: Tulsi(  5.50%) ***- Semidry with an odd spice and slightly pine needley.
Citizen Cellar: U.P. Wild(  6.90%) **- Semidry and smooth and quite earthy.
Citizen Cellar: Wood(  6.90%) *- Dry and slightly bitter. Clean tasting with a hint of oak and lots of tannins.

South Hill Cider (from Ithaca, New York)
Barrel Scrumpy(  8.10%) ***- Smooth, semidry, and a nice mellow oaky flavor.
Bluegrass Russet(  8.40%) ***- Small bubbles and very clean tasting, but overly carbonated.
Farmhouse(  8.10%) ***- Semidry with a slight bitter tinge from the tannins.
Hypothesis(  9.00%) **- Slightly bubbly and bitter, but smooth.
Kingston Black 2017(  7.90%) **- Semisweet and incredibly smooth.
Old Time Cider(  7.00%) **- Crisp and dry, but not bitter.
One of a Kind 2017(  8.00%) **- Dry with small bubbles and mellow flavor.
Packbasket 2014(  8.30%) ***- Dry, slightly tart, and slightly oaky. This is ever so slightly carbonated, but closer to a still cider.
Patina 2014(  7.50%) **- Crisp, and slightly oaky.
Patina Prelude 2015(  7.xx%) ***- Smooth and oaky and slightly sweet.
Perry(  x.x0%) **- Semisweet and heavy, like a hefeweisen.
Pomme Sur Lie(  8.20%) **- Semidry and very very smooth with a slight barrel aging and nice tannins.
Pommeau 2015(19.00%) ***- Sweet and very smooth.
Single Tree 2013(  8.00%) **- Smooth and mellow, but a bit bland.
Single Tree 2015(  x.00%) **- Semisweet and mellow with a slight holiday spice.
Soundpost 2015(  7.40%) ***- Crisp and oaky.
Stone Fence Farm(  8.30%) **- Quite dry.

Wayside Cider (from Delhi, New York)
Catskill(  7.50%) **- Slightly tart and oak aged.
Drytown(  6.50%) **- Smooth, mellow and slightly watery.
Half Wild 2014(  7.00%) ***- Slightly sweet with small bubbles.
Half Wild 2015(  6.90%) **- Smooth, mellow and slightly earthy.
Scrumpy(  7.xx%) *- Smells like honey, but tastes bland and slightly tart and was quite strong from the cask.
(no name)(  6.90%) ***- Smooth and creamy and tart. This was made from apples from a single tree.

Journeyman Distillery (from Three Oaks, Michigan)
O.C.G. (Old Country Goodness)(10.00%) ****- This still cider tastes like a liquid apple pie.

Art + Science Wines (from Portland, Oregon)
Humble Cider 2016(  7.20%) **- Semidry and tart with a round mouthfeel and a bit of funk.
Humble Perry(  7.20%) **- Semidry and tart with a round mouthfeel. Slightly vinegary and quite smooth.
Symbiosis 2015(  10.80%) ***- Dry and tannic.
West Valley Cider(  6.20%) **- Slightly tart, but clean and refreshing.
Wild Perry(  7.20%) **- Slightly vinegary.
Humble Perry(  7.20%) **- Semidry and tart with a round mouthfeel. Slightly vinegary and quite smooth.

Wyndridge Farm Cidery (from Dallastown, Pennsylvania)
Avant Grove - Cherry NE Cider (02)(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet with cheeries, but not syrupy.
Crafty Apricot(  5.50%) ***- Semidry with a hint of apricot, yet still letting the apple shine.
Crafty Black Cherry(  5.50%) ***- Semidry with mild cherry so as not to overpower the apple.
Crafty Cider(  5.50%) **- Clean and crisp, but slight alcohol taste.
Crafty Cranberry(  5.50%) ***- Sweet, but the tartness of the cranberry balances it out.
Crafty Hopped(  5.50%) ***- Crisp and hoppy, but not bitter. Quite dry.
Dark Rye (Hunt Series)(  7.50%) **- Dry with nice rye barrel aging.
Mojito (Hunt Series)(  6.00%) **- Dry with lime and mint.
Pear (Hunt Series)(  6.50%) **- Semidry with a slight molasses brown sugar tone and nice pear flavor.
Pineapple (Hunt Series)(  6.00%) ***- Semidry with tart pineapple.
PHS - Horticulture Cider(  5.50%) **- Semisweet and slightly tart.
Rose(  6.20%) ***- Semidry and tart with a hint of grapes and a bit tannic.
Nuestra Tepache!(  8.00%) ***- Dry and nice pineapple taste.
SpyGold (Northern Spy)(  8.50%) **- Semidry and slightly oaky.
Yerba Buena Mojito(  7.00%) ***- Semisweet with lime and mint.

Frecon's Cidery (from Boyertown, Pennsylvania)
Early Man Dry Cider(  5.50%) *- Dry and tasteless.
Apfelwein(  9.00%) **- Semisweet with a medium finish.
Cidre Semisweet(  6.90%) **- Semisweet and syrupy.
Crabby Granny(10.00%) **- Dry and smooth with just a hint of sweetness.
The Brix(  5.50%) *- Dry and over carbonated and a slightly 'concentrated' flavor.
Cojito(  7.00%) ***- Minty, hoppy, and smooth.
Farmhouse(  7.50%) **- Dry and tannic.
Farmhouse Sour(  7.50%) **- Smooth and tart.
Gingembre(  6.00%) ***- Dry and slightly spicy from the ginger.
Golden Russet(10.00%) **- Dry and smooth.
Golden Russet Still(  8.60%) ***- Dry and still and very smooth.
Hogshead(  8.50%) *- Bitter and smooth.
Waes Hael(  8.80%) **- Bone dry.

Mary Izett (Fuhmentaboudit!) [homebrew] (from New York, USA)
Tart Blackberry(  6.50%) *- Tart and clean, but very bland.
Nelson Savvin Dry Hopped(  6.30%) **- Hoppy and clean tasting.

Apple Outlaw (from Applegate, Oregon)
Blackberry Bounty(  5.50%) **- Dry and I didn't really taste the berries.
Cranberry Jewel(  5.90%) **- Semisweet with tart cranberries to balance it out.
Ginger Bite(  5.50%) ***- Gingery, but not too sweet.
Ginger Peach(  6.00%) **- Smooth with hints of smooth peach to balance out the spicy ginger.
Hoppin' Holdup(  6.50%) **- Quite hoppy for my taste.
Original(  5.50%) ***- Perfectly balanced of sweet and dry.
Rabid Dry(  6.00%) **- Dry, but slightly sweet.
Tangerine Twist(  5.50%) ***- Slightly hoppy with a nice mild orange flavor.

Cascadia Ciderworks United (from Portland, Oregon)
Dry(  6.90%) ***- Dry with a slight honey aftertaste.
Grapefruit Tangerine(  4.50%) ***- Semisweet with mild citrus from tangerines and grapefruits.

Edgefield Winery (from Portland, Oregon)
Apple(  6.50%) ***- Sweet and crisp.
Cherry(  6.70%) ***- Sweet cherry goodness.

Finnriver (from Chimacum, Washington)
Apple Abbey (special release)(  6.50%) **- Quite dry.
Artisan Sparkling Cider(  8.00%) **- Bone dry with small bubbles and only a hint of delicate apple.
Black Currant(  6.50%) ***- Slightly tart, full of flavor.
Blue Hewe (Orchard Series)(  8.40%) ***- Semidry and smooth with apparent barrel aging and a nice hint of berries on the finish.
Cider Summit Saison Collab.(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and mellow with pineapple and peach notes.
Cranberry Rosehip (  6.50%) ***- Semidry and tannic from the cranberries.
Dry Hopped(  6.50%) ***- Dry and slightly hopped.
Farmstead(  6.50%) ***- Slightly funky.
Fire Barrel(  6.50%) ***- Oaked with a strong bourbon flavor.
Fire Barrel 2016(  9.00%) **- Dry and tannic.
Forest Ginger (seasonal release)(  6.50%) ***- Smooth and sweet and clean and gingery, but not spicy.
Fresh Hop 2016(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and crisp with a floral finish.
Golden Russet 2016(  9.00%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with a honey palate.
Habenero Cider (limited release)(  6.90%) **- The aftertaste had a kick to it right in the back of your throat.
Honey Meadow (seasonal release)(  6.50%) ***- Sweet honey flavor.
Lavendar Black Currant (seasonal release)(  6.50%) ***- Tart from the currant and quite floral.
Oak & Apple(  6.50%) ***- Semidry, oaky and smooth. A well made product!
Orchard & Oak(  6.20%) ***- Semidry with slight oak and a sweet finish.
Peach Saison Sour(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and tart like fresh less ripe peaches.
Pear(  6.50%) ***- This was quite sweet.
Pear Cacao(18.50%) ****- This was smooth like a chocolately dessert.
Perry (Orchard Series)(  7.00%) ***- Semidry, tannic and quite astringent.
Sidra(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and sour and quite smooth with slight sidra funk.
Skipping Gin(  6.50%) ***- Semidry, earthy, and floral.
Solstice Saffron (seasonal release)(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet and tart with noticeable saffron.
Sour Cranberry Cyser(  6.50%) ***- Dry and smooth and tart like drinking pure cranberry juice.

Hi-Wheel Wines (from Portland, Oregon)
Black Lightning(  6.80%) ***- Tart from the black currant.
Blueberry Mint(  6.80%) ***- Semidry fruit forward berry, with mint on the finish.
Cherry Basil(  6.80%) ***- Semidry with heavy basil, light cherry and slight citrus.
Ginger Lemon(  6.80%) ***- Semidry with a nice balance of ginger and lemon.
La Nina Fresa(  6.80%) ***- Very limey.
Lavender Lemon(  6.80%) ***- Fizzy and citrusy.
Lime Habenero(  6.80%) ***- Semidry with heavy lime and heat on the finish.
Peach Cobbler(  6.80%) ***- Peachy keen.
Ruby Zozzle(  6.80%) **- Pink grapefruit wine; interesting.

Incline Cider Co. (from Auburn, Washington)
Compass Rose(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and smooth with a floral undertone.
The Explorer Hopped(  6.50%) **- Semidry and smooth with a slight hint of hops that is not bitter.
The Scout Hopped Marionberry(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and smooth with a hint of berries.

Jester & Judge (from Stevenson, Washington)
American Apple(  5.50%) **- Semisweet and smooth like honey.
Blackberry(  5.20%) **- Semisweet with lots of berry goodness!
Pineapple Express(  5.20%) ***- Honestly tastes exactly like pineapple juice to me.
What's Your Passion(  5.50%) ***- Sweet, not syrupy, and tastes like I'm drinking passion fruit juice. I feel healthy drinking this.

Liberty Ciderworks (from Spokane, Washington)
Spokane Scrumpy '16(  6.40%) ***- Semisweet with a robust full apple taste.
Stonewall (Dry Fly) Whiskey BA(  8.50%) ****- Semidry and oaky and tannic with a vanilla finish.
Winesap SV(  8.30%) ***- Semidry and tart with a honey finish.
Porter's Perfection(  8.60%) *- Semidry and tannic.

Locust Cider (from Woodinville, Washington)
Hootenanny: Chili Pineapple(  5.00%) ***- Semisweet with smoked pineapple and a mild heat on the finish.
Hootenanny: Smoked Blueberry(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet, smooth, and quite smokey with lots of blueberries in the finish.
Hootenanny: Thai Ginger(  6.00%) **- Semisweet with only a hint of ginger...a bit more would have been welcomed.
Hootenanny: Vanilla Bean(  5.00%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with only a hint of vanilla.
Honey Pear(  6.00%) *- Sweet and syrupy, perhaps from the honey, with a funky aftertaste.
Newtown Pippin(  6.20%) ***- Semidry with a hint of banana.
Session Berry(  4.00%) **- Semidry and tart from the berries...quite tannic.

Methow Valley Ciderhouse (from Winthrop, Washington)
Black Raven(  6.80%) **- Semisweet fruit forward blackberries that pack a punch.
Honey Bear(  6.80%) *- Sweet and smooth with a honey finish, but a funky awful nose like natural gas.
Howling Wolf(  6.80%) **- Semisweet with a slight hops.

Montana CiderWorks (from Sula, Montana)
Darby Pub Cider(  5.00%) ***- Semidry and puckery with a clean finish.
North Fork Traditional(  7.00%) ***- Semisweet with a honey nose and a tannic finish.
Small Batch - Dolgo(  5.50%) ***- Semidry and tart with a full mouthfeel of apples.

Red Tank Cider (from Bend, Oregon)
Chops(  5.80%) **- Slightly tart cherries.
Eldercherry(  6.00%) **- Crisp with a slight honey taste.
Happy(  5.50%) **- Bland with small bubbles.
PomPom Grenade(  6.00%) **- Slightly tart from the berries.
Roughneck(  6.30%) *- Dry and not very memorable.

Schilling & Company (from Auburn, Washington)
Ascender (Ginger)(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and a punch of ginger, but not spicy.
Chaider (seasonal release)(  6.50%) ***- Sweet and clean with lots of Chai spices.
(American) Gold(  5.00%) **- Semidry and smooth.
Cherry Sour(  8.40%) ***- Barrel aged semisweet and musky.
Emerald City (Blackberry Pear)(  6.70%)** - Semisweet and smooth. Heavy blackberries.
Ginger(  6.50%) ***- Quite light and very gingery.
Grapefruit and Chill (seasonal release)(  6.00%) *- Tastes like pink grapefruit, but smells really awful.
Grumpy Bear Coffee Nitro(  5.00%) *- Semisweet cider that tastes like a watery slightly sweetened cup of cold brewed black coffee.
Hopped Cider(  6.50%) **- Sweet, but only slightly hopped.
King's Shilling(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet with a really smooth finish.
(London) Dry(  6.50%) ***- Quite dry.
Lumberjack (Rhubarb)(  6.00%) **- Semidry with a mellow rhubarb flavor.
Mischief Maker (Pomegranate)(  5.00%) **- Semisweet cider with a slight tartness from all of that pomegranate goodness.
Passport: Pineapple Passionfruit(  6.70%) ***- Sweet and quite fruit forward.
Pink Guava Barrel Aged(  8.50%) ***- Sweet and tastes like fruit juice...slightly tart on the finish.
Red Currant Ginger(  6.50%) **- Semisweet with a ginger palate and tart currant finish.
Red Raspberry Sour Barrel(  8.60%) ***- Semidry tart raspberry with a nice barrel aging but a but musty.
Road Trip Peach Citra(  6.60%) ***- Semidry with sweet peaches to balance out the bitter hops.

Seattle Cider Co. (from Seattle, Washington)
Basil Mint(  6.90%) ***- Dry with a mellow basil mint flavor.
Berry Rose(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet with honey and berries.
Cider Summit Reserve(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and creamy.
City Fruit(  6.30%) ***- Dry and slightly tart.
Cucumber Hibiscus(  6.50%) **- Semidry and smooth with a cucumber finish. More fruity than floral.
Dry(  6.50%) **- Dry and bland.
Gin Botanical(  8.50%) ***- Sweet, but peppery; quite refreshing.
Gose(  6.90%) *- Smooth, but very sour.
Gravenstein Rosé (2014 Harvest Series)(  6.90%) *- Very tart and dry.
Imperial Honey(  6.90%) *- Dry and honey forward.
Perry (2014 Harvest Series)(  5.40%) **- Sweet with minimal bubbles.
PNW Berry(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet with a hint of berry and and smooth honey finish.
Pumpkin Spice(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and yammy but still maintaining the apple.
Semi-Sweet(  6.50%) ***- Perfect balance of sweet and dry.
Tangerine Tumeric(  6.90%) **- Kinda thin..semidry with a slight orange undertone.
Three Pepper(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with a slight heat on the finish.
Washington Heirloom (2015)(  6.90%) **- Semidry and tart.
Winesap Rose(  6.00%) ***- Dry and crisp.
Brandy Barrel Aged Wassail!(11.00%) ***- Semidry with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Swift Cider (from Portland, Oregon)
Dank Hop(  6.60%) **- Hoppy and smooth.
Dank Hop w/ Pineapple(  6.60%) *- Pineapple dulls the hops, but watered down.
Golden Equinox(  6.40%) **- Semidry and thin, bit clean tasting and mellow.
Marrionberry(  6.00%) ***- Hints of berry, but very watered down.
Blueberry Lavendar(  6.80%) ***- Semidry with mellow blueberries and a floral finish.
Pineapple Hop(  6.40%) **- Dry yet the pineapple adds sweetness to counteract the bitterness of the hops on the finish.
Wholesome Apple(  6.40%) ***- Dry and earthy and tannic, but not bitter.

Wildcraft Cider Works (from Eugene, Oregon)
Blue River Blueberry(  6.80%) o- Slightly tart, but very watered down and I can't taste the blueberries.
Elderberry Perry 2014(  6.00%) *- Fruity, but left a cotton taste in my mouth like that of peroxide.
Elderberry Perry 2016(  6.40%) ***- Semisweet with berries and honey smooth.
Farmhouse Dry
    - Batch 002 (Winter 2014) (sm. batch)
(  6.90%) **- Smooth and dry.
Farmhouse Dry
    - Batch 004 (Summer 2015) (sm. batch)
(  6.30%) **- Oaky and smooth.
Farmhouse Jona Gold (sm. batch)(  6.90%) **- Smooth and definately a farmhouse taste.
Homestead Hopped(  6.70%) *- Dry and bitter from the hops.
Native Gin(  7.10%) **- A bit earthy, but light.
Persimmon (sm. batch / Sp2015)(  6.90%) **- Mostly dry, but fruity from the persimmon.
Snake River Rye(  7.50%) **- Oaky and smooth and full of whiskey taste.
Tart Cherry(  6.90%) o- Smells like cherries, but tastes like carbonated dirt.
Wild Rose(  7.20%) **- Slightly hoppy and floral, else bland.
Oak Aged Kiwi Berry(  6.80%) **- Semidry and tart and quite mellow. Not much kiwi though.
une Flame: Peach(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with a hint of sweetness on the subtle peach finish.
Pisgah Heritage(  6.40%) **- Dry and earthy.
Stone Fence(  8.40%) ***- Dry and earthy and slightly fruity, with a nose of pine.
Hard Cider(  6.90%) **- Dry and mellow with a nice apple finish.
The People's Plum(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and tart with nice plum tones with full-bodied flavor. Nice mouthfeel.
Sage(  7.60%) ***- Semidry and earthy from the sage.
Pinot Barrel Oak Aged Cherry 2016(  7.60%) ***- Dry with a faint hint of tart cherries overshadowed by the wine barrels with a tannic finish.

2 Towns Ciderhouse (from Corvallis, Oregon)
6th Anniversary(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet and slightly earthy and tannic. Quite complex.
8th Anniversary(  5.00%) **- Semidry, earthy, and crisp.
Afton Field(  6.30%) ***- Dry with a slight oak. Easy drinking!
The Bad Apple(10.50%) **- Not too sweet; quite nice.
Cherried Away(  6.00%) ***- Tastes like cherry pie filling.
Cidermaster Reserve - Batch 01 "Barrel Select Blend"(  6.90%) ***- Perfectly balanced with hints of vanilla.
Cot In The Act(  6.20%) ***- Semidry with a sweet apricot finish.
Double Hopped Hop & Stalk(  8.00%) **- Semidry and hoppy and clean and not bitter.
Dry (American) Bittersweet #1(  6.20%) **- Semidry and clean with a quick finish.
Ginja Ninja(  6.00%) ***- Very gingery.
Hollow Jack(  6.40%) **- Semisweet with heavy pumpkin spice.
Hop & Stalk(  8.00%) *- Slightly bitter.
La Mure(  6.20%) ***- Semidry with lots of blueberries.
Made Marion(  6.00%) **- Semidry with lots of berries.
Nice & Naughty(10.50%) ***- Semisweet with lots of cinnamon and bot boozy.
Out Cider(  5.00%) **- Quite funky, but not like a Spanish sidra.
Pacific Pineapple(  5.00%) ***- Semisweet with heavy pineapple.
Peach Saison(  6.00%) ***- A smooth fresh peach taste.
Pommeau (2014)(19.00%) ***- Semisweet and very smooth with lots of tannins. Finish is sweet which is odd, but pleasant.
Prickle Me Pink^2(  5.70%) ***- Sweet and fruity from the prickly pear.
Rhubarbarian(  5.00%) **- Semidry with tart rhubarb.
Riverwood (2014)(  6.30%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with both a honey finish and nose.
Throne of Thorns(  6.00%) ***- Berrylicious.
Two Thorn(  6.20%) ***- Semisweet with lots of tart raspberries and a ruby color.

Traditions Ciderworks (from Corvallis, Oregon)
2012 Amity Rose(  6.50%) ***- Smooth with a caramel aftertaste.
2013 Riverwood(  6.90%) **- Oaky and dry.
2013 Afton Field(  6.50%) **- Crisp and dry.
2011 Pommeau(19.00%) **- Strong bourbon flavor.

Attila Hard Cider (from Ellensburg, Washington)
Scourge of God(  6.99%) ***- More sweet than dry.
Rapture(  5.90%) ***- Berrylicious being sweet, but not syrupy.

Atlas Cider Co. (from Bend, Oregon)
Apple(  5.80%) **- A bit dry, but still sweet.
Apricot(  6.20%) ***- Smooth and peachy.
Blackberry(  6.20%) ***- Sweet and berrylicious.
Pineapple Mango(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet and pineapple forward.
Pom-Cherry(  5.80%) ***- Slight cherry taste, but not too sweet.

Baird & Dewar Farmhouse Cider (from Portland, Oregon)
2012 Constitution(  9.10%) **- Oaky and smooth.
2013 Farmhouse(  7.10%) **- Smokey and dry.
2013 Lucky Peach/Apricot(  7.20%) **- Apricot goodness.
2013 Black Lappin Cherry(  7.20%) **- Tart cherry taste.
2015 Apricot(  7.20%) **- Heavy herb taste from the rosemary and very smooth from the apricot.

Bull Run Cider (from Forest Grove, Oregon)
Barreleo(  7.40%) ***- Dry and okay and smooth from the barrel aging.
Bramble Berry(  6.80%) ***- Tart berry taste.
Dry Hop(  6.70%) ***- Smooth hops.
Gravenstein (SV)(  5.50%) ***- Semisweet with a nice medium finish.
Laughing Water Perry(  6.50%) ***- Clean and Crisp.
Pear Ice Wine(12.00%) ***- Sweet and clean with an intense pear flavor.
Strawberry Fields(  6.50%) ****- Sweet and clean bursting with strawberry.

Bushwacker Cider (from Portland, Oregon)
Alice(  6.40%) *- Nice balance of sweet and dry, but quite bland.
Pink Lady(  6.70%) *- Clean, but quite bland.

D's Wicked Cider (from Ellensburg, Washington)
Bare Naked(  6.90%) **- Semidry, tannic, and smooth.
Baked Apple(  6.90%) ***- Apple pie in a bottle.
Green Apple(  6.90%) **- Tastes like an apple Jolly Rancher.
Hammer(  8.90%) ***-Semidry with orange bitters.

Fox-Tail Cider (from Hood River, Oregon)
Fuzzy Haven(  5.80%) *- Slightly sweet.
Docklands(  6.50%) *- Very dry and quite bland.
Imperial Hopped(  6.70%) **- Tart and hoppy.
Rosen'berry(  6.40%) ***- Clean taste with a light taste of berries.

Hedgerow Cidery (from Dallas, Oregon)
Blue Butterfly 2014(  6.60%) *- Dry and slightly watered down.
Blue Butterfly 2015(  6.90%) *- Dry and slightly watered down.

Carlton Cyderworks (from Carlton, Oregon)
Boysenberry(  6.90%) **- Semidry with nice berries.
Citizen(  6.75%) **- Dry English-style cider.
Duke(  6.90%) **- Smooth with blueberries.
Impearial Asian Pear Perry(  5.00%) ***- Smooth pear taste.
Slake(  6.90%) **- Oaky and dry.
Newtown Pippin(  7.10%) ***- Dry and crisp with a medium finish.

Cider Riot (from Portland, Oregon)
1763 West Country(  7.50%) **- Dry, tannic and earthy.
Chaos De Tejas(  6.90%) *- Semidry and hoppy and bitter.
Everybody Pogo(  6.70%) o- Watered down lemon water, with hops.
Everyday(  6.00%) *- Semidry and a bit overcarbontated.
Hedgerow Fruits(  6.00%) *- Smooth with a bitter aftertaste.
In The Pit(  6.90%) **- Dry with a hint of peach.
Lavender(  6.80%) *- Floral, but very watered down.
Lemmy's Summer Camp(  6.00%) o- Watered down lemon water.
Never Give An Inch(  6.80%) *- Semidry and fruity and smooth, yet no taste.
Pie Cherry(  6.90%) *- Dry with only a slight cherry taste, else bland.
Snakebite(  5.60%) *- I don't really taste the cider and I would consider this a bastardization of a beer cider mix. The beer part isn't really bad, but watery.
Burncider(  6.90%) *- Bone dry and carbonated, no taste.
San Patricios (Black Bloc Series)(  6.00%) *- Dry with a hint of tequila...nice nose.
Pan Rose(  6.90%) **- Semidry and smooth and fruity. Blackberries stand out.
Slam Dance (BA Peach) (Black Bloc Series)(  6.90%) ***- Bone dry with hints of oak and peach.

Finnegan Cider (from Oswego, Oregon)
Dry(  6.90%) **- Dry as the name suggests.
Harvest Blend(  6.90%) ***- Slightly dry.
Semi Dry(  6.90%) ***- Perfect balance of sweet and dry.

101 Cider House (from Westlake Village, California)
Black Dog(  6.90%) **- Semidry and tart with only a hint of flavor.
Cactus Red(  6.90%) **- Tart and has an almost passionfruit taste, which may be the cactus.
India Pale Cider (IPC)(  6.90%) **- Crisp and hoppy.
Island Hopper(  7.00%) ***- Semidry and sour, yet fruity from the guava.
SoCal Scrumpy(  6.90%) **- Quite sour, but enjoyable.
Electric Pineapple(  6.30%) ***- Semidry, tart, salty pineapple.

HUB (Hopworks Urban Brewery) (from Portland, Oregon)
Bourbon Barrel Aged(  7.00%) ***- Smooth bourbon flavor and very oaky.
Dry Hopped(  6.80%) **- Mildly hopped.
Fruit Stripe(  6.60%) *- Slightly fruity and very clean, but not much taste.
Hard Apple(  6.50%) **- Crisp apple.

New West Cider (from Portland, Oregon)
Black And Blue(  6.40%) **- Semisweet and tart and packed with berries.
Blood Orange Mango(  6.30%) **- Semidry and heavy on the mango.
Blueberry(  6.80%) *- Slight berry taste and very carbonated.
Semi-Dry(  6.80%) *- Crisp and slightly funky.
Tart Cherry(  6.80%) *- Tart from the cherry with a slight medicinal taste.

Pear Up (NV - Neigel Vintner) (from E. Wenatchee, Washington)
Centre Ring Reserve Pear(  6.00%) **- Semisweet and slightly vinegary.
Ginger Pear(  6.90%) ***- Smooth and gingery.
Hoppin' Pear(  5.70%) ***- Lightly hopped pear juice.
Hopped-prun-tunity(  5.70%) **- Smooth with hints of plum.
Pear Essentials(  5.20%) **- Plain and simple and nice.
Pearfect Pear(  5.20%) ***- Hints of cinnamon.
Pineapple Pear(  5.10%) **- Sweet, not syrupy, with a huge pineapple flavor.
Pumpkin Pear(  5.70%) ***- Thin and semidry with a mellow pumpkin spice.
Watermelon(  5.30%) ***- Mellow and light with a taste like a watermelon jolly rancher, yet not syrupy.

Portland Cider Company (from Oregon City, Oregon)
Hop'rageous(  6.80%) ***- Smooth and hoppy.
Kinda Dry(  6.80%) ***- Crispy and dry.
Mojito(  7.00%) ***- Dry and slightly minty.
Passion Fruit(  6.80%) ***- Sweet passion fruit.
Pearfect Pear(  5.50%) ***- Crisp sweet pair.
Scrumpy(13.50%) *- Smooth but with an overwhelming bourbon taste.
Sorta Sweet(  5.00%) ***- Sweet and smooth.
Strawperry(  5.40%) ***- Clean strawberry taste.
Pumpkin Spice(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and not syrupy with a nice yammy flavor of real pumpkin.
Sangria(  5.50%) ***- Semisweet and fruity with a natural strawberry taste.
Greyhound(  6.80%) ***- Semidry with a hint of least that is what it tastes like to me.
Apple(  5.50%) **- Semisweet and slightly syrupy.

Troy Cider (from Sonoma, California)
MMXIV (2014)(  9.00%) ***- Smooth and oaky.

Two Rivers Cider (from Sacramento, California)
Seasonal Apple "McIntosh"(  6.500%) ***- Crisp and clean.
Ginger Peach(  6.50%) ***- Spicty from the ginger, smooth from the peach.
Blood Orange(  7.50%) *- Tastes like a lightly flavored orange seltzer.
Huckleberry(  7.00%) **- Slightly sweet with only a light berry taste.

Washington Gold Hard Cider (from Chelan, Washington)
Cherry(  5.50%) ***- Semisweet with nice tart bing cherries.
Golden Delicious(  5.50%) **- Sweet, but not syrupy.
Lake Chelan Heritage(  5.50%) **- This still cider is semidry and smooth with hints of vanilla.
Northwest Raspberry(  5.50%) ***- Semisweet with a really nice raspberry flavor to compliment the apple.
Original Apple(  5.50%) **- Clean and crisp with small bubbles.

Grizzly Ciderworks (from Washington)
Indigenous (Ginger Apple)(  6.70%) ***- Quite gingery.
Woodlander(  6.70%) *- Clean, but bland with an earthy taste.
The Ridge(  6.70%) ***- Semidry with a slightly tart palate and apply finish.

No. 6 Hard Cider (from Seattle, Washington)
Dry 99(  4.30%) ***- Semidry and easy drinking with cucumber and floral notes.
Honey Ginger(  6.00%) ***- Sweet with a spicy ginger bite.
Pomegranite(  5.40%) ***- Sweet with a hint of berries.
True Cider(  6.00%) ***- Smooth and spicy from the ginger.

North Idaho Cider (from Hayden, Idaho)
Cran Apple(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and tart from the cranberries.
Fresh Apple(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and clean with a mild apple taste.
Wild Cherry(  6.80%) ***- Semidry and tart from the cherries.
Wildfire(  6.90%) **- Semidry and balanced being slightly vinegary...reminds me of pepperocini peppers in a Greek salad.

Ole Swede Cider (from Tonasket, Washington)
Blend of 9(  6.80%) **- Semidry with hints of vanilla and oak.
Mulberry and Friends(  5.90%) **- Semidry and mellow with hints of berries.
Sour Cherry Perry(  6.10%) ***- Semidry and mellow and the tart cherries add nice flavor.

One Tree Hard Cider (from Spokane Valley, Washington)
Pina Colada(  7.40%) *- Overly sweet pina colada.
Huckleberry(  6.80%) *- Sweet and syrupy.
Lemon Basil(  6.60%) *- Sweet with a mild basil palate.
Raspberry(  6.80%) **- Semisweet with just a hint of raspberries so as not to over power the apple.

Alter Ego Cider (from Portland, Oregon)
The Brute(  6.50%) *- Sweet with strong fruit forward apple.
The Guardian Angel(  6.50%) ***- Very berrylicious.

Nectar Creek Meadery (from Corvallis, Oregon)
Brood(  6.20%) ***- This mead was very smooth and full of raspberries.
Waggle(  6.20%) ***- Very floral and smooth.

Dragon's Head Cider (from Vashon, Washington)
Kingston Black(  7.90%) ***- Semidry and earthy with a vanilla finish.
Manchurian(  6.80%) *- Funky and smells like marujuana.
Perry(  6.30%) ***- Smooth and light.
Pippen(  6.80%) **- Quite dry, but clean.
Traditional(  6.90%) **- Dry and slightly bitter with a full apple taste.
Wild Ferment(  6.90%) ***- Perfect balance of dry and sweet.

Chelan Gold Hard Cider (from Chelan, Washington)
Chelan Gold(  5.50%) ***- Sweet and smooth still cider.

Whiskey Barrel Cider (from Pullman, Washington)
Natural Cider(  7.00%) **- Cristp and dry.

River Cider (from Hood River, Oregon)
Screech Owl(  7.40%) **- Sour apple and oaky.
Crazy Crow(  7.50%) ***- Part dry, part sweet, all blackberry.

Wild Apple Hard Cider (from Bellevue, Washington)
Candy Apple(  5.00%) **- Extremely sweet like cotton candy, but not syrupy.
Honey Apple(  5.00%) **- Tasted like honey and was slightly syrupy (but could be due to use of honey).

Square Mile Cider Co. (from Portland, Oregon)
Spur & Vine(  6.70%) ***- Clean and hoppy and slightly sweet.
Rose(  6.20%) ***- Semidry and floral.
Hopped(  6.70%) ***- Semidry and hoppy.

Rack & Cloth (from Mosier, Oregon)
2014 PommePomme Farmhouse Cider(  6.90%) *- Slightly tart like a Granny Smith apple, but pretty bland otherwise.

Twisted Limb Hard Cider (from New Jersey, USA)
Bavarian Hard Cider(  6.80%) *- Kind of bland, but crisp.
Original Hard Cider(  6.80%) **- Tart and crisp and clean.
Dad's Hat (cask)( ~8.00%) ***- Oaky with smooth with heavy bourbon notes.

Austin Eastciders (from Austin, Texas)
Blood Orange(  5.00%) **- Tart with a heavy natural mandarin orange flavor.
Hopped(  5.00%) ***- Sweet, floral, and hoppy, but not bitter. Dry finish.
Original Dry(  5.00%) ***- Crisp and dry.
Ruby Red Grapefruit(  5.00%) ***- Semisweet like bubbly pink grapefruit juice.
Texas Brut(  5.00%) **- Dry and bland.
Texas Honey(  5.00%) ***- A clean, smooth honey taste.
Pineapple(  5.00%) ***- Sweet and pineappley.
Rum Barrel Aged (limited)(  6.90%) **- Smooth and semisweet with nice rum barrel aging.
Watermelon(  5.00%) **- A nice balance of sweet and dry with fruity juicy watermelon.
Perry (limited)(  6.50%) **- Deep apple and a hint of crisp tannic pear. Dry.
Lemon Ginger - Maker's Stash(  6.50%) **- Semidry with heavy ginger and a lemon finish and a strong ginger nose.
Pear Rosemary - Maker's Stash(  6.50%) **- Rosemary is well pronounced in this mellow semidry cider.
Spiced(  5.00%) ***- Dry with hints of cardamom and clove.

Argus Cidery (from Austin, Texas)
2013 Perennial(  6.80%) **- Dry and tart.
2014 Perennial(  6.70%) ***- Smooth almost pear like taste, being mellow and slightly sweet.
2014 Stellar(  6.70%) **- Tart and clean with an almost cotton mouth feel.
Apple Bomb(  6.20%) *- Nose promises the world, but taste is dry, bitter and more carbonation than flavor.
Cherry Vin(  5.70%) ****- Semidry, smooth, and 100% cherry juice.
Ciderkin(  4.50%) *- Tastes like crabapples.
Ginger Perry(  4.50%) **- Strong ginger taste, but very vingery.
Ozark Brut(  6.80%) ***- Dry and oaky with a slight vinegar tinge.
Roselle(  5.20%) ***- Dry and tart with nice apple.
Vinho Pearde(  5.90%) ***- Semidry and slightly tart, with a smooth finish.

Embark Cider Ciderworks (from Williamson, New York)
American Heirloom(  7.50%) **- Sweet and smooth.
American Hopped(  6.40%) ***- Crisp and hoppy.
Apple Pie(  5.20%) ***- Nice balance of sweet and dry with just a hint of cinnamon.
Baldwin (limited)(  6.20%) **- Tart and smooth.
The Batch(  5.50%) **- Not too dry or too sweet. Nice and crisp.
Blueberry Peach(  5.00%) ***- Semidry and smooth with only a hint of peach and berry, so as not to outshine the apple.
Citra Amarillo(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet and mellow tasting, but I don't really taste the hops.
Crab Series, Vol. 1 (limited)(  7.20%) **- Crisp with small bubbles.
Crab Series, Vol. 2 (limited)(  x.x0%) **- Crisp, clean and dry.
Dryhouse Jonagold(  7.40%) **- Dry and tastes a bit like pears.
Embark Giant(  5.90%) ***- Dry and crisp.
Imperial Blizzard(  8.00%) ***- Semisweet and smooth that is fruity with cherries.
Nieuw Yorker(  5.90%) **- Dry and a slight sweet finish which quickly disipates.
The Northerner(  5.10%) ***- Nice balance of tart and sweet and dry, but more sweet than dry.
Old Maurauder(  7.00%) ***- Smooth.
Peach Apricot Saison(  6.40%) **- Smooth and semidry with a nice peach apricot flavor that doesn't overpower the apple, but it smells a bit off.
The Pippin (limited)(  7.80%) ***- Slightly tart, clean and crisp.
Rose(  5.80%) ***- Dry and bitter and smooth with a hint of fruitiness.
Strawberry Rhubarb(  5.30%) ***- Semi dry with a nice medium tartness from the rhubarb and smoothness from the strawberries.
Tart Cherry(  6.10%) **- Dry with just a hint of cherries.
Tart Cherry Barrel Aged(  6.10%) ***- Semidry with nice tannins for dryness, tart cherries for the sweetness, and smoothness from the barrel aging.
Whiskey Barrel Aged (limited)(  6.80%) ***- Semidry with a nice oak flavor.
Dreamcicle - Peach Apricot Raspberry(  5.00%) ***- Lots of raspberry and creamy peach. A bit tart and semidry.
Dreamcicle - The Tropics(  5.00%) **- Semidry with hints of pineapple and a slightly hoppy finish.
Milkshake - Grapefruit Blood Orange(  5.50%) - TBD

Black Diamond Cider (from Trumansburg, New York)
Hickster(  7.40%) *- Dry and tart.
Porter's Pommeau 2014(20.00%) ***- Sweet and smooth and not too boozy.
RabbleRouser(  7.40%) *- Very dry and smooth, but tasted slightly like peroxide.
Shin Hollow(  7.50%) ***- Dry, clean, and earthy.
SlateStone(  7.30%) **- Dry and mostly tasteless.

Kite & String (Good Life) Cider (from Interlaken, New York)
Barrel Rye(  8.50%) **- Smooth with small bubbles and an oaky taste.
Cazenovia 2013(  8.30%) **- Smooth clean apple taste.
Cazenovia 2014(  8.30%) *- Tart and crisp; kind of rough.
Cazenovia 2016(  8.40%) **- Dry and slightly bitter.
Centennial(  7.xx%) ***- Floral and slightly dry hopped.
Cider Nouveau(  7.50%) **- Semisweet and smooth with a slight syrupyness.
Fowler and Wells(  7.50%) ***- Semisweet, floral and tart but not syrupy.
Funkhouse(  7.10%) *- Dry with no finish.
Giant Life(  8.20%) ***- Semidry with a sweet finish.
Glacier Till(10.00%) ****- Very sweet and quite smooth.
Hickok(  8.50%) ***- Semisweet and still with a honey finish.
Honeoye(  6.90%) **- This was like drinking sparkling apple juice.
Northern Spy(  8.00%) **- Semisweet, yet bitter from the hops. Very smooth, yet the hops linger.
Northern Spy 2016(  8.00%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with a honey finish.
Pioneer Pippin(  9.20%) ***- Semisweet and smooth.
Pommeau(20.00%) ***- Semisweet yet not syrupy and not boozy like most pommeaus.
Royal Cider(18.00%) ***- Sweet and slightly smokey.
Vin De Pomme(  5.70%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with a honey undertone.
Workhorse(  8.00%) ***- Smooth and appley.

Rootstock Cider (from Williamson, New York)
Barrel Aged Dry(  7.20%) ****- Dry and slightly oaky.
Belgian(  7.00%) ***- Semidry and earthy with a kick.
Dry(  6.90%) *- Quite dry.
Early Bird(  5.90%) ***- Smooth and slightly sweet.
Early Bird Crab Apple(  6.20%) ***- Semisweet and very smooth.
Heritage (pre-2014)(  8.10%) ***- Crisp and clean. Slightly tart like a grannysmith apple and minimally sweet.
Heritage 2014(  8.10%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with small bubbles.
Heritage 2015(  7.70%) ***- Semidry with a medium finish. Nice apple flavor that is not too predominant yet harmonious.
Hopped(  6.90%) **- Dry with slight hops, but not bitter.
Original Cider(  5.00%) ***- Sweet apple goodness.
Perry 2014(  6.10%) **- Smooth, with a slight vinegar taste.

Snowdrift Cider Co. (from East Wenatchee, Washington)
Cliffbreaks (batch 714)(  7.10%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with an almost caramel flavor.
Cornice (batch 214)(  7.30%) ***- Smooth and barrel aged.
Dry Cider (batch 115)(  7.00%) ***- Dry and smooth with a finish just slightly sweeter.
Perry - Single Var. Seckel (batch 214)(  8.00%) **- Smooth with a slight bitter funk. I taste a hint of smoke, but it may just be me.
Perry - Single Var. Seckel (batch 916)(  7.00%) ***- Smooth, dry, and very mellow.
Red Cider (batch 214)(  7.50%) ***- Sweet and smooth. Nice color!
Cidermaker's Reserve (batch 214)(  8.30%) **- I had batch 214....which was dry and boozy with a smooth finish.
Semi-Dry(  7.10%) **- Dry with a quick finish.
English Dry(  7.60%) **- Dry with a honey finish.

Demarest Hill Winery (from Warwick, New York)
Apple Cider al Rum(  2.00%) **- Sweet and almost tastes like a watered down SweeTart candy.
Hard Cider(  6.70%) **- Smooth with an almost surreal earthiness and freshness about it. Slightly sweet, but more vinegary.

Three Brothers Wineries & Estates (War Horse Brewing) (from Geneva, New York)
Apple Bombshell Cider(  6.25%) ***- Crisp and tart and only slightly dry.
Raspberry Bombshell Cider(  6.50%) ***- Sweet and smooth raspberry taste.

Black Bear Winery (from Chenango Forks, New York)
Bottom of the Barrel(  7.00%) **- Smooth with a slight wood taste, but not oaky.
Buzzz(  7.00%) ***- Smooth with a mellow honey taste.
Cherry Bomb(  7.00%) ****- Tasted exactly like tart cherry pie filling.
Raspberry Jewel(  7.00%) ***- Smooth with a mellow raspberry taste.
Black Mead(  9.00%) ***- Tart with a smooth currant taste.
Blueberry Melomel(10.00%) *- Very dry with lots of blueberries.
Maple Dream (wine)(14.00%) ****- Smooth and sweet like syrup, but not as thick.
Red Mead(10.00%) ***- Tart cherries with a slight cinnamon taste.

Golden Coast Mead (from Oceanside, California)
California Oak(12.00%) **- Sweet and oaky.
Hopped Honey(12.00%) **- Smooth, sweet from the honey, but not viscous and a slight hoppy finish.
Orange Blossom(10.50%) ***- Tart with the predominant honey taste.
Savage Bois(12.00%) ***- Dry, smooth, slightly bland like pear.
Sour Orange Blossom(12.00%) ***- Smooth and both sweet and sour at the same time. Refreshing and quite puckery.
Speakeasy(12.00%) **- Smooth and mildly sweet; more dry than sweet.

Greenpoint Cidery (from Greenpoint, New York)
Farmhouse(  5.00%) **- Slightly oaky and dry.
Becraft(11.00%) ***- Dry and smooth with a medium molasses base and a caramel nose.

Ashley Lynn Winery (from Mexico, New York)
Apple Wine(10.00%) **- Sweet but little flavor.
Apple Jack(14.00%) ***- Smooth, sweet, and strong apple flavor.
Elderberry Mist(10.00%) **- Kind of tasted like cough syrup to me.

Lake Drum Brewing (from Geneva, New York)
Apple Crisp(  6.00%) ***- While not too sweet, it tasted like liquid apple pie.
Blueberry Pulp(  6.00%) ***- Slightly sour and very smooth blueberry taste.

Catharine Valley Winery (from Burdetta, New York)
Apple Pie(  7.00%) ***- Smooth holiday spice goodness.
Boxer(  7.00%) **- Smooth sweet honey aftertaste.

ÆppelTreow Winery & Distillery (from Burlington, Wisconson)
Americana(  7.50%) **- Dry and tart.
Appely Brut(  7.50%) **- Tastes like unsweetened apple sauce.
Appely Doux(  7.50%) ***- Semidry and crisp with a bold apple flavor that is not syrupy.
Barn Swallow(  6.00%) **- Semidry and smooth and clean tasting with a caramel finish.
Blackbird(  5.50%) ***- Semisweet with strong berry flavor and a dry finish.
Kinglet Bitter(  6.00%) *- Dry and slightly bitter.
Orchard Oriole Perry(  4.50%) ***- Dry and earthy.
Perry(  7.50%) ****- Smooth with a strong natural pear taste.
Pommeaux Traditional(19.00%) ***- Smooth.
Siskin Scrumpy Farmhouse(  4.50%) ***- Semisweet with a honey finish.
Sparrow(  6.00%) **- Semisweet and smooth with heavy notes of clove.

Bantam Cider Company (from Somerville, Massachusetts)
The Americain(  5.20%) ***- Smooth with a slightly cinnamon taste.
Bigsby(  6.90%) *- Dry and slightly bitter.
Buzzwig(  5.50%) ***- Semisweet and mild and easy drinking.
Dane St. Special(  6.00%) **- Smooth and sour.
Hibiscus Mint(  6.00%) ***- Smooth and sweet and minty and floral.
Hopped Scrumpy(  4.20%) ***- Sweet, smooth and hoppy but not bitter and resembles pink grapefruit juice.
Hoppfenhoppel 2.0(  6.00%) *- Smooth, but quite bitter like a beer.
Papi Chulo(  5.80%) ***- Semidry with a hint of maple.
Rojo(  5.40%) ***- Slightly dry with sour cherries.
Smoked Saison(  6.00%) ***- Sweet and smokey.
Sweet Scrumpy(  4.20%) ***- Sweet and smooth.
Wunderkind(  6.00%) ***- Part dry, slightly sweet. This reminds me of an apple champagne with a honey aftertaste.

Blacksmiths Winery (from South Casco, Maine)
Fatty Bampkins(  4.50%) *- Crisp with a slight vinegar taste.

Maine Mead Works (from Portland, Maine)
Cidermaker - Hard apple cider(  4.50%) **- smooth and semisweet.
Ram Island - Iced Tea Mead(  7.00%) **- Tastes like store brand iced tea mix. Seriously, it is just missing the 'crunchies' as I don't taste any alcohol.
Ram Island - Lavender Lemonade(  6.90%)- TBD
Honeymaker - Blueberry Mead(12.50%)- TBD
Honeymaker - Dry Mead(12.50%)- TBD
Honeymaker - Lavender Mead(12.50%) **- Slightly bitter and dry, but a nice nose of honey. I don't really get any floral notes. Not very viscous.

North Country Hard Cider Company (from Rollinsford, New Hampshire)
Firestarter(  5.00%) ***- Sweet and smooth with a spicy kick at the end.

Norumbega Cidery (from New Gloucester, Maine)
Classic 2014(  6.80%) *- Very dry with minimal taste. This was more like a seltzer water than a cider.

Ricker Hill Orchards (Ricker's Hard Cider) (from Turner, Maine)
Maniac Gold(  5.00%) ***- Crisp and clean and not syrupy.
Maniac Gold Cranberry(  5.00%) ***- Not super sweet with a dry cranberry taste.
Maniac Mac(  5.00%) ***- Smooth and sweet.
Maniac Mac Blueberry(  5.00%) ***- Not super sweet and real blueberry taste.

Moonlight Meadery (from Londonderry, New Hampshire)
Boys n Berry(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet, smooth, with a light berry taste.
Brazen(14.00%) ***- Semisweet with an essence of chocolate and just a hint of heat on the finish.
Coffee In Bed(15.30%) - TBD
Desire(16.70%) ***- Sweet and smooth and berrylicious.
Fling(13.30%) ***- Sweet and smooth with the honey still being predominant.
How Do You Like Them Apples(  6.50%) ***- Smooth, sweet, and oaky.
How Do You Like Them Little Apples(  6.90%) **- Slightly bitter and oaky with a honey aftertaste. Smooth.
Kurt's Apple Pie(16.80%) **- Appley and sweet, but not quite apple pie. There is a hint of a spice, but I'm not sure which one.
Red Dress(13.90%) ***- Sweet, smooth, and musty.
Stock Up(10.00%) ***- Semidry with lots of berries, yet quick finish.
Them Little Apples(  6.50%) **- Semisweet and tart, with a hint of barrel and a honey aftertaste. Smooth.
Wild(14.20%) ***- Semidry and boozy with a hint of blueberries.
How 'Bout Them Apples(13.50%) **- Dry and boozy and tannic.
Them Little Apples BA(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and smooth and easy drinking, yet thin.
Thirteen 5(13.50%) **- Sweet and smooth from the honey but quite boozy with a bitter finish.
Cran I Buy You A Drink(  6.50%) ***- Dry and smooth and tart with a hint of cranberry which adds some nice tannins.

See Canyon Hard Cider Company (from San Luis Obispo, California)
Classic (red truck)(  7.50%) **- Slightly funky, but not like a Spanish cider.

Brooks Dry Cider (from California)
Brooks Dry Cider(  6.00%) ***- Sweet, but only slightly syrupy.

Bear Swamp Cidery (from Ashfield, Massachusetts)
Cyser [Limited Edition](10.00%) **- Slightly dry and bitter, but smooth from the honey.
Farmhouse (Barrel Aged)(  6.90%) ***- Smooth oaky goodness.
Hop(  6.80%) **- Nice dry cider with a mild hop taste but not bitter.
New England(12.00%) **- Semidry and smooth with nice oak barrel aging.
Sparkling(  6.80%) **- Semidry and slightly bitter, but a clean taste.

Headwater Cider Co. (from Hawley, Massachusetts)
Ashton Blend(  8.00%) **- Dry and slightly bitter.
Clesson(  8.00%) **- Semidry and clean, but more dry than sweet.
Figment(  8.00%) **- Semidry and slight bitter with a smooth bitter honey flavor.
New England Dry(  8.00%) **- A slightly boozy crisp granny smith apple.
Quercus(  8.00%) **- Semidry.
Seven(  8.00%) ***- Dry and tannic and funky like bandaids.

Carr's Ciderhouse (from Hadley, Massachusetts)
Cider Black(  6.50%) ***- Dry, but slightly sweet from the fruit. A nice combo and not too much currant.
Dabinett Blend(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with nice oak highlights.
Farmhouse(  6.50%) ***- Smooth and mildly earthy.
Gingered(  6.50%) **- The ginger is spicy, but there is a bitter aftertaste. This is more on the dry side.
Golden Russet Blend(  6.90%) ***- Dry, yet fruity.
Golden Russet 2017(  6.50%) **- Semidry and tannic and floral.
Golden Russet Still(  8.00%) ***- Dry, smooth and mellow.
Pommeau(18.00%) ***- Sweet, smooth, and not so syrupy.
Wild Apple(  6.90%)*** - Dry and tannic. I do get a hint of walnuts, but I don't see it listed in the ingredients.
Yarlington Mill 2017(  6.00%) **- Dry and tannic and bitter.

Far From The Tree Cider (from Salem, Massachusetts)
Apple Of My Chai(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with a nice Chai flavor.
Bog(  7.50%) ***- Semidry with nice tart cranberry and a hint of rosemary and thyme.
Cidermaker Series 002 - Erik(  7.20%) ***- Dry.
Cidermaker Series 002 - Jon(  6.50%) ***- Dry and bubbly.
Dive(  6.20%) ***- Semisweet with nutmeg.
Drop The Bassil(  7.70%) ****- Dry and heavy on the basil.
Earl(  6.80%) ***- Semi dry with noticeable tea. Nice and fragrant.
Ectoplasm(  6.66%) ***- Semisweet and spicy.
Ember(  7.50%) ****- Semidry and very smokey with a slight (chai) spice and a nice vanilla finish.
Heritage Blend #2(  5.30%) ***- Semisweet and earthy.
Idle Wild(  7.50%) ****- Dry and oaky with a hint of spirits.
Lei(  7.40%) ***- Sweet from the pineapple with a very slight kick at the end, but not really spicy.
Macachusetts(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and thin and mellow.
Nova(  8.00%) **- Semisweet and hoppy.
Quasar(  7.50%) ***- Dry and hoppy, but not bitter.
Rickey(  7.70%) ***- Sweet with a heavy cherry taste and a lime finish.
Rind(  6.90%) ***- Smooth and dry with hints of orange.
ROOTS(  6.90%) ****- Dry and oaky. Perhaps it is the maple syrup causing this effect.
Sidra(  7.50%) ***- Dry and oaky.
Sour - 2014 Batch #1(  7.50%) ****- Dry and tart and oaky.
Spice(  6.90%) ***- Dry with lots of holiday spices.
Sprig(  6.90%) ***- Smells nicely of mint, and the mint flavor balances the hops perfectly.

Flag Hill Farm (from Vershire, Vermont)
Sapsucker(  9.00%) **- Dry and clean.
Sparkling Vermont Cyder(  9.50%) *- Slightly sweet and quite bubbly.
Pomme de Vie(40.00%) *- Extremely strong, but kind of bland.
Vermont Cyder (Still)(  8.50%) *- Dry and clean.

Oliver Winery (from Bloomington, Indiana)
Bean Blossom Original(  9.00%) **- Sweet and smooth. Kind of a funky taste, but not in a bad way.
Bean Blossom Peach(  9.00%) ***- Clean smooth peach flavor. Actually tastes like a raw peach rather than peach flavor or peach pie.
Bean Blossom Raspberry(  8.00%) *- Smooth and quite sweet like candy.
Camelot Mead(10.00%) ***- Very smooth and distinct honey taste. I'm sure this would be wonderful in a cup of tea.

Artisan Beverage Cooperative (Green River Ambrosia) (from Greenfield, Massachusetts)
Apple Cyzer (Valley Cyzer)(14.00%) ***- Sweet and smooth.
Blueberry Mead(12.00%) **- Barrel aged and lots of blueberries.
Bourbon Barrel Buckwheat Mead(14.00%) ***- Smooth like brown sugar honey goodness.
Bourbon Barrel Cyzer (Whiskey Cyzer)(14.00%) ****- Smooth and barrel aged and the perfect balance of whiskey and oak flavors.
Chamomile Mead(14.00%) ***- Fragrant and mellow tasting.
Coconut Ginger Libation(  9.00%) - TBD
Ginger Libation (ginger beer)(  9.00%) ***- Sweet, bit not too sweet, and spicy from the strong ginger flavor. YUM!
Hopped Ginger Libation(  9.00%) - TBD
Liquid Sunshine Mead(12.00%) **- Strong and earthy.
Oaxacan Mead(14.00%) **- Sweet with a nice earthy wild honey flavor.
Session Cyzer(  9.00%) **- A boozy form of sweet cider.
Winter Warmer Mead(12.50%) ***- The holiday spices are very subtle.
Spicy Ginger Libation(  9.00%) ***- Semidry with spicy ginger and an added heat from the habeneros...smooth from the peach.
Citra Hopped Libation(  9.00%) ***- Interesting contrast of spice from the ginger and bitter citrus flavor from the hops.
Ginger Libation Blueberry(  9.00%) ***- Sweet from the blueberries and spicy from the ginger. Quite refreshing.
Local Libation Cranberry(  9.00%) **- mooth and semisweet. Ginger gives it a nice spiciness.
C4(14.00%) ***- Semidry and tannic with a smooth finish.

Alpenfire Orchards LLC) (Port Townsend, Washington)
ApoCalypso(  6.90%) ***- Sweet with an intense blackberry flavor.
Calypso(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with lots of blackberries, yet not syrupy.
Ember (2015)(  7.25%) **- Dry, funky and tannic with a slight bitter astringent finish.
Glow(  6.90%) ***- Sweet rosé cider.
Pirate's Plank Bone Dry(  6.90%) **- Done dry and tannic and earthy, with a slightly bitter finish.
Spark! (2015)(  8.90%) ***- Semisweet with a tannic dry finish. Bold apple flavor!
THC #4 - Oaked(  6.80%) ***- Dry and oaky and quite smooth.

Lookout Farm (South Natick, Massachusetts)
1651(  5.20%) ****- Semidry and oaky!
Barnburner(  5.50%) **- Semisweet with some spicy heat at the end.
Farmhouse Blend(  5.00%) ***- Sweet with a slight honey aftertaste.
First American Cherry(  5.50%) ***- Semidry with sweetness from the cherries in the finish.
Hop Up(  6.00%) ***- Semidry with light hops.
Pumpkin Patch(  4.20%) ***- Semidry with a hint of yam, but not to overpower the apple.

Bear Meadow Farm (Ashfield, Massachusetts)
Traditional Dry(  8.00%) **- Dry and smooth.
Traditional Semi-Dry(  8.00%) **- Oaky and smooth.

Artifact Cider Project (Springfield, Massachusetts)
American Foxwhelp (2017)(  6.00%) ***- Very dry.
Between a Rock and a Hard Place (2016)(  7.00%) **- Semidry.
Buzzworthy(  6.00%) *- Too carbonated.
Dream a Little Dream(  6.00%) ****- Dry and smooth.
Feels Like Home(  5.40%) **- Semisweet with a concentrated apple taste.
Fromlostiano(  7.00%) **- Semidry and tart.
May We Have Your Attention, Please.(  5.90%) ***- Semisweet and berrylicious.
New World(  6.00%) *- Not really much flavor.
Papa Doble(  5.90%) **- Semidry, smooth and hoppy.
Perception Shift(  6.00%) **- Nice balance of sweet and dry, yet slightly syrupy and a tart finish.
Rox (2017)(  6.70%) ***- Semidry with a hint of caramel.
Roxbury(  6.70%) **- Semidry with an earthy taste.
Teacher's Pet(  5.90%) **- Almost a dry caramel apple taste.
Wild Thing (2017)(  5.90%) **- Crisp and tart.
Wild Thing (2018)(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet and bubbly.
Wolf At The Door(  6.90%) **- Dry and bitter and tannic yet very smooth.

Albemarle CiderWorks (North Garden, Virginia)
1817(  7.70%) **- Sweet but slighty tart.
1817 (2017?)(  9.40%) **- Dry and tart.
Arkansas Black(  7.80%) ***- Semisweet and smooth.
Black Currant(  6.80%) ***- Semidry with tart currant.
Black Twig(  7.00%) **- Dry and earthy.
Blueberry(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet with lots of blueberries.
Cidermaker's Choice #2(  7.40%) ***- Dry and bland with a peroxide finish.
Jupiter's Legacy(  8.20%) ***- Semisweet and earthy.
Virginia Hewes Crab(  9.30%) ***- Dry and earthy.

New England Cider Company (Wallingford, Connecticut)
Barrel Aged Cider(  8.50%) ***- Tart and oaky.
Cherry Barrel(  7.50%) ***- Semidry with cherries and a nice smooth barrel aging.
Cranberry(  6.90%) **- Semidry and tart with a smooth honey cranberry taste.
Dry(  7.00%) **- Dry and crisp and clean.
English(  7.20%) ***- Dry and crisp and clean.
Fresh Blend (2014)(  6.20%) ***- Tastes like fresh sweet cider.
Fresh Blend (2015)(  5.80%) ***- Smooth and complex tasting. Something tastes mixed in with the juice. Dry finish, but more of a sweet cider.
Fresh Blend (2018)(  6.00%) ***- Semidry and smooth.
Golden Russet(  9.90%) **- Dry and tannic and bitter.
GPO (Girls Pint Out)(  7.20%) **- Semidry and earthy with a hint of cranberry. Peroxide like bubbles.
Hopped(  7.20%) *- Dry and hoppy.
Lemon Verbena(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with tart lemon and a hint of tea.
Oh Canada (Barrel Aged Cherry Cider)(  7.20%) ****- Semidry cider that is smooth and oaky with a hint of cherry.
Pink Lady(  7.20%) *- Dry, tart, and clean.
Raspberry(  7.00%) ***- Semidry with heavy raspberries, but not syrupy.
Roasted Maple(  6.50%) **- Semisweet with a hint of maple.
Rum Barrel Aged(  9.00%) **- Dry and boozy and slightly bitter.
Saison(  7.50%) **- Slightly funky and tart, with a semidry finish.
Salted Cucumber(  6.80%) ****- Cucumber and salty and refreshing. Semidry.
Sumac(  7.00%) **- Semidry and slightly floral.
Tea Maker(  6.80%) **- Semidry with a hint of black tea.
Watermelon(  6.40%) ***- Semidry with heavy watermelon.
Wet Hopped(  7.00%) **- Semisweet and slightly bitter from the hops.
Whistle Pig (Barrel Aged)(  9.50%) ****- Smooth and dry with a nice mellow oaky and bourbon taste, yet still allowing the apple to be predominant. Slightly butter aftertaste.
Wild(  7.00%) *- Semidry and smooth with a slight funk.
Wild Barrel(  7.00%) ***- Semidry and smooth with a nice oaky barrel aging and vanilla finish.
Winebarrel(  8.50%) ***- Dry with a hint of oak and red wine.

Pony Shack Cider (Boxborough, Massachusetts)
Barrel Me Over(  6.90%) **- Dry and oaky.
Fifer's Dream(  6.50%) *- Dry and clean.
Fifer's Chance(  6.50%) *- Quite bland.
Ginger Up(  6.90%) **- Semidry with only a hint of ginger and a bit watery.
Hops Borough(  6.90%) **- Semidry and slightly bitter from the hops.
Russian Donkey(  6.80%) ***- Semidry with ginger.

Stormalong Cider (from Sherborn, Massachusetts)
Boston Heirloom(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and earthy with small bubbles.
Dry Hop(  6.90%) **- Dry and hoppy.
The Grand Banks(  9.50%) *- Clean and oaky, but very carbonated.
Kingston Black(  6.90%) **- Semidry and earthy.
Legendary Dry(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and clean tasting.
Light of the Sun(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and hoppy.
Mass Appeal(  5.80%) ***- Semidry with a flat taste yet really really clean tasting.
Red Skies at Night(  5.80%) ***- Semidry, thin, fruity and smooth.

Stowe Cider (from Stowe, Vermont)
Apple Haze(  5.50%) **- Sweet and appley.
Berry Merrill (Local Infusion)(  6.30%) **- Semidry with a light berry taste.
High & Dry(  6.50%) **- Very dry with almost no finish.
Safety Meeting (dry hopped)(  6.50%) ***- Sweet and slightly hoppy and very floral.
Smuggler's Reserve Bourbon [batch #001](  4.50%) **- Sweet and oaky.
Smugglers' Reserve Rum [batch #002](  6.90%) ***- Smooth with a sweet vanilla taste.
Stowe Session(  5.50%) ***- Semidry and very mellow and smooth.
Strawberry Fields(  5.50%) ***- Semisweet with a clean mellow strawberry taste.
Summer Shandy(  5.50%) ***- Just like drinking a light lemonade.
Tips Up(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and crisp.
Wild Reserve(  6.20%) **- Slightly dry and oaky.
Snow's Raspberry (Local Infusion)(  6.30%) **- Dry cider with an essence of raspberry. The basil and honey are more on the nose. This says batch 0066 if it matters.
Gin and Juice 2016 - Smuggler's Notch (  6.90%) ***- Clean and crisp, being semisweet with just the essence of gin.
Gin and Juice 2016 - Barr Hill (  6.90%) - TBD
Gin and Juice 2016 - Silo Distillery (  6.90%) ***- Dry and smooth with a sweet vanilla finish.
GoldRush 2016(  6.90%) ****- Smooth with a nice oak flavor. Semidry and the chardonnay can be tasted.
Juniper Session(  6.90%) ***- Dry and bitter.
Lanzer's Harvest w/ Black Currant (Local Infusion)(  6.30%) ***- Semidry and fruity from the currant.
Pippin Ain't Easy(  6.70%) **- Semidry, funky, and smooth.
Undecidered(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet with a hint of berries.

Westcott Bay Orchards (from Friday Harbor, Washington)
Traditional Dry(  6.80%) **- Dry, but with a hint of sweetness.
Traditional Very Dry(  6.80%) *- Very dry.

Whitewood Cider Co. (from Olympia, Washington)
Gibbs Farm(  6.70%) **- Sweet like honey.
Gibbs Farm Blend 2016(  6.70%) ***- Dry and tannic.
Gravenstein (Limited)(  6.70%) ***- Dry but not bitter, and the barrel aged oakyness is smooth and subtle.
Imperial McIntoshSV(  8.00%) ***- Semisweet with a honey finish.
Jonathan SV(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet and tart...kinda tastes like fresh juice.
Kingston Black(  9.70%) **- Dry, fruity and tannic with hint of sweetness from the whiskey.
Newtown Pippin SV(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with a nice apple flavor.
Newtown Pippin (Gin BA)(  7.00%) *- Dry and bitter and oaky with a slight sweetness from the barrel aging.
Old Fangled Heirloom Blend(  6.60%) **- Very sweet like caramel.
Red Cap Session(  6.50%) ***- No nose, but this dry cider with slight oak is earthy and smooth.
Summer Switchel(  5.20%) ***- Nice mix of semidry cider with the vinegar and hint of ginger.
Winter Banana SV(  6.70%) ***- Semidry with slight fruitiness and a tannic finish.

Wheel-View Farm (from Shelburne, Massachusetts)
Cider(  8.00%) **- Sweet and earthy.
Baldwin Wild(  6.70%) ***- Semidry, but more towards the dry side.
Blueberry(  x.x0%) ***- Sweet and very smooth with lots of blueberries.
Dry(  6.50%) ***- Semidry with a nice full apple taste.
Farm Dry(  6.00%) **- Dry and earthy.
Semi-dry(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet with a honey finish.
Sweet Golden(  6.00%) **- Sweet and smooth.

Hopkins Vinyards (from New Preston, Connecticut)
Apple Cider Wine(10.00%) **- Nice balance of sweet and dry. Pleasant bit slightly bland and boozy.

Mineral Hill Winery (from Florence, Massachusetts)
Apple Wine(i12.00%) ***- Smooth and clean tasting, but a bit boozy.

Sundström Cider (from Hudston Valley, New York)
Sundstrom Cider(  8.50%) ***- Dry and smooth and slightly boozy. Quite nice.
Ashmead's Kernel 2015(  9.25%) ***- Dry, oaky and smooth.
Cider/Cider 2017(  7.50%) ***- Dry and clean and crisp.
Gold Streak Ash 2017(  8.80%) ***- Dry and still.
Golden Russet 2015(  9.50%) **- Sweet, but alcoholy.
Greater Lake Ontario 2015(  8.50%) **- Funky nose, but semidry flavor with a pungent apple flavor. Quite nice.
Hudson Valley(  8.40%) ***- Tart, dry and slightly boozy with a banana finish.
Liminal(  9.80%) ***- Dry and tart with lots of small bubbles.
Sponti(  8.00%) ***- Smooth and slightly tart. Very refreshing.

Howler Brewery / Ottertail Winery (from Hatfield, Massachusetts)
Red Bomber(  6.00%) **- Clean tasting and not syrupy, but quite sweet.

Rabbit's Foot Meadery (from Sunnyvale, California)
Apple Cyser(  7.00%) **- Not dry, but not sweet. Not ny favorite, but not bad.

Harlem Brewing Company (from Harlem, New York)
Sugar Hill - Strawberry(  5.70%) *- Very sweet and tastes like strawberry soda.

Sietsema Orchard and Cider Mill (from Ada, Michigan)
Slightly Sweet (red label)(  6.90%) **- Dry, but slightly sweet.

The Craft Microbrewhouse (from Farmingdale, New York)
Harvest(  5.20%) ***- This was a nice still cider with list of cinnamon that tasted like liquid apple pie.
Pear Ginger(  5.20%) **- A mellow still cider, but not too much ginger.
Tart Cherry(  5.20%) **- A nice still cider that was sweet with hints of cherry.

Blackman Cider Co. (from Lockport, New York)
Old Orchard Select(  6.80%) ***- More sweet than dry and slightly earthy.

Bullfrog Brewery (from County Williamsport, Pennsylvania)
Lose This Skin(  5.50%) **- Crisp and sour berries.

Haymaker Meadery (from Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania)
Son of a Bee(13.00%) ***- Dry with vanilla notes and bourbon.
Harvest(  8.00%) **- Dry, crisp, and earthy.
Lenape(  8.00%) *- Dry, crisp and citrusy. I could taste the lemon, but not much of the basil.
Little Bee(  8.00%) ***- Crisp and lightly sweet with hints of vanilla.

Manayunk Brewing Company (from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Winter Brotherly Love(  4.20%) ***- Slightly sweet and mellow and lightly spiced.
Brotherly Love Pear(  4.20%) **- Crisp and mellow.

Stone & Key Cellars (from Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania)
Anejo Lime(  7.00%) ***- Semidry with a hint of lime and oak.
Apple Brandy Barrel Aged(  7.50%) **- Smooth and mellow and nice and oaky.
Cherry Pie(  7.00%) ***- Crisp and tastes like real cherries.
Fruit Valley(  7.00%) ***- Semidry and oaky.
Heirloom Blend(  6.90%) ****- Dry and oaky.
Honeysuckle Pear(  7.00%) ***- Smooth and earthy.
Ice Cider(15.00%) ***- Smooth with a slight caramel taste.
Maple Ice(15.00%) ***- Sweet and nice true maple flavor.
Off the Rocks(  7.00%) ***- Dry and oaky.
Poverty Lane(  7.00%) ***- Dry, fruity and oaky.
Solely(  7.00%) ***- Sweet and smooth.
Sour Grape(  7.00%) ***- Semidry and tart with heavy grape.
Spy vs Spy(  7.00%) ***- Semidry and watery.
Untamed(  7.00%) **- Slightly vinegary and crisp.
The Keys Series - Green Apple Riesling(  6.90%) **- Sweet and fruity.

Kurant Ciders (from Lansdale, Pennsylvania)
Bees(  5.50%) **- Dry and honey tasting.
Cafe(  3.50%) ***- Smooth with essence of coffee.
Daily(  5.50%) **- Crisp and slightly dry.
Earth(  5.50%) **- Dry and hoppy.
Farm(  5.50%) **- Dry and sour.
Lounge(  7.00%*) **- Dry with nice barrel aging, but a bit watered down.
Spice(  5.50%) ***- Sweet and smooth with nice holiday spices.
Theorem #1(  5.50%) **- Dry and citrusy.

Philadelphia Commonwealth (from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Gregarious Ginger(  5.00%) ***- Dry and gingery.
Razzberet Tart(  5.00%) ***- Tart and dry with a big clean crisp raspberry taste, but not much apple. Quite refreshing.
Traditional Dry(  5.50%) **- Dry and quite bubbly, but almost no taste.

Valenzano Winery LLC (from Shamong, New Jersey)
Hard Pressed Cider Wine(11.50%)- TBD

Mount Hope Estate & Winery (from North East, Pennsylvania)
The Queen's Cup Blueberry Honey Wine(11.00%) **- Semisweet and very smooth from the honey with an almost fresh blueberry wine finish.
The Queen's Cup Honey Mead(11.00%) **- Sweet and smooth like a thinner honey.

Keel and Curley Winery (from Plant City, Florida)
Madman Peach(  6.20%) **- Very sweet and peachy.
Madman Strawberry(  6.20%) **- Sweet and tastes like strawberry soda.

Accomplice Brewery (from West Palm Beach, Florida)
Golden Crisp(  6.50%) ***- Dry and citrusy.
Roger Roger Honey Mead(  7.00%) **- Dry, but not syrupy for a mead.
Bone Dry (Dry Humpin)(  5.80%) **- Dry and crisp.
Bone Dry Coffee(  6.30%) **- Slightly sweet and essence of coffee.
Wild Fermented Sour(  5.10%) **- Bitter but not sour.
Strawberry(  5.50%) **- Slightly sweet and not syrupy. You can really taste the fresh fruit.
Dry Hopped Cider - Nugget(  6.10%) *- A bit watered down taste with hints of hops.
O Doncha Know Ahm Macho (Chili Pepper)(  8.50%) ***- This was a complex tasting berry with a slight heat at the end. YUM!
Big Berry (Strawberry Candy)(  6.30%) **- A still cider which tasted like a berry water ice.

Thirsty Owl Cellars (from Naples, New York)
Fujac Hard Cider(  7.10%) ***- Crisp and dry and slightly tart.

Champlain Orchards Cidery (from Shoreham, Vermont)
Asian Pear(  5.00%) ***- Smooth and sweet and mellow.
Cranberry(  5.60%) ***- This tastes like you are drinking cranberry juice.
Ginger & Spice(  6.00%) ****- Sweet and spicy and quite complex.
Heirloom(  5.80%) **- Semidry with a hint of caramel, but a peroxide finish.
Honey Plum(  5.00%) ***- Bubbly, smooth and sweet from the fruit.
Honeycrisp(  5.30%) ***- Semidry and crisp and light tasting.
Honeycrisp Ice Cider(11.00%) ***- Sweet and smooth with a caramel flavor.
Hopped Native(  6.20%) **- Crisp and dry and only slightly hoppy.
McIntosh & Maple(  6.00%) ***- Sweet and smooth with lots of maple goodness, but not syrupy.
Murray Hill (Estate Series)(  6.50%) ***- This smooth semidry cider is nice and fruity and a lovely cranberry color.
Original(  5.00%) ***- Sweet and smooth.
Pruner's Pride(  6.00%) ***- Semidry with a real apple feel.
Pruner's Promise(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet with a robust apple taste and a slightly bitter finish. Quite smooth.
Sidria(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and fruity and does resemble sangria wine.
Sparkling Ice Cider(11.00%) ***- Sweet and smooth, but no caramel flavor.
Vermont Peach(  6.00%) **- Semisweet and peachy.

Windfall Orchard (from Cornwall, Vermont)
2014 Farmhouse Cider(  9.00%) **- Carbonated with a slight funk, but not too dry or sweet.
2015 Farmhouse Cider(  6.00%) **- Smooth and dry.

Brooklyn Cider House (from Brooklyn, New York)
Half Sour(  5.80%) ***- Mellow and sweet but not syrupy. It hints of the candy SweeTarts.
Kinda Dry(  5.50%) ***- More sweet than dry, but nicely balanced and clean tasting.
Raw(  6.90%) ***- Slightly funky like a Spanish sidra, and quite mellow.
Still Bone Dry(  6.80%) **- Just as the name implies, it is still and it is bone dry. Very clean tasting.
Baby Raw (limited)(  6.90%) ***- Semi dry and fruity with tart passion fruit and floral notes.
Bushwick Sour (limited)(  5.80%) ***- Dry and still with a hint of citrus...pineapple I think.
Solstice (limited)(  6.80%) ***- Semidry with a hint of lychee.
Wild Rose (limited)(  6.20%) ***- Sour and dry and smooth with a hint of fruit..passion fruit maybe?
BCH Txangurro (limited)(  7.00%) ***- Dry with tangerine notes.
BCH Rose (limited)(  5.80%) ***- Semidry with a smooth honey undertone and hints of cherry and raspberry.
Solstice '18 (limited)(  7.00%) ***- Sour and mellow and tropical.

Cider Brothers (Pacific Coast) (from California, USA)
PC- Bone Dry(  6.00%) ***- Dry, crisp and clean.
PC- Dry Hard(  6.00%) ***- Dry, but slightly sweet and very clean tasting.
PC- Dry Hard w/ Blueberry Zin(  6.00%) ***- Semidry with a nice non-syrupy blueberry flavor.
PC- Dry Hard w/ Cherry(  6.00%) **- Tastes like cherry pie filling, but with bubbles.
PC- Dry Hard w/ Strawberry(  6.00%) **- Strawberry soda.
PC- Pinot Grigio(  6.50%) **- I taste hints of grape, like grape soda, and perhaps some pineapple.
William Tell (Pinot Grigio)(  5.50%)- TBD

Furnace Cider (Beak and Skiff) (from Lafayette, New York
Furnace Spicy Hard Cider(  5.50%) ***- Crisp and clean with a strong ginger, medium lemon, and mild heat from the peppers.

The Vineyard at Hershey (from Middletown, Pennsylvania)
ApPaul Revere(  5.00%) **- Sweet like an apple pie.
Cherry(  5.00%) **- Sweet yet not syrupy with lots of cherries.
Huzzah Honeycrisp(  5.00%) **- Sweet, smooth and floral.
Presidential Peanut Butter(  5.00%) **- It's odd but kinda works. Imagine an apple dipped in peanut butter with a drizzle of caramel. Points for creativity.

Pennings Farm Market (from Warwick, New York)
Bone Dry(  6.50%) *- Dry with no finish.
Bourbon Cyser(  7.00%) ***- Semisweet and smooth from the honey with a strong bourbon nose.
Brown Sugar(  6.40%) ***- Semidry yet slightly sweeter than the maple. Can't really taste the brown sugar, yet very pleasant.
Cold Crash(  5.70%) ***- Semidry and very clean.
Currant(  6.10%) ***- Semidry with a hint of currant, but smells a bit of gasoline.
Dutch Speculaas(  6.70%) ***- Wow, like a tart apple cobbler, brown sugar and all.
Dry Hopped(  6.50%) **- Semidry with a hint of hops, bit not bitter.
Ginger Beet(  6.30%) **- Dry and earthy, with a slight ginger taste and nice beet finish.
Granny Smith(  6.10%) *- Quite dry, but slightly sweeter than the bone dry. Very little finish.
Honey Hopped(  6.30%) **- Semidry but a tad bit sweeter than the dry hopped.
Honey Raspberry (Razz)(  6.10%) **- Slight berry flavor, but this semidry cider doesn't seem to have honey.
Maple(  6.30%) ***- Semidry with a hint of maple.
Pumpkin(  6.40%) ***- Semidry with a nice spiced pumpkin flavor.
Raspberry Lime(  6.10%) ***- Semi Sweet with a clean berry taste and nice lime finish.
Semi Dry(  6.00%) ***- Crisp and sweet, but not syrupy. Slightly dry.
Semi Sweet(  6.00%) **- Smooth and sweet.
Unfiltered Session Cider(  5.00%) **- Semisweet and smooth.
Wild Man(  6.80%) ***- Semidry and biting into an apple.

Bishop's Orchards Winery (from Guilford, Connecticut)
Golden 2013 Cider(  6.50%) ***- Sweet and mellow.
New England Style Cider(  6.00%) ***- Nice balance of dry and sweet, but more on the sweet side.
Faulkner's Spiced Apple Wine(12.00%) ***- Smooth with hints of holiday spice. A little boozy, but I bet this would taste even better warm.
Honey Peach Melba Apple Wine(12.00%) ***- Sweet and peachy. Would make an awesome, yet strong sangria.

Boyden Valley Winery (from Cambridge, Vermont)
Barn Dancer (Cold Hollow Cider Mill)(  6.90%) **- Sweet and crisp, yet not syrupy.
Cran Bog(  8.20%) ***- Dry and tart from the cranberries.
Double Bourbon Cider(  6.90%) ****- Nice semidry cider with a light oak taste.
Gold Leaf(16.00%) ***- Sweet like maple syrup.
Honey Hopper(  6.90%) ***- Light and crisp and slightly hoppy.
Royale(  8.80%) ***- Mostly dry but slightly sweet and tart from the currant.
Vermont Ice Hard Cider(  6.90%) **- Extremely dry and quite oaky. Not really a bit of sweetness in it as 'ice cider' is misleading.
Vermont Ice Cider(12.00%) ***- Sweet like concentrated apple juice.
Vermont Ice (Dessert Wine)(15.00%) ***- Sweet and syrupy and lots of apricot flavor.
Vermont Ice Red(15.00%) ****- This was like drinking a watery and smooth raspberry jam.
Vermont Maple Reserve(10.00%) ***- Crisp and sweet with a hint of maple.

Indian Ladder Farmstead (from Altamont, New York)
Bosbesboom(  6.40%) **- Bone dry with a hint of tart blueberries.
Brewer's Gold Hops(  6.10%) **- Smooth and light hops, yet not really bitter.
Cask(  6.10%) ***- Smooth and oaky.
The Crab(  6.10%) **- Smooth and tart.
Dry(  6.10%) **- Dry and fruity but tart.
Machu Pikachu(  6.10%) **- Quite dry with a hint of oak.
Pruimenboom(  6.10%) ***- Dry with a hint of fruit, but not to overpower the apple. Mild flavor.
Seckel Solution(  6.10%) ***- Smooth and mellow from the pears.
Whiskey Apple Foxtrot(  6.10%) ***- Dry and oaky.

Armstrong Valley (from Halifax, Pennsylvania)
Bad Boy(  6.30%) **- Semisweet.
Bad Girl(  6.50%) ***- Sweet and tart from the cherries.

Arsenal Cider House (from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Archibald's Ado(  8.00%) **- It was sweet.
Broken Hearts(  6.90%) **- Semisweet with heavy fruit forward apple.
Crimson Crisp(  7.50%) **- Semisweet and syrupy.
Event Blend(  6.50%) **- Semisweet and syrupy.
Fighting Elleck(  8.00%) ***- Semisweet and quite smooth.
Gold Rush(  7.50%) ***- Sweet and earthy.
Grierson's Ginger(  8.00%) ***- Sweet and gingery.
Hop IPC(  8.00%) *- Dry, bitter and hoppy.
Picket Bone Dry(  8.00%) **- Very dry and crisp.
Spicy Archibald(  8.50%) ***- Semisweet with a nice heat in the finish.

Bad Apple (from Hanover, Pennsylvania)
Dark Matter(  8.50%) ***- Smooth and sweet.
Melum In Se(  8.10%) ***- Sweet and smooth with a honey taste.
Oakenshield(  8.10%) ***- Oaky, smooth and sweet.

Big Hill Ciderworks (from Gardners, Pennsylvania)
Barrel Aged Reserve(  8.4%) ***- Oaky and smooth.
Common(  5.50%) **- Tart and crisp and not syrupy.
Dolgo Crabapple(  8.00%) ***- Dry and tart and slightly fruity. The color is beautiful too.
Farmhouse(  7.00%) **- Semidry and sour.
Fresa Amarga(  6.90%) **- Semidry and sour and fruity from the strawberries.
FuMANCHURIAN(  8.20%) **- Semidry and sour and barrel aged.
Golden Russet(  8.40%) ****- Dry and oaky and slightly boozy, but very smooth.
joint adVENTURE(  6.90%) - TBD
Kingston Black 2016(  8.20%) ***- Dry and mellow being very smooth, but not too much flavor.
Kingston Black 2017(  8.20%) ***- Dry and tannic.
Kingston Black 2017 Still(  8.00%) **- Dry and tannic.
Kriek(  6.90%) **- Tart and smooth cherry taste.
Little Round Hop(  5.50%) ***- Smooth and sweet and hoppy. Not bitter.
Marmalade(  6.90%) ***- Tart and citrusy.
Michaux Mule(  6.50%) **- Semidry with a hint of lime.
Standard(  5.50%) **- Smooth and sweet.
Summer Scrumpy(  5.50%) **- Smooth like honey.
Theresa's Rye(  6.90%) ***- Dry and oaky.
Thimbleberry(  6.90%) **- Semidry and vinegary with a bit of berry in the background.

Broad Mountain (from Elizabethville, Pennsylvania)
Bent Birch(  6.50%) ***- Tastes like rootbeer.
Blackberry(  5.90%) **- Semidry with lots of berries.
Cranberry(  6.00%) **- Tart and dry.
Founders Day(  6.50%) **- Semisweet and smooth with a honey finish.
Grapefruit(  x.x0%) **- Semisweet and tasted like pink grapefruit juice.
Hopped Cascade(  6.80%) **- Dry and hoppy, but not bitter.
Hops and Honey(  6.50%) ***- Sweet and smooth.
Kentucky (Bourbon BA)(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and smooth and oaky with a hint of bourbon.
Pineapple(  4.80%) **- Sweet and citrusy.
Pine(apple2)(  4.50%) **- Semisweet and tasted like fresh pineapple juice.
The Root of All E-ville(  x.x0%) **- Tastes like rootbeer.
Traditionalist(  6.80%) ***- Semisweet and floral.
Vanilla(  6.x0%) ***- Semisweet with vanilla.
Whiskey(12.10%) ****- Dry and oaky.
Winter Solstice(  6.50%) ***- Sweet and smooth with a honey finish.

Chaddsford Winery (from Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania)
Hard Cider(  5.50%) **- Smooth, but slightly syrupy.

Civil War (from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania)
Brew Cannon(  6.50%) **- Semidry and tart.
The Colonel(15.50%) ***- Semidry, smooth, and a bit nutty tasting and not very boozy.
Cray CRose(  5.50%) **- Sweet and fruity.
General Burnsides(  7.50%) *- Tastes like cherry peppers.
Iron Horse(  9.00%) ***- Chocolaty, strong and sweet.

Good Intent Cider (from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
91 North(10.00%) ***- Smooth and earthy with hings of stone fruits.
Adam's Apple(  8.00%) **- Semidry and bitter.
British Imposter(  8.00%) ***- Dry and floral with a hint of Earl Grey tea.
Calebasse Bosc(  7.00%) ***- Semisweet with a honeylike taste.
Centennial(  8.00%) **- Semidry and mellow.
Eve's Revenge(  8.00%) **- Semidry with more heat than apple. Kick to the throat, several times, but in a kind of good way.
Ferris Hueller(  8.50%) - TBD
Ginger Kid(  8.00%) **- Dry and gingery.
Good Charmat(  8.00%) ***- Semisweet with an earthy dry finish.
Happy Valley Hodgepodge(  8.00%) ***- Semidry and smooth and tart with a honey finish.
Hodge Podge(  8.00%) ***- Semidry and slightly tart.
Hop Tide(  8.50%) **- Sweet, barrel aged, and slightly hoppy.
Menage aux Poires(  7.00%) ***- Smooth and mellow and lots of pears.
North Meets South(10.00%) **- Smooth and more dry than sweet.
Quincy Delight(  8.00%) ***- Tart with a nice balance of sweet.
Rose Farm Orchards(  8.00%) **- Semisweet with a strong apple flavor.
So Strawberry(  8.50%) ***- Semidry with strawberries.
Violet's Lament(  8.00%) ***- Semidry with a hint of sweetness from berries. Smooth.
Wickson(  9.00%) ***- Semidry and smooth with a tannic honey finish.

Hardball Cider (from Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania)
Curveball(  6.90%) **- Quite a bold apple taste and syrupy.
Fastball(  6.90%) ***- Dry and crisp.
Northern Spy(  6.50%) **- Semidry and bitter.
Pitcher 1(11.00%) ***- Semidry and smooth.
Shoeless Joe(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet, barrel aged, and very smooth.
Splitter(  5.50%) **- Sweet, and appley and syrupy.
Sunday Hop(  6.50%) **- Semidry and hoppy.
Teddy Ballgame(  7.50%) **- Semisweet, barrel aged, and smooth.

Moon Dancer Vineyards & Winery (from Wrightsville, Pennsylvania)
Apple(  5.50%) ***- Sweet and honey-like.
Cranberry(  5.50%) ***- Sweet and berrylicious.
Hard and Hoppy(  5.50%) ***- Sweet and hoppy, but not bitter.
Raspberry(  5.50%) **- Sweet and lots of raspberry goodness.

Reid's Orchard & Winery (from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
Apple Cherry(  7.00%) ***- Sweet with puckerific cherries.
Apple Crisp(  4.75%) ***- Sweet and tastes like an apple pie.
Apple Grape(  8.00%) *- Semisweet with a boozy grape finish.
Apple Raspberry(  7.00%) **- Sweet and syrupy.
BlackBear (Traditional)(  7.00%) ****- Semidry and smooth oak aged cider.
Blueberry(  5.x0%) *- Quite sweet and syrupy with blueberries.
Cherry(  7.00%) ***- Sweet and tart like fresh cherries.
City Bear(  7.x0%) **- Sweet with a hint of something.
Country Bear(  7.x0%) **- Sweet with raspberries.
Down Under(  5.x0%) *- Sweet and tart like fresh cherries.
Elberta (Summer) Peach(  7.00%) **- Sweet and peachy.
Grizzly(  7.00%) **- Semidry, smooth and oaky.
Harvest(  5.x0%) *- Sweet and syrupy with pumpkin and brown sugar.
JD Hard(  7.00%) ***- A dry barrel-aged cider.
Mountain Top Hop(  7.00%) *- Slighty hop and semidry, but quite bland.
Perry(  7.00%) **- Dry with a mellow pear taste.
Red, White, and Blueberry(  6.00%) **- Sweet with a slight molasses taste and a bitter finish.
Strawberry(  5.x0%) *- Quite sweet and syrupy with strawberries.
Sweet Scarlet(  6.90%) ***- Sweet cherry goodness.

Rowan Asher Winery (from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania)
Hoppy Lil Camper(  7.50%) *- Crisp and hoppy and quite bitter.
Indian Head(  7.50%) **- Sweet, but slightly bitter aftertaste.
Love Child(  7.xx%) **- Dry with a hint of hops...nice oak.
Oaky O'Shea(  7.90%) ***- Dry and oaky.
Pocono Mule(  6.50%) **- Dry with a hint of white wine.
Sweet Gypsy(  7.50%) ***- Smooth and sweet and honey tasting.

Spring Gate (from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
Blackberry(  7.00%) **- Sweet with a heavy presence of blackberries.
Blueberry(  5.60%) **- Sweet and smooth with lots of berries.
House(  5.00%) ***- Sweet and floral and slighlty hoppy.
Margarita(  6.00%) ***- Sweet with lots of lime.
Rose(  8.00%) *- Sweet and floral.
Strawberry(  7.00%) **- Sweet with more strawberry than apple.
Tropical(  7.00%) *- Sweet and fruity.
Sparkling 'Lemon Mello'(  7.00%) **- Sweet with slight lemonade.
Special Blend 18(  7.00%) **- Semiweet and bubbly.
Sweet Blood Orange(  7.00%) *- Sweet with orange.
Sweet Pumpkin Spice(  7.00%) *- Sweet with pumpkin.
Lady Ginger(  7.00%) - TBD

Vander Mill (from Spring Lake, Michigan)
Ancho Mama(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet with a hint of plum.
Apple Raspberry(limited release)(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet with a hint of raspberries.
Big Squeeze BA(  4.80%) ***- Semidry with intense orange.
Blue Gold(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet with blueberries that don't over shine the apple.
Bon Chretien(  5.90%) ***- Semidry with a nice pear bouquet and palette.
Casnovia(  8.50%) **- Dry and bland with no finsh.
Casnovia Wild(  8.50%) ***- Dry with a hint of honey and no finish.
Chapman's Blend(  6.90%) ***- Dry and crisp.
Chapman's Oaked Blend(  6.90%) ****- Dry and okay with a hint of bourbon for added sweetness.
Chaps & Lederhosen(  6.90%) **- Dry with a quick finish.
Cherry Chuckle(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with cherries.
Ginger Peach(  6.90%) **- Semisweet and smooth from the peaches and spicy from the ginger.
Hard Apple Cider(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet with a heavy apple taste.
LLCB(  6.90%) **- Dry, crisp, and quite hoppy.
Loving Cup(  6.90%) **- Semidry with a slight floral nose and palette that I couldn't identify without reading the description. Quite interesting.
M.S.G. (Mango Simcoe Goodness)(  6.90%) ***- Dry with a nice balace of mango for sweetness and hops for bitterness.
Make It So(  8.30%) ****- Quite smooth, this still cider that is clean tasting perfectly balanced between sweet and dry.
NITRO Fluff(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet with a noticeable honey finish. I'd think is more of a cyser than a cider.
Nunica Pine(limited release)(  6.90%) **- Smooth and hoppy.
Oak Aged Cyser(  7.90%) ***- Semidry and smooth from the honey with bourbon and oak notes.
Oak Aged Gold Rush(  7.00%) ***- Semidry with heavy, non boozy, sweet bourbon flavor.
Spitzenburg(  8.30%) ***- Bone dry and crisp.
Totally Roasted(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet with nice cinnamon in the mix.
Vandy(  4.20%) **- Semisweet.
Vanilla Nice(  6.90%) ***- Smooth, semisweet, and heavy on the vanilla.
VM Dry(  6.90%) ***- Dry with a slow fruity finish.

Farmhaus Cider Co. (from Hudsonville, Michigan)
Brunch(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with cinnamon and maple.
Classic(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet and smooth, but not syrupy.
Halbitter(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet and smooth, but not syrupy.
Mother of Melon(  6.40%) ***- Semidry with melon.
Trocken Dry(  6.90%) **- Dry and slightly bitter with no finish.

Rhinegeist (from Cincinnati, Ohio)
Cidergeist Bubbles(  6.20%) ***- Semidry and tart with a hint of fruityness.
Cidergeist Dry Hopped(  6.20%) ***- Dry, smooth and slightly bitter.
Cidergeist Semi Dry(  6.20%) ***- Semidry and clean tasting.

Groennfell Meadery (from Colchester, Vermont)
Chaos Cyser(  6.10%) **- Smooth from the honey with a nice light honey finish, but I don't taste any apple.
Fenberry Draught(  6.00%) **- Semidry with a hint of cranberry.
Mannaz Mead(  6.00%) o- Dry with lack of flavor...tastes like a light honey seltzer water.
Nordic Farmhouse Mead(  5.70%)**- Crisp and semisweet a light berry taste and a honey finish.
Old Wayfarer(  6.80%) *- Semidry and earthy with a bitter aftertaste.
Valkyrie's Choice(  9.20%) *- Mid sweet and dry with an earthy honey flavor.

Havod Mead (from Colchester, Vermont)
Bitter Bee(  6.90%) **- Smooth and mellow and only slightly hoppy, but quite watered down.
Psychopomp(  6.90%) **- Smooth with hints of cherry, and not too sweet. A nice combo.
Root of all Evil(  6.90%) **- Smooth and spicy from the ginger, but with a bitter finish. Slightly watered down.

Distillery Lane Ciderworks (DLC) (from Jefferson, Maryland)
Celebration Cider(  7.50%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with slight carbonation.
The Jefferson(  7.50%) **- This still cider is dry and slighty oaky. It drinks more like a wine, but has no nose.
Kingston Black(  7.50%) ****- This semidry still cider is very smooth with a whiskey nose and mellow whiskey note.
Scrumpy(  9.00%) **- Semidry with a bitter finish.
Holiday Celebration(  7.50%) ***- Dry with heavy cranberry.
joint adVENTURE Sparkling(  7.50%) - TBD

Red Shedman Farm Brewery (from Mt. Airy, Maryland)
Raspberry(  5.50%) **- Semisweet with a strong raspberry flavor that is not syrupy and tastes more like a jam.
Cinnister(  5.50%) **- Sweet and tastes like apple pie.
Traditional(  5.50%) **- Sweet and slightly syrupy.
Ginger(  5.50%) - TBD

Hall Home Place (from Isle La Motte, Vermont)
Winter Blend(  6.00%) **- Semidry and quite carbonated with a light applesauce flavor.

Carroll's Mead (from Washingtonville, New York)
Sweet Honey Wine(  8.00%) ***- Smooth and sweet, yet not viscous.

Mission Trail Cider Company (from Monterey County, California)
Aqua Dulce Plumcot Y Sandia(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet with a refreshing watermelon punch.
Champagne Style(  9.00%) - TBD
Ciruela-Blanca(  6.70%) - TBD
Diehard Cider(  6.70%) ***- Dry with a medium finish.
Dryhard Gold(  6.90%) *- Bone dry and carbonated with a clean finish.
Perry(  6.00%) **- Semidry and mellow with a quick finish. Not much flavor, but very delicate.
Plum Jerkum(  6.50%) **- Sweet of plum, yet tart, with a dry finish.
Santa Lucia Black - Plumcot Jerkum(  6.80%) ***- Semidry, fruit forward and tart.
Trinidad Jones(10.40%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with hints of pineapple.
UpCider Bourbon BA Pluot French Oak(  11.50%) ***- Semidry and oak aged.
UpCider Bourbon BA(  11.00%) ***- Smooth and semidry with heavy barrel aging.

House Bear Brewing (from Amesbury, Massachusetts)
Show Bear(12.00%) **- Smooth and boozy and on the semisweet side.

Prospect Ciderworks (Harvard Cider Company) (from Harvard, Massachusetts)
Anchor(  5.40%) **- Semidry and smooth.
Le Tigre(  5.80%) ***- Semidry and smooth.
Missing Link(  4.60%) **- Smooth and semisweet with a hint of hops and no bitter finish.
Oasis(  6.70%) **- Dry and tart.
Paradise(  6.00%) **- Semisweet and smooth with a fruity flavor.
Sidro(  5.40%) ***- Semidry and smooth.

Upper West Cider (from Manhattan, New York)
Brownstone(  7.00%) **- Dry and smooth, but not much taste.

Drew Family Cellars (from Elk, California)
Sur La Mer(  9.00%) **- Oddly salty, but quite crisp.

Enlightenment Wines (from Brooklyn, New York)
CAS (Cuvee Anguis Singularum) II(12.00%) ***- Sparkling dry mead with hints of cherries and oaky.
Dagger(12.00%) ***- Dry with lots of stone fruits.
Fey(12.00%) **- Semidry with the honey being predominant.
Farmhouse Cider(  5.50%) ***- Dry and slightly funky, slightly effervescent. Odd nose.
Memento Mori(14.00%) ***- Sweet and earthy from the dandelions.
Nought(12.00%) **- Smooth, dry and clean.
Raise the Roof(12.50%) ***- Semidry, slightly carbonated, and clean tasting.
Rubacouri(12.00%) **- This was almost brandy-like in flavor.
St. Crimson(12.00%) **- Dry and tart from all of the black currant.

New Belgium Brewing Company (from Asheville, North Carolina)
Side Trip Dry(  5.60%) **- Dry yet slightly bland and tastes like apple juice.
Side Trip Semi-Dry(  4.80%) **- Tastes like fresh apple juice.

Stone Bridge Cider (from Hudwon, New York)
The Banquet(  6.50%) ***- Dry and smooth with nice barrel aging.

Phonograph Cider (from Romulus, New York)
Greening (2015) "Lost Orchard"(  8.20%) ***- Semisweet and crisp.
Baccata (2015)(  7.10%) ***- Semidry and a granny smith apple.

East Hollow Cider (from Petersburgh, New York)
A Bee and a Tree(13.00%) **- Earthy and thin, this semidry cyser is steng with a boozy nose.
Hollow Bottom(  6.40%) **- Tart, slightly carbonated, smooth and semidry.
Honeytree Cyser(  9.50%) **- Smooth and dry with a hint of bitterness...not a hoppy bitterness, but like actual bitters in a mixed drink that lingers on the finish.
Pomme Ridge(  7.00%) **- Semidry and easy drinking being light, yet full of flavor.
Ruby(  7.20%) ***- Semidry with a honey nose and light berry flavor.
Ship of Fools(  7.20%) ***- Dry and mildly oaky with a bitter finish.
Snow Hole Cyser(  9.30%) ***- Smooth with a slightly bitter and honey finish.
Thistle Hill(  7.20%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with a dry finish.
Waggle Dance Cyser(  9.00%) *- Nose of propane, really...semidry and almost creamy.
Wild Apple Cyser(  9.00%) ***- Dry with a nice barrel aging, but I taste oak not the liquor.
Wit's End(  7.00%) ***- Dry and tart with a hint of oak.

Scar of the Sea (from California)
Newtown Pippin(  9.00%) **- Dry and tannic.

Treasury Cider (Fishkill Farms) (from Hopewell Junction, New York)
Centenial (still)(  8.60%) ***- Dry and creamy.
Counterpane 2017(  8.00%) ***- Semidry with cherries.
Dry(  8.30%) *- Dry and smooth.
Dry Still(  8.30%) **- Dry and smooth and still.
Homestead 2016(  7.80%) ***- Semidry and smooth.
Homestead 2017(  8.30%) ***- Semisweet with small bubbles.
Semidry 2016(  7.80%) ***- Smooth and semidry.
Wiccopee 2016(  7.90%) ***- Dry and crisp with a medium finish.

Tory Kicker (from Hopewell Junction, New York)
Stone Fort Reserve(  6.80%) **- Dry and smooth, but no finish.
Wild Forage(  6.80%) ***- Smooth and semidry with a nice pear flavor.

Hardscrabble Cider (from North Salem, New York)
Black Dirt Beet(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and earthy with a hint of beets not to overpower the apple.
Citra (batch 14)(  6.70%) **- Semisweet and hippy yet not bitter.
Cranberry (batch 09)(  6.90%) **- Semidry with a hint of cranberry.
Dry(  6.50%) **- Semidry and smooth.
Fruit of the Farm(  6.80%) ***- Sweet and fruity.
Old Hickory (batch 12)(  7.80%) **- Semidry with a hint of something, but not sure what. Very clean tasting.
The Standard(  6.80%) ***- Sweet and smooth and not syrupy.

Portersfield Cider (from Pownal, Maine)
Aronia(  6.80%) *- Dry with a hint of berries.
Original(  6.80%) *- Dry with a hint of fruit, but cannot tell which.

The Valley of the Mountain (from xxx,xxx)
Cider(  x.x0%) **- Semidry, smooth and tart.

Castle Hill Cider (from Keswick, Virginia)
Celestial(  8.10%) ***- Semidry and clean.
Serendipity(  7.00%) **- Semisweet with a hint of caramel.

Cidery at Averill Farm (from Washingon Depot, Connecticut)
Apple Wine(10.50%) *- Semidry and watery.
Original (Hard Cider)(  6.90%) **- Quite dry.
Pear(  6.90%) **- Semidry and quite smooth.

Outlook Farms (from Westhampton, Massachusettes)
Dry Hopped(  5.90%) *- Semidry and bitter from the hops.
Honey Apple(  5.90%) **- Semidry and smooth but a bit sweeter than their hopped one and with a dry finish.
Dry Orchard Blend(  6.50%) **- Bone dry and little taste.

Newport Vineyards (from Westhampton, Rhode Island)
Rhody Coyote(  7.00%) **- Semisweet with a slight syrupiness.

Honey Grail (from Naples, New York)
Boudica's Uprising(  6.90%) **- Sweet and honeylicious.

Graft Cider (from Newburgh, New York)
Core / Flagship
Farm Flor(  6.90%) **- Smooth and tart with a nice white grapefruit (flesh, not the rind) flavor. Very clean tasting.
Lost Tropic Hop(  6.90%)- TBD
Core / Flagship (retired)
Comes & Gose Gose(  6.90%) **- Sour and salty, this semidry cider is quite smooth.
Desert Diamonds Gose(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with a nice mild spicy ginger flavor.
Endless Fields Gose(  6.90%) ***- Tart not sour with a nice citrusy lemon flavor and salty finish.
Fur Coat Hop(  6.90%) ***- Smooth and tart and the juniper berries are pronounced.
Golden Tides Hop(  6.90%) **- Tart, not sour, with a hoppy bitterness, yet quick smooth finish.
Green is Gold Hop(  6.90%) **- Tart and crisp with a hint of hoppyness.
Light & Day Hop(  6.90%) ***- Dry and sour like white grapefruit pulp.
Lost In the Woods Hop(  6.90%) ***- This is just like drinking pink grapefruit juice. Not really sweet.
Peace Offering (can) Gose(  6.90%) ***- Semidry, smooth and tart with a nice fruityness.
Peace Offering (tap) Gose(  6.90%) **- Sour and slightly bitter.
Seasonal Gose
Fields & Flowers Gose(  6.90%) - TBD
Peaks & Valleys Gose(  6.90%) ****- Semidry and tart with a medium amount of cloves.
Salt & Sand Gose(  6.90%) **- Tart and slightly salty...very smooth.
Forest & Frost Gose(  6.90%) - TBD
Cloud City
Alabaster District Cloud City(  6.90%)- TBD
Amaranth District Cloud City(  6.90%) - TBD
Amarillo District Cloud City(  6.90%) **- Dry and tart with an essence of cinnamon and a pineapple finish.
Amethyst City Cloud City(  6.90%) - TBD
Azul District Cloud City(  6.90%) **- Sour and smooth with a strong natural blueberry flavor.
Crimson District Cloud City(  6.90%) **- Tart with a flavor like a Fireball, but not spicy. Slightly fruity.
Cyan District Cloud City(  6.90%) - TBD
Emerald City Cloud City(  6.90%) - TBD
Emerald District Cloud City(  6.90%) - TBD
Fuchsia District Cloud City(  6.90%) ***- Tart with lots of guava.
Opal City Cloud City(  6.90%) - TBD
Pearl City Cloud City(  6.90%) - TBD
Sapphire City Cloud City(  6.90%) - TBD
Vermilion District Cloud City(  6.90%) ***- Tart, dry and creamy and full or tart cherries.
Shared Universe
Banana Them All to Hell! (collab Slim Pickens Cidery)(  6.90%) ***- Dry and sour with heavy banana notes.
Filling the Void (collab Collective Arts)(  6.90%) ***- Dry and tart and salty with hops and citrus...lemon or lime maybe.
Gojira! (collab. Newburgh Brewing)(  6.90%) ***- Sour and creamy and hoppy with a bitter finish. Color is very cloudy...not a bad thing but noticable.
Hill Country (collab. Big Hill Ciderworks)(  6.90%) ***- Tart and dry and funky like a Spanish sidra and a hint of hops.
Hivemind (collab. Charm City Meadworks)(  9.00%) ***- Smooth and tart and semidry with many flavors just popping. Tastes like a dry bubblegum.
Modern Tribes (collab. Old Westminster Winery)(  6.90%) ***- Dry and fruity and tart...kinda reminds me if wine.
Origami (collab. Finback Brewery)(  6.90%) - TBD
Sidracca (collab. Oxbow Brewing)(  5.20%) ***- Dry and tart and hoppy and slightly floral.
Strange Lands (collab. Aslin Beer)(  6.90%) ****- Smooth and dry and sour with a nice nose of peach. Salty at the end.
Worlds Apart (collab. Revel Cider)(  6.90%) - TBD
Book of Nomad - Secrets of Orion
Escape From Orion BoN(  6.90%) ***- Hoppy nose, but this dry tart cider has a nice balance of sweet from the pineapple and bitterness from the hops. Hint of guava.
Galactic Underworld BoN(  6.90%) **- Tart with nice citrusy pineapple.
Orion's Cryptogram BoN(  6.90%) ***- Tart and semidry and quite fruit forward with mango and passionfruit and a slight hoppyness.
Siege Over Orion BoN(  6.90%) ***- Tart and semidry and quite fruit forward with guava and papaya.
Book of Nomad - Wrath of Salacia
Attack on Atlanti BoN(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and creamy with tart berries.
Cavern of The Ancients BoN(  6.90%) ***- Dry and tartwith black currant and a hint of something...not sure what, but is a good thing.
Sea Throne BoN(  6.90%) ***- Dry and sour and salty with black currant.
Tangle Of Titans BoN(  6.90%) ***- Sour and dry and fruity with strawberry being the dominant berry.
Book of Nomad - Domain of Daika
Face Cards BoN(  6.90%) ***- Dry, sour with fruit forward apricot.
High Tower BoN(  6.90%) ***- Smooth, sour and creamy with lots of peach.
The Oracle BoN(  6.90%) **- Tart and vinegary with a hint of plum.
Book of Nomad - The Crash Lands
Island of the Lost BoN(  6.90%) - TBD
Fighting Pits BoN(  6.90%) - TBD
Divine Intervention BoN(  6.90%) - TBD
Book of Nomad - The Clearing Series
Dragon's Lair BoN(  6.90%) ***- Dry and tart and smooth with nice black currant.
Pleasant Poison BoN(  6.90%) ***- Sour and dry with holiday spices like cloves...hints of pineapple.
Tree's Company BoN(  6.90%) ***- Dry and tart with hints of ginger and cinnamon. Slight heat in the finish.
Book of Nomad - Living Fear Series
Shadows and Snakes BoN(  6.90%) ***- Dry and tart with lots of maple and molasses.
Portals Of Dread BoN(  6.90%) - TBD
Book of Nomad - Bloom & Gloom Series
Blossom of Remorse BoN(  6.90%) ***- Dry with sour apricot and a hint of clove.
Fruits of Favor BoN(  6.90%) - TBD
Book of Nomad - Clippers & Corsairs Series
Liquid Courage BoN(  6.90%) - TBD
Book of Nomad (bottles)
Ashes of Tomorrow BoN(  6.90%) *- Semidry and quite sour.
Bottom of the Ocean BoN(  6.90%) **- Tart and smooth with a sour currant flavor.
Depths of Delerium BoN(  6.90%) **- Quite tart...with an undecernable flavor.
Edge of Nowhere BoN(  6.90%) **- Sour and semidry and slightly hoppy like a grapefruit rind, but smooth from the apricot.
Labyrinth in the Sun BoN(  6.90%) *- Extremely sour, but a nice smooth peachy mango flavor.
Hearth & Home Gose(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with cloves and cinnamon.
Hop Tropic Hop(  6.90%) **- Semidry with a smooth hoppyness and slight tart.
Mountains and Valleys Gose(  6.90%) ****- Semidry and tart with lemon and a bit of salt.
Where Secrets Lie Gose(  6.90%) ***- Smooth and sour with a fruity taste.
Native(  6.90%) - TBD

Po' Boy Brewery (from Port Jefferson, New York)
Berry Blush(  5.10%) ***- Semisweet with a fresh berry flavor and not syrupy.
Mangolicious Cider(  5.80%) ***- Semisweet with heavy mango flavor.
Merry Moscato(  5.10%) **- Semidry with a white wine flavor.
Sangria Sunset(  5.00%) ***- Semisweet with a heavy fruit salad flavor. Quite refreshing!
Straight Up(  5.70%) **- Semidry and crisp.
You Peelin' Me?(  5.80%) ***- Semisweet with smooth bananas and mellow strawberries.

Fable Farm Fermentory (from Barnard, Vermont)
Ambrosia 2015(  7.00%) **- Dry and funky and overly bubbly.
Emanation(  7.00%) ***- Semidry with small bubbles and quite easy drinking.
Fluxion Ancestral 2013(  7.00%) **- Smooth and dry with nice barrel aging and good tannins.
Fluxion Ancestral II 2015(  7.00%) **- Semidry, tannic, and sour like a sidra.
Fluxion Ancestral III(  7.00%) ***- Semidry and complex.
Greensboro(  6.80%) **- Dry with lots of tannins and a slight earthy fruit finish.
Pronoia 2015(  7.00%) **- Semidry, tannic, and earthy.

Vermont Cider Company (from Middlebury, Vermont)
Addison(  5.00%) ***- Dry and smooth with nice tannins.
Cerise(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet with a nice hint of cherries.
Wassail(  6.90%) ***- Smooth and semidry and spiced like a mulled cider.

Gypsy Circus Cider Company (from Kingsport, Tennessee)
Marionette(  6.20%) ****- Dry with nice oak aging and a hint of vanilla in the finish.
Queen of Swords(  6.00%) **- Semisweet with an almost raspberry flavor, but the list of ingredients only shows apple.
Tea Leaf Reader(  6.30%) **- Semidry with a nice chai tea.
Passion And Flowers(  7.50%) ***- Sweet with an intense tart passion fruit kick to the mouth.
Raindancer(  6.20%) ***- Semidry but has a mouth feel of fresh juice.
Rumination Banana Foster(  6.80%) ***- Semisweet with heavy banana, but not creamy.
Vaudevillian(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet with tart cherries.

Rivertown Brewery & Barrel House (from Monroe, Ohio)
Tequilana Apple Agave Cider(  6.00%) **- Sweet and smooth with a vanilla or honey aftertaste. A bit syrupy.

Appleation Ciders (from Lafayette, New York)
Cinnamon(  6.50%) ***- Dry and tart with a hint of cinnamon.

Crazy Cock Cider (Stafford Cider) (from Stafford Springs, Connecticut)
Blooze(  6.00%) **- Semisweet with blueberries.
Cascade(  6.00%) ***- Dry and tart with a hint of hops.
Cock-O-Lot(  6.00%) ***- Semidry with a hint of cocoa.
Gingerade(  6.x0%) ***- Semidry with a hint of ginger and citrus. More like lime than lemon.
Hot Cock(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet with a slight heat in the back of the throat.
Jitter Juice(  6.00%) ***- Dry and bitter with a hint of coffee.
Pie(  6.00%) **- Semisweet with cinnamon and tastes like an apple pie.
Rosie(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet and floral.
Sanity(  6.00%) **- Semisweet.
Sock Hop(  6.00%) **- Semisweet with a sweet mellow hop.
Sweet Vanilla(  6.00%) ***- Sweet with vanilla notes.
Tea Hee(  6.00%) ***- Semidry with a hint of tea.
Toast(  6.00%) **- Dry and hazy.
Warm N' Fuzzy(  6.00%) ***- Semidry with nice cinnamon goodness...I had this cold.

Sierra Rose Cider (Cascade Winery) (from Grand Rapids, Michigan)
Blackberry Cider(  6.50%) **- Sweet and syrupy with nice blackberry taste.
Blueberry Cider(  6.50%) **- Sweet and syrupy, but kinda grows on you and would be nice over shaved ice.
Cherry Cider(  6.50%) **- Semisweet with nice cherries.
Cranberry Cider(  6.50%) **- Tastes like cranberry juice cocktail.
Raspberry Cider(  6.50%) **- Sweet and fruity yet slight taste of cough syrup.
Peach Cider(  6.50%) **- Semisweet and fruity with dry peaches.
Watermelon Cider(  6.50%) ***- Tastes like a semisweet watermelon Jolly Rancher.
Perry(  5.50%) ***- Semisweet with a honey like finish.

Blake's Hard Cider Company (from Armada, Michigan)
Apple Lantern(  6.50%) **- Semisweet and smooth with a hint of pumpkin.
Beard Bender(  6.50%) **- Semidry with a lingering tart finish.
Black Phillip (Seasonal)(  4.50%) ***- Semidry with a fruity finish.
El Chavo(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet with heat on the finish, but a nice balance with the mango.
FIDO(  6.80%) ***- Semisweet with heavy raspberry and a hint of hops.
Flannel Mouth(  6.50%) **- Semisweet with full apple flavor.
Great Blakes Coffee Infused(  6.50%) **- Semidry with light black coffee.
Grizzly Pear(  5.00%) ***- Dry with a mellow pearness.
Rose(  6.90%) **- Semisweet and floral.
Snap Dragon (limited)(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with a nice spicy (nutmeg or cinnamon or something like that) flavor and sweetness from the rum soaked raisins.
The Tonic (Seasonal)(  6.50%) ***- Semidry with a predominant cucumber taste (like at a spa), but then the ginger punches you in the throat on the finish.
Wakefire(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet and not syrupy with a hint of tart cherries.

Starcut Ciders (Short's Brewing Company) (from Bellaire, Michigan)
Erraticus 20(  4.90%) ****- Dry with nice oak from the barrel aging.
Mosa(  4.30%) ***- Slightly sweet orange juice.
Octorock(  4.90%) ***- Nice semisweet apple flavor.
Phuzz (Seasonal)(  6.90%) **- Dry cider with minimal peach flavor, and nice finish.
Pulsar(  6.90%) **- Semidry yet bland.

Robinette's Apple Haus & Winery (from Grand Rapids, Michigan)
Heirloom(  6.x0%) **- Semidry and tart.
Hopped Cider(  6.x0%) **- Semidry but bitter from the hops.
Barzilla's Brew(  6.00%) ***- Semidry, earthy, and tastes like a sweet cider.
Apple Cherry Hard Cider(  7.00%) ***- Dry with a slight cherry taste.
Bill's Special Cider(  6.x0%) *- Bland with no finish.
Cyser(12.00%) *- Dry and boozy.
Cherry Mead(12.00%) **- Semidry with a slight cherry flavor.

Atwater Brewery (from Grand Rapids, Michigan)
Sweet Tart(  4.60%) **- Semidry and tart.

Crane's Pie Pantry (from Fennville, Michigan)
Sweet Apple(  6.50%) **- Extremely sweet and syrupy. It was nice over vanilla icecream.
Semi-sweet(  6.50%) **- Semisweet and a bit syrupy with a heavy apple taste.
Cherry(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet, like tart cherry juice.
Blueberry(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet with fresh blueberries.
Dry(  6.50%) **- Semidry with heavy apple taste, almost concentrated.
Dry Hopped(  6.50%) *- Semidry with hops, but not bitter.
Perry(  6.50%) ****- Semidry and tart.
The Nepotist(  6.90%) ****- Dry with nice barrel aging and medium bourbon.

Bee Well Meadery (from Bellaire, Michigan)
Antrim Apple Pie(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and tastes like an apple pie. Nice finish of cinnamon.
Cherry Vanilla(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with a nice natural cherry flavor.
Ginger Peach(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet with the peaches giving it smoothness and the ginger giving it a mellow bite.
King's Hard Cider(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet with a honey finish.
White's Harvest(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and slightly earthy, but with a nice natural apple finish.

Tandem Ciders (from Suttons Bay, Michigan)
Bee's Dream(  7.00%) ***- Semisweet and smooth from the honey.
Green Man(  5.00%) **- Dry and tart with a slow finish. Quite easy drinking.
Smackintosh(  4.50%) **- Semisweet and puckery.
Pretty Penny(  5.50%) ***- Semidry and clean.

Meckley's Flavor Fruit Farm & Cidery (from Somerset Center, Michigan)
Bushwhacker(  6.99%) *- Sour with a hint of blueberry.
Weim-R-iner(  6.99%) *- Semisweet but bitter from the hops.

Black Star Farms (from Traverse City, Michigan)
Hard Apple Cider(  7.00%) **- Semidry and tart with and awful nose, but solid taste.

St. Julian Winery (from Paw Paw, Michigan)
Gunga-Din Cider(  5.20%) *- Quite sweet and slightly syrupy.

French Road Cellars (from Lake Leelanau, Michigan)
InCider(  6.50%) **- Semisweet with small bubbles and a honeysuckle finish.

MackJac Hard Cider (American Cider Company) (from New York)
Black Currant Passion(  5.80%) **- Semisweet with heavy passionfruit.
Blood Orange Ginger(  5.80%) **- Semisweet with heavy orange forward and finishing with a slight ginger spice.
Empire Red(  6.00%) **- Sweet and syrupy with a concentrated apple juice taste.
Frosty Pumpkin(  6.00%) **- Sweet with pumpkin spice.

High Limb Hard Cider (from Attleboro, Massachusetts)
Real American Hard Cider(  5.80%) **- Semisweet with a honey finish.
Honeypot(  6.80%) **- Semidry and earthy.

Riverhead Cider House (from Riverhead, New York)
Benjamins Best(  5.50%) **- Semidry and crisp.
Founder's Reserve(  3.50%) **- Sweet and syrupy.
Grapefruit Squeeze(  5.50%) ***- Semisweet with a nice pink grapefruit addition.
Hollywood Ginger(  6.00%) **- Semisweet with a nice punch of ginger.
Honey Crisp Bolt(  7.00%) **- Semisweet with small effervescent bubbles.
Razzmatazz(  6.00%) **- Semisweet with a nice raspberry palette.
Wild Blueberry(  5.50%) ***- Semisweet with lots of LI blueberries.

Island to Island Brewery (from Brooklyn, New York)
Fancy Lady(  5.40%) **- Semisweet and tasted like a non syrupy fruit punch.
Gin Barrel Rested(  5.00%) **- Semidry and tart.
Purple Reign(  4.00%) **- Dry with hazy berries and grapefruit.
Yuh-Crazy(  4.60%) **- Sweet and fruity like a cinnamon fruit punch.

Dressler Estate (from Downingtown, Pennsylvania)
King in Arms(  7.30%) **- Semidry and sour and oaky.
Modern Sparkling(  7.30%) **- Semidry and bitter.
Modern Still(  7.30%) **- Dry and bitter and smooth, and tastes more like a white wine.

Knockin Noggin Cidery & Winery (from Volant, Pennsylvania)
Cranberry(  6.00%) **- Semisweet with a nice cranberry flavor and tartness like a SweeTarts candy.
Inertia(  8.00%) **- Semidry and smooth with a slight oakyness.
Lemon(  8.00%) **- Semisweet and not too lemony.
Spiced(  8.50%) **- Semisweet with nice pie spice.
Sweet Tea(  8.50%) *- Sweet like drinking a glass of southern sweet tea.

Lancaster County Cider (from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Blood Orange(  5.50%) **- Sweet with orange.
Blueberry(  5.50%) **- Semisweet with a hint of blueberries.
Dry(  5.50%) **- Semidry.
Peach Vanilla(  5.50%) **- Sweet but like a fake tasting peach, almost like peach yogurt.
Raspberry(  5.50%) **- Semisweet with a hint of raspberries.
Sweet(  5.50%) **- Semisweet and thin.

Ploughman Farm Cider (from Adams County, Pennsylvania)
Bluebird Day(  8.00%) **- Semidry, smooth and astringent.
Boon Doggle(  8.50%) **- Bone dry and crisp.
Churchyard 2016(  8.10%) ***- Dry, tannic and bitter.
Cerise D'Or(  9.50%) **- Dry with a hint of cherry, like a bitter SweeTart candy.
Distelfunk(  4.00%) - TBD
Dornick(  8.50%) **- Dry and quite flat in taste.
Kenspeckle(  8.50%) **- Semidry with a hint of berries.
Lupinix Lommox(  8.50%) **- Semidry and hoppy with a bitter finish.
Muhibbah(  8.50%) ***- Semidry with hints of anise and lime.
Pinot N'Arlet(  7.50%) ***- Dry and fruity with nice tannins.
Rosedale(  7.80%) **- Dry with a bitter finish.
Stark(  8.50%) **- Dry, smooth and bitter.
Stayman Winesap(  6.50%) **- Dry and bitter.

A Few Bad Apples [homebrew] (from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Biglerville C.A.B.(  x.xx%) **- Semisweet with hints of beet and molasses.
Black Raspberry and Black Cherry(  6.00%) **- Dry and earthy with berries.
Black Trumphet Mushroom(  6.00%) **- Dry and earthy with apricot.
Black Walnut(  6.00%) **- Semidry and nutty.
Blackberry(  x.xx%) **- Semidry and earthy.
Crabapple Scrumpy (firken)(  6.60%) *- Semidry and bitter.
Common Routes(  x.xx%) **- Semidry and minty and earthy.
Hickory Chicory Dock(  6.00%) **- Dry and earthy and woody, but not oaky.

Charm City Meadworks (from Baltimore, Maryland)
Basil Lemongrass(  6.90%) **- Semidry and earthy with a mild basil lemongrass in my palette.
Elderberry(  6.90%) **- Semidry with a mild berry flavor and nice hue to the color.
Hops(  6.90%) **- Semidry and hoppy with a slightly bitter finish.
Mango Comapeno(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet with mango forward and heat in the finish.
Ruby Red Rose(  6.90%) - TBD
Wildflower(  6.90%) **- Semidry with a nice earthy honey taste, but too much carbonation.

Melick's Town Farms (from Oldwick, New Jersey)
1728 Traditional(  4.70%) ***- Semisweet, but not syrupy.
Lemon Shandy(  6.00%) **- Sweet, not syrupy, and tastes like a lemonheads candy.
George's Tart Cherry(  6.70%) **- Semisweet and tastes like cherry juice.

Slim Pickens Cider & Mead (from Florida)
Ananas(  6.00%) **- Semisweet fruit forward pineapple cider that is not syrupy.
Microphone Check(  6.20%) *- Semidry and tart with a hint of banana.
Yo!(  6.20%) ***- Semidry with a prune nose. Nice smooth berry flavor that hints of blueberry.

Winery of Ellicotteville (from Ellicotteville, New York)
Berry(  8.50%) *- Dry and tastes like a bitter cough syrup.

Dancing Buffalo (from Buffalo, New York)
Perry Pirouette(  7.50%) **- Smooth and semidry and quite mellow. The smoothness really offsets the dryness.
Hibiscus Rose Petal(  7.50%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with a nice floral palate but no nose.

OSB Ciderworks (from Lakeville, New York)
Cherry Cherry Why Ya Buggin'(  6.80%) ***- Semisweet yet tart from the cherries and slightly heavy like a hefeweisen.

Star Cider (from Clifton Springs, New York)
Citrus(  6.50%) **- Semidry and mellow with hints of citrus.

Bad Granny Hard Cider (from Chelan, Washington)
Black Currant(  6.90%) **- Sweet with a nice currant flavor.
Original(  6.90%) **- Sweet, yet not syrupy.
Rainier Cherry( 7.20%) **- Sweet with lots of cherries.

Chatter Creek (from Woodinville, Washington)
Chaider Clipper(  6.90%) **- Dry with chai spices and a slight bitter finish.
Pilot Project(  6.90%) **- Dry and earthy and full of apple.
Luya(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and smooth with nice spicy ginger.
Nachthexen(  6.90%) **- Dry with slight berry flavor, but not to overpower the apple, and a honey finish.

^5 (High Five) Cider (from Portland, Oregon)
Hop Herder(  6.50%) **- Semidry and light yet only slightly hoppy.
Your Princess Is In Another Castle(  8.20%) ***- Semidry with a mellow tart peach tone.

Greenwood Cider Company (from Seattle, Washington)
Blush(  7.30%) ***- Semisweet, yet not syrupy. Fruit forward with nice guava or passionfruit...I get them confused.
Plum(  7.80%) ***- Semidry with tartness from the plums.
Fire Roasted Pepper(  7.40%) ***- Semidry and vinegar like a pepperoncini.
Huckleberry(  7.80%) **- Semidry with a light berry fruitiness that is not overpowering.
Dry(  6.50%) **- Semidry and complex with high tannins.
Peach(  6.50%) **- Semidry and thin with a light mellow peach taste.

Bauman's Cider Company (from Gervais, Oregon)
Obsidian(  6.20%) ***- Semidry and tannic with a mellow berry taste.
Boysenberry Lemonade(  6.20%) ***- Semisweet and tannic with a mellow lemonade finish.

Cockrell Hard Ciders (from Puyallup, Washington)
Original(  6.50%) **- Semisweet yet not syrupy with a honey finish.

Elemental Ciders (from Woodinville, Washington)
Pina Colada(  6.50%) **- Semisweet like a thin pina colada.
Calcium(  6.50%) **- Semidry with mellow orange.
Oxygen(  6.50%) **- Semidry and tart with lots of tannins.

Steelhead Cider (from Manson, Washington)
Chimera Cherry Apple(  5.50%) **- Semisweet and smooth with tart cherries.
Furious George Ginger(  7.20%) ***- Dry, smooth and tannic with a hint of ginger.
Peargatory(  5.50%) ***- Smooth but with a natural gas smell...vanilla finish.
We Dem Boys Boysenberry(  6.00%) **- Semisweet and smooth and creamy (like a smoothie).

Summit Cider Co. (from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho)
Blue Balls(  6.30%) **- Semidry with a slight fruitiness so as not to overpower the apple. Finish was quick though.
Full Send(  8.00%) ***- Semidry and fruit forward.
Sundancep(  6.50%) ***- Semidry, floral, and quite light.
Uncrushable Apricot(  6.50%) **- Semidry with a mellowness of apricot.

Summit Cider Co. (from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho)
Blue Balls(  6.30%) **- Semidry with a slight fruitiness so as not to overpower the apple. Finish was quick though.
Full Send(  8.00%) ***- Semidry and fruit forward.
Sundancep(  6.50%) ***- Semidry, floral, and quite light.
Uncrushable Apricot(  6.50%) **- Semidry with a mellowness of apricot.

Ulees Light Cider (from Portland, Oregon)
Citra(  4.20%) ***- Semidry and light, being hoppy but not bitter.
Dry(  4.00%) **- Semidry with little flavor and no finish.

Moulton Falls Winery (from Yacolt, Washington)
Raspberry(  6.90%) **- Semisweet with a punch of raspberries.
Tart Cherry(  6.80%) **- Sweet, but the cherries add a bit of tartness.

La Familia Hard Cider (from Portland, Oregon)
Jamaica Hibiscus(  6.90%) **- Semidry with lots of berries and a dry finish.
Tamarindo(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with spices (think mild pumpkin spice).

Tumalo Cider Company (from Bend, Oregon)
Maple Barrel(  6.90%) ****- Semisweet with a hint of maple so as not to overpower the apple.

Bandon Rain Unique Craft Company (from Bandon, Oregon)
Raspberry Cranberry Storm(  6.50%) ***- Semidry with heavy berry and a tannic finish.

Slopeswell Cider Company (from Hood River, Oregon)
Empress(  6.80%) **- Semidry and earthy and slightly bitter from the hops.
Blossom(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and oaky.

12 Bridge Ciderworks (from Oregon City, Oregon)
Hawthorne Apple(  6.50%) **- Dry and boozy tasting.

The Oregon Mead & Cider Co. (Stung Fermented) (from Portland, Oregon)
Free Press(  6.50%) *- Dry with no flavor, despite a nose of honey.

Bauman's Cider Company (from Battle Ground, Washington)
Boulder Berry(  6.50%) ***- Nice balance between semidry and semisweet like a very mild sweetarts candy.

Deschutes Brewery (from Bend, Oregon)
Wayfarer Sour Cider 2017(  6.20%) ***- Semidry with a bold appleness.

Humboldt Cider Company (from Eureka, California)
3 Amigos(  7.30%) ***- Semidry and earthy and tannic.
Cherry(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and tart from the cherries... notably smooth.
Con With A Dog(  7.60%) **- Dry and earthy with banana notes.
Drysdale(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with a sweet finish.
Empty Barrels Broken Hearts(11.80%) **- Dry and oaky, but quite boozy with a bitter finish.
Friends With Benefits(  6.90%) **- Semidry and hoppy.
Gravenstien(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and crisp and tannic, like biting into an apple.
Honey Cider(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet with honey in the nose and taste.
Humboldt Blend(  6.50%) **- Semidry and tannic.
Imperial Blueberry(11.50%) ****- Semisweet and extremely smooth with mild blueberries.
McIntosh (SV)(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with honey notes and tannins and full bodied.
Passion of the Fruit(  8.60%) ***- Semisweet and heavy on the passion fruit.
Rants And Raves(  7.60%) ***- Semidry with nice barrel aging and quite tannic.
Servin Aces(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and smooth with fruit forward mango.
Sierra Beauty(  7.50%) ***- Semidry with a heavy apple body and slightly tannic.
Waltana(  8.00%) ***- Semidry and earthy like drinking fresh pressed cider.

Wrangletown Cider Company (from Arcata, California)
Original(  8.40%) ***- Semidry and thin. Nice flavor.
Monument Apples Orchard(  8.40%) ***- Semidry with full flavor and a nice caramel finish.
Fieldbrook Nursery Orchard(  8.30%) **- Dry and fruin forward with a tart finish.
Feisty Dog Orchard(  8.50%) ***- Semidry with slight small bubbles and nice tannins.
Oak Barrel Aged(  7.50%) ***- Semidry and oaky, but thin.

South City Ciderworks (from San Bruno, California)
All the Good Hopped Names Were Taken(  6.90%) ***- Semidry withe light hops and not bitter.
Spider Bites(  7.70%) ***- Semidry with medium lavender notes.

Surf City Cider (Hallcrest Vineyards Winery) (from Felton, California)
Pomegranate(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and tart from the pom, but slightly vinegary.
Hibiscus(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet yet tart like a SweeTarts candy.

Golden State Cider (from Sebastopol, California)
Mighty Dry(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet and earthy, yet not syrupy.

Far West Cider Co. (from Richmond, California)
Orchard Blend #1(  6.50%) **- Semidry with a slight cotton mouth peroxide finish.
Proper Dry(  7.50%) ***- Semidry with a hint of sweetness.

Stoked Cider Co. (from Los Angeles, California)
Tipsy Buddha(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with a hint of yuzu and vinegar.

Tag + Jug Cider Co. (from San Francisco, California)
Brut(  7.50%) ***- Semidry and tart and tannic.

Prima Cider (from Long Grove, Illinois)
Barrique(  6.90%) ***- Dryand oaky with a bit of fruit. Nice tannins.
Brut(  7.50%) **- This dry cider is very carbonated and has both a finish and nose of honey.
Most(  6.50%) **- Dry and citrusy.
Verboten(  6.90%) **- Semidry, tannic and oaky. Funky nose with something off, not bad, in the taste. Smooth.

King's Highway Fine Cider (from Millerton, New York)
Ancram Heritage(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and tart, yet very smooth.
Beach Party(  6.90%) ***- Dry and fruity.
Berkshire Porch Pleaser(  6.90%) ***- Dry with black tea.
Ginger Snap(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and creamy with a hint of ginger.
Guavalicious(  6.90%) **- Bone dry with tart guava.
Lil' Scrumpy(  5.90%) ***- Dry and earthy.
New York Brut(  6.90%) - TBD
Peach Smash(  x.x0%) - TBD
Pool Party(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with a hint of cherries.
Royal Blueberry(  6.90%) **- Semidry and tart with mild blueberry presence.
Whip Appeal(  6.90%) **- Semidry and tart from the guava.

Metal House Cider (from Esopus, New York)
Sparkling Cider 2015 (Debut)(  8.50%) **- Dry with small bubbles and a bitter finish similar to wine.
BA Brut Reserve 2016(  8.50%) ***- Dry and smooth and tart with a nice mouthfeel.
Ora d'Oro 2016(  8.50%) ***- Dry and tannic.

Grisamore Ciderworks (from Locke, New York)
Alice 2016(  6.50%) *- Dry, tannic, and light.
24.4 Squared(  5.25%) **- Dry and hoppy and light, but quite bitter.
Blue Goose 2016(  6.00%) ***- Semidry and fruity, yet light and tart.
The Social Contract 2016(  6.00%) ***- Dry and tannic and tart and crisp.

Pinch Cider (from Stonington, Maine)
Sun Soaked Demi Sec(  x.x0%) ***- Sweet with a tart finish..

Fancy Lads(collab of Spike Pinch and Andy Brennan) (from xxx,xxx)
Dump Road(  7.40%) *- Dry and tannic and a hint of smoke.

Diner Brew Co. (from Mt. Vernon, New York)
Bisou Miso Kiss(  7.30%) **- Dry and salty.
Cidre des Huguenots(  7.00%) ***- Dry and smooth, yet slightly bland.
Crickie(  7.30%) **- Dry with a honey finish.
Coffee (Double Perk)(  7.30%) ***- Semidry and smooth, yet thin, with black coffee.
Herbalist's Cider(  7.30%) **- Dry and smooth with lavendar and coriander.
Zues' Juice(  8.10%) ***- Dry with vanilla notes and a hop finish.
$ Earnin' Bourbon Cider(  8.10%) ***- Dry and oaky.

Eastman's Forgotten Ciders (from Wheeler, Michigan)
The Mad Russian(  6.90%) **- Honey nose, but tart and tannic palate, almost like cranberries, but no cranberries in this dry cider.

Westwind Orchard (from Accord, New York)
Classic(  7.00%) **- Dry and smooth, yet bland.
Goldrush(  7.40%) **- Dry and tannic and very bitter.
Kingston Black 2017(  7.40%) ***- Dry and tannic.
Russety Russet 2017(  7.40%) ***- Dry.
Wild Wild East Reserve 2017 (collab. w/ Aaron Burr)(  7.40%) **- Dry and crisp with a hint of citrus notes.

EdenVale Winery (Eden Valley Orchards) (from Medford, Oregon)
Pear Cider 2016(  6.80%) **- Semisweet and smooth.

Ethic Ciders (from Petaluma, California)
Gravitude(  7.00%) **- Semidry and tart.

Tanuki Ciders (from Santa Cruz, California)
Pick It Up(  8.40%) *- Dry, tannic, and bitter.

Big Fish Cider (from Monterey, Virginia)
Allegheny Gold(  8.20%) **- Semisweet and smooth and light.
Church Hill Blush(  8.40%) **- Semisweet and fruity with raspberries.
Monterey Maple(  8.40%) ***- Semidry and oaky with a hint of maple.

ANXO Cidery (from Washington, DC)
Cidre Blanc(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and clean.
Cidre Blanc(  6.90%) ***- Dry, overly carbonated, and slightly funky.
Commonwealth(  6.90%) **- Dry and tart.
District Dry(  6.90%) - TBD
Grand Cru(  6.90%) ***- Dry yet juicy.
Happy Trees: Arkansas Black(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and funky like a sidra.
Happy Trees: Batch 3(  6.90%) - TBD
Happy Trees: District of Columbia(  6.90%) - TBD
National Colonial Farm - Batch 001(  6.00%) - TBD
Nevertheless, We Persisted [collab. with Eden](  6.90%) - TBD
Ocle Pychard [collab. with Oliver's](  6.00%) **- Still and dry with lots of tannins. Very smooth!
Rojo(  6.90%) - TBD
Rose(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and tart and fruity.
Sidra Natural (Batch #2)(  6.50%) **- Smooth and vinegary and funky.
Transcontinental 2018(  6.90%) - TBD
Transcontinental L16 [collab. with Snowdrift](  7.80%) ****- Semidry, light and clean with no nose.
Collab #1 [collab. with Millstone](  7.50%) ***- Smooth and tart with hints of dill.
Collab #2 [collab. with Millstone](  7.50%) ***- Smooth and oaky and sour.
Collab #5 [collab. with Shacksbury](  5.80%) - TBD
Collab #6 [collab. with Farnum Hill](  7.70%) ****- Dry with a slight bitter finish.
Collab #7 [collab. with Eden](  7.50%) ***- Semisweet with a caramel finish. Very smooth.

Noble Cider (from Asheville, North Carolina)
Golden Arrow(  6.90%) **- Dry and gingery, but not too spicy.
Journeyman(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with a hint of tart cranberry.
Spice Merchant(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet with nice spices...not really chai, but tastes like autumn.
The Standard Bearer(  7.00%) ***- Semidry and tart with fruit forward nose.
The Village Tart(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and tart from the fruity cherries.

McRitchie Ciderworks (from Thurmond, North Carolina)
North Carolina Hard Cider(  6.50%) *- Dry with almost no taste and a quick vanilla finish which quickly fades.

James Creek Cider House (from Cameron, North Carolina)
Stargazer Cider - Beehive Ginger(  6.50%) ***- Semidry with spicy ginger.
Stargazer Cider - Big Dipper(  6.30%) ***- Dry with a slight honey finish.
Stargazer Cider - Crossbow(  6.90%) ***- mooth from the honey and semisweet with a tannic finish.
Stargazer Cider - Mighty Hunter(  6.60%) ***- Semidry and fruit forward, but no nose. Quite clean.
Stargazer Cider - Mighty Hunter Hopped(  6.60%) **- Dry and hoppy and clean.
Stargazer Cider - Prowling Peach(  6.50%) ***- Dry with a hint of sweetness from the peaches.
Stargazer Cider - Seven Sisters Blackberry(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and bland and thin with light blackberries.

Appalachian Mountain Brewery (from Boone, North Carolina)
Mystic Dragon(  5.00%) ***- Semisweet with a vanilla finish.
Roots(  5.00%) ***- Heavy ginger nose. Semisweet and slightly spicy from the ginger.
Scarlet Rose(  5.00%) ***- Semisweet with heavy cinnamon.
Sinful Plum(  5.00%) ***- Semisweet with heavy cinnamon and plum.

Meridian Hive Meadery (from Austin, Texas)
Discovery(  6.50%) **- Sweet and smooth, and surprising light.
Frontier(  6.50%) **- Semisweet with a floral hoppyness and not bitter.
Rhapsody(  6.50%) **- Sweet, smooth, and a hint of berries.

Platform Beer Company (from Cleveland, Ohio)
Becky(  6.00%) *- Dry and carbonated, with little flavor.

The Colony Meadery (from Allentown, Pennsylvania)
Mo-Mead-O(13.00%) ***- Sweet and thin with a slight bitterness to it. Hints of lime and mint are a nice compliment.
Straight, No Chaser(13.00%) ***- Smooth and thin with a nice sweet honey flavor and not overly boozy.

Ritter's Farm Market (from Jefferson Township, Pennsylvania)
Peach(  7.00%) **- Sweet, yet not syrupy with peach.
Orange Cranberry(  7.00%) **- Semisweet with nice orange and tartness from the cranberries.
Sweet Apple(  7.00%) **- Sweet and syrupy.
Dry(  8.00%) ***- Bone dry with only a hint of flavor.

Cider-Grown New England (from various places in New England)
Cider Grown Maker's Combo Can(  6.90%) **- Semidry and crisp.
Farnum Hill(  6.80%) **- Dry and tart.
Stormalong(  6.70%) **- Semidry and creamy with a slightly bitter finish.
Eden(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with hints of caramel and tannic.

Crafted Artisan Meadery (from Mogadore, Ohio)
Bananas Foster Forever(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with a creamy banana caramel flavor.
Chocol'ha(  6.00%) **- Smooth, sweet, honey, chocolate syrup.
The Dispear(  6.00%) *- Sweet, smooth, and a bit earthy.
Planet of the Grapes(  6.00%) **- Sweet and smooth like a thin PB+J sandwich, but hold the bread. More jelly than peanut butter.
Snowbelt Cyser(  6.00%) ***- Semidry with light honey and cranberry.

MoonTower Cider Company (from Austin, Texas)
Semi Dry(  6.50%) **- Semidry and tart...a bit bland.

Bishop Cider Company (from Dallas, Texas)
Crackberry(  6.00%) ***- Semidry and tart with berries.
Blood Orange(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet but tart from the orange.
The OG(  6.20%) ***- Semisweet like fresh juice.
High & Dry(  6.80%) **- Dry and slightly tart and very smooth.
Nectar!(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and smooth with a hint of honey.

Fairweather Cider Company (from Austin, Texas)
Amarillo(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and slightly hoppy.
Azacca(  6.50%) **- Bone dry.
Bloodsport 2(  6.50%) ****- Semidry with the orange being predominant.
Chinook(  6.50%) ***- Dry and hoppy, but not bitter.
Common(  6.50%) ***- Dry and earthy.
Delta(  6.50%) ***- Dry with a slight hop, but barely noticable.
Fake Stout(  8.50%) ***- Mellow honey flavor, but quite thin.
Fresca(  6.50%) ****- Dry with heavy strawberry presence to add sweetness.
Fuccboisen(  6.50%) ***- Dry with some berry.
Hannibal Nectar(  6.50%) ***- Tart and dry with a honey finish.
Mosaic(  6.50%) ***- Dry and floral and hoppy.
Tejanao Dreams(  6.50%) ***- Semidry with some heat from the peppers.

Texas Keeper Cider (from Manchaca, Texas)
Texas Keeper No. 1(  7.60%) ***- Semidry and lemony.
Cider Noir(10.10%) ****- Semidry with hints of stonefruits...perhaps fig or plum.
Ciderweizen(  7.40%) ***- Dry and a hint of orange.
Gold Rush (SV)(  7.50%) ***- Semisweet and clean.

Rohan Meadery (from La Grange, Texas)
Sunshine(14.00%) **- Semidry with a honey finish, but quite boozy.

Spoke + Spy (from Middletown, Connecticut)
Dry(  6.00%) ****- Dry and crisp and clean.
Love Shouldn't Hurt(  5.40%) ****- Semisweet with lots of rhubarb and strawberries.
Tepache Mode(  5.40%) ****- Dry and tangy from the pineapple with a hint of spice in the finish.
The Middle of the Road(  4.80%) ***- Semisweet like fresh juice.
Papa Wheelie(  5.10%) **- Semisweet with lemonade and an almost candy-like finish.
Pear on the Rum(  6.10%) ***- Semidry and smooth with hints of rum.
Pera(  5.20%) ***- Semisweet with lots of pear. Not earthy and easy drinking.
Quizzical Sisters: Malus(  7.40%) ***- Dry and still and smooth from the malbec wine barrels.
Sidra(  6.00%) ***- Tart and dry and funky.
Somewhat Dry(  5.90%) ****- Dry and crisp.
Somewhat Dry x CT Dry Hop(  5.90%) ****- Dry with hops, but not bitter.
Sub Rosa(  5.40%) **- Dry and earthy with strawberries.
Twelve Bretts, One Barrel(  6.80%) ***- Semidry and yeasty.

Swilled Dog Hard Cider (from Franklin, West Virginia)
Walk the Dog(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and light and crisp.
Caramel Apple(  6.90%) ***- Semisweet with a smooth caramel finish.

Hawk Knob Cider & Mead (from Lewisburg, West Virginia)
Appalachian Classic Dry(  7.00%) **-
Barrel Heritage (10 mo)(10.00%) ****- Semidry and tannic with nice barrel aging and a hint of bourbon.
Elderberry Infused (6 mo)(10.00%) ***- Semidry and smooth with a hint of fruit so not as to overpower the apple.
Traditional Wild Fermented (8 mo)(10.00%) ***- Dry, tannic, and slightly bitter...nice barrel aging, but not much bourbon.
Dry Cherry (x mo)(10.00%) ***- Dry and musty with a hint of cherry, yet sweet cherry nose.
Spanish Sidra)(10.00%) ***- Semidry, smooth and tart.
Cyser(14.00%) ***- Dry and smooth with a bitterness to the honey flavor.

Peak Organic Brewing Company (from Portland, Maine)
Highball - Grapefruit Paloma(  6.90%) - TBD
Highball - Mint Lime(  6.70%) *- Kinda sweet, but not syrupy. Nice mint nose, but I think I'd prefer this as a mixer than to chug it.
Highball - Ginger Mule(  6.70%) *- Sweet and smells like floor cleaner.
Day Drink - Rose(  6.90%) *- Semisweet and tastes likes bubble gum. Oddly dry finish despite sweet nose.

Grand Illusion Hard Cider (from Carlisle, Pennsylvania)
Blue Illusion(  6.50%) **- Semisweet and floral.
Hocus Hibiscus(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and fruity.
Mystic Citra Pineapple(  6.50%) **- Semisweet with pineapple.
Street Magic(  6.50%) **- Semisweet with grapefruit rind.

Hale & True Cider Co. (from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Hail to the Hop(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and thin with mild hops.
Lil' Sunshine(  6.50%) ***- Semidry with a hint of citrus.

Killarney Cidery (from Laporte, Pennsylvania)
Heritage 2019(  8.50%) ***- Dry and oaky and bitter.
Heritage-Dathuil(  8.50%) ***- Semidry and oaky.
Mil(  8.50%) **- Sweet, but not syrupy.
Neachtar(  8.30%) ***- Semidry and still with honey.
Piorra(  8.50%) ***- Semidry.
Endless Mountain Blend(  8.50%) - TBD

Levengoods (from Lancaster, Pennsylvania)
Cherry(  6.00%) **- Semidry with a hint of cherries.
Hopped(  6.50%) **- Semidry and thin with hops that were more sweet than bitter.
Lime Ginger(  6.40%) **- Semidry and thin with a hint of lime and ginger.
Rose(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and easy to drink.
Sunrise(  5.50%) ***- Semidry and tropical.

Old Stone Cider (from Lewisville, Pennsylvania)
Old Stone Reserve(  7.50%) **- Semidry and mild and tannic, but thin.
Spring Bounty(  7.50%) **- Semidry and sour with full flavor.

Original 13 (XIII) Ciderworks (from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Sir Charles - Deep Blueberry Sea(  6.50%) *- Sweet and syrupy with blueberries.
Sir Charles - On Wings of Cherry(  6.50%) *- Sweet with cherries.
Sir Charles - Original Semidry(  6.50%) *- Semisweet and syrupy.
Sir Charles - Strawberry Valkyrie(  6.40%) *- Sweet with strawberry.
Ol Scrumpy(11.00%) ***- Dry and bitter with a slight honey finish.

Threadbare (from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Bouquet de Rose(  7.00%) **- Semisweet and fruity.
Bourbon Barrel Reserve(11.00%) **- Semidry with heavy bourbon.
Dry(  7.50%) **- Dry and clean.
Dry Hop Perry(  6.xx%) **- Semidry and smooth and oaky.
Dry Hopped(  7.50%) *- Dry and bitter.
Farmhouse(  8.00%) **- Semidry and quite fruit forward.
Fiesta Margarita(  7.00%) ***- Semidry with a hint of lime.
Northern Spy(  7.50%) **- Dry and crisp.
Perry the Pear(  4.50%) ***- Semidry and earthy and very smooth.
Rose(  7.00%) **- Semidry and fruity.

Mysto Meade (from Carmel, New York)
Basil Mint(12.50%) ***- Semidry with a hint of basil and mint.
Bochet(12.50%) ***- Semidry with a caramel finish.
Chipotle/Cocoa(12.50%) ****- Dry and smokey.
Elderberry(12.50%) **- Smooth with a hint of berry and not boozy.
Rose Petal(12.50%) ***- Semidry and a hint of floral.
Rum Soaked Oak(12.50%) **- Dry, thin, and slight oaky.
Rye Soaked Oak(12.50%) **- Dry and oaky.
Super Star(12.50%) *- Dry, boozy, and slightly oily.

810 Meadworks (from Medina, New York)
Cheeky Keen(14.00%) ****- Smooth, semisweet...yummy honey.
I Love Gingers(  8.00%) ***- Semisweet with a medium ginger presence.
Jigger of Madness(10.00%) ***- Boozy, bourbon, oaky...dry.
Liquid Sunshine(  8.00%) ****- Semisweet with a nice balance of honey and lemon.
Scarlet A(  8.00%) ****- Semisweet, slightly carbonated and a hint of cranberries.
Strawberry Patch(14.00%) ****- Sweet with lots of strawberries.

Salt Point Meadery (from Pleasant Valley, New York)
Currant Rose(10.00%) ***- Semisweet with black currant.
Queen's Crown(  9.00%) ****- Thin, light and a hint of maple.
Revolution(  7.00%) ***- Semidry with heavy lemon.
Sweet Spot(  7.00%) ***- Semidry and lemony. Very mild.

All-Wise Meadery (from Brooklyn, New York)
Show Mead(11.00%) **- Thin...oaky and semidry.
Oolong Mead(12.00%) **- Hint of tea and some hint of mint. Semidry.

Abandoned Hard Cider (from Parksville, New York)
Classic 2017(  6.00%) ***- Dry and tannic and light bold apple with a slight bitter finish.
Barrel Aged 2017(  6.50%) ***- Bone dry and smooth and tannic with a hint of oak.

Anyday Brands (from San Miguel, California)
Anyday Rose(  6.90%) ****- Dry with a smooth honey mouthfeel and hint of rose wine.

Baldwin Vineyards (from Pine Bush, New York)
Apple Wine(11.00%) **- Sweet and syrupy.
Autumn Crush(10.70%) ****- Dry and yammy with the hops not too pronounced.

Wicked Grove Cidery (from Middlebury, Vermont)
Juicy Paer(  5.00%) ***- Semidry with a light pear flavor. Slightly syrupy.

Hard Pressed Cider (No Bad Apples) (from Middlebury, Vermont)
Apple(  5.00%) **- Sweet and syrupy. Tart like a Granny Smith apple.
Cinnamon(  5.00%) **- Sweet and syrupy with lots of cinnamon.

Shoal Hope Ciderworks (from Provincetown, Massachusetts)
Empty Barrel(  6.40%) ***- Dry and oaky, yet thin.
Honey Baby(  5.60%) ***- Dry being honey forward and a honey finish.
Hops and Glory(  6.40%) ***- Dry and hoppy, but not bitter.
Little Tart(  5.20%) ***Semidry, smooth and tart with heavy cranberries.
Monument(  6.40%) ***- Semidry and smooth.

Coffee Pot Cellars (from Cutchogue, New York)
Cyser(  7.50%) ***- Smooth and dry and tart.

Cornish Cider Company (from Cornish, Maine)
Common Fruit 2017(  6.80%) **- Semisweet and smooth with a funky nose.
Odd Barrel 2017 #07082018(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and tannic with a honey finish.

Rocky Ground Cider (from Newburgh, Maine)
Dahlia(  8.40%) **- Dry and tannic and floral.
Hop Zuzu(  8.40%) **- Dry and hoppy, but not bitter.
Queen(  9.00%) ***- Dry and mellow.

Yankee Cider Company (from East Haddam, Connecticut)
Honeycrisp Blend(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and mellow.

New York Cider Company (from Ithica, New York)
Hedgerow(  7.70%) ***- Semidry and complex.
Barn Swallow(  7.20%) ***- Semidry, tart and funky.
Smokehouse(  7.40%) ***- Semidry and mellow.

Scrumpy Ewe Cider (from West Fulton, New York)
Stone Cutter 2017(  7.40%) ***- Dry and fruit forward with a boozy nose.
Old Lunkie 2017(  7.00%) ***- Dry and still.
Dabinette Spy 2017(  7.30%) **- Dry and bland.
Farmhouse Dry 2017(  7.10%) ***- Dry with a sweet nose.

Carlson Orchards (from Harvard, Massachusetts)
Oak Hill Blend(  5.00%) ***- Tastes like bubbly cider from the orchard.

Lyman Orchards (from Middlefield, Connecticut)
1741 Connecticut Crisp(  5.00%) ***- Semisweet and not overly bubbly.

Hudson Brewing Company (from Hudson, New York)
State St. Swill(  5.50%) ***- Semidry and tart from the pineapple.

Wicked Weed (from Arden, North Carolina)
Oak Fermented Carbonated Cider (04.27.17)(  7.00%) *- Awful nose and had a tart plastic taste.

Bull City Ciderworks (from Durham, North Carolina)
Cardinal Cin (Seasonal)(  6.00%) ***- Smells like Red Hots candy... Semidry with lots of real cinnamon.
Cherry Tart(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet and quite heavy on the tart cherries.
Off Main(  6.00%) ***- Semidry.
OYAH (Orange You A Hippie)(  6.00%) **- Semidry with a hint of orange peel.
Rhize Up!(  6.00%) *- Bone dry with ginger. Slight bitter finish.

Red Clay Ciderworks (from Charlotte, North Carolina)
Cherry Bobbin' Trolls(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and a hint of cherries.
The South End(  6.25%) **- Dry, smooth and earthy.

Molley Chomper, LLC (from Lansing, North Carolina)
Bent Apple(  6.60%) ****- Dry and subtle tartness with an oaky finish.
Cherry Jounce(11.70%) ***- Dry and boozy with a nice light cherry flavor and color. Smooth finish from the rum ans hints of vanilla and oak.
Hopped Molley(  6.70%) ***- Semidry with a slight hop.
Old Orchard Creek(  8.30%) ***- Semidry with light tart blueberries.
Penny Stick(  5.70%) ***- Semisweet and floral.
Porch Swing(  6.30%) **- Semisweet and floral.
School House Blend(  6.40%) ***- Semidry and tart.

The Northman (from Chicago, Illinois)
Northman Pub Cider(  6.90%) ***- Semidry and earthy.

Misbeehavin' Meads (from Valparaiso, Indiana)
Cideburns(  6.00%) **- Semidry with hops, but not bitter.

2 Fools Cider (from Naperville, Illinois)
Blueberry(  6.00%) ***- Semidry with blueberries.
Rose(  6.90%) **- Semidry with hints of floral.
Tart Cherry(  6.90%) ***- Semidry with a medium cherry hue.

Brick River Cider Co (from St. Louis, Missouri)
Brewer's Choice(  6.50%) *- Dry and bitter.
Cornerstone(  5.50%) ***- Semidry and crisp and citrusy.
Homestead(  5.00%) ***- Semidry like a granny smith apple.
Sweet Lou's(  5.00%) **- Semisweet with blueberries and floral lavendar.

Eris Brewery & Cider House (from Chicago, Illinois)
Demigoddess(  5.00%) ***- Semidry and clean.
Eden's Hazard(  6.20%) **- Dry with a hint of tea.
Falcon Punch(  5.50%) ***- Dry and hoppy yet fruity.
Moon Garden(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet and floral.
Pedestrian(  5.60%) ***- Dry.
Prickle-Prickle(  6.20%) ***- Dry with a hint of fruit.
Van Van Mojo(  6.20%) ***- Semidry with blueberries and a slight hoppiness.

Ferro Farms (from Lake Geneva, Wisconson)
Barrel Aged Cider(  6.00%) ***- Semidry with nice oak and whiskey barrel aging.
Hard Apple(  6.00%) **- Semisweet and tinny.

North Shore Cider (from Evanston, Illinois)
Beacon Blend(  6.50%) *- Dry and earthy.
Mapple(  6.80%) *- Dry with a hint of maple.
Pom Pomme(  6.80%) *- Dry with hints of pomegranate.

The Cider Farm (from Mineral Point, Wisconson)
Classic Dry(  6.30%) ***- Semidry and crisp.
Cyser(  9.20%) ***- Semidry with honey.
Equinox(  5.90%) *- Bone dry.

Mill Bridge Winery (from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee)
Cider House Blues(  6.50%) ***- Semidry with blueberries.
Cider on Saison(  6.50%) ***-Semisweet with nice honey.
C'N Red(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet with a hint of wine; tastes like a sangria.
Iconic Tonic(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet with pineapple.
OCC(  6.50%) ***- Semidry with orange and cranberry.
Peach(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet with lots of peach.
Pine-ing for Apples(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and crisp.
South(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and Earthy.

Diskin Cider (from Nashville, Tennessee)
Bob's Your Uncle(  7.00%) **- Bone dry with a fairly quick finish.
BTC - Bourbon Tart Cherry(  5.00%) ***- Semidry with smoky tart cherries and a hint of bourbon.
Tiki Tonik(  5.00%) **- Semisweet and tastes like fresh pressed pineapple juice.

Naked Apple Hard Ciders (Flat Rock Cider Company) (from Flat Rock, North Carolina)
Wicked Peel(  6.00%) ***- Semidry and tart and quite bubbly.

New Day Craft (from Indianapolis, Indiana)
Pineapple Mead Spritzer(  4.00%) ***- Semidry with a light pineapple goodness that is not too sweet but just sweet enough.
Rethinker(  6.00%) - TBD

The Cider Lab (from Geneva, New York)
Empire Blanc(  7.10%) ***- Semidry and tart and slightly syrupy. Long finish.
Empire Golden(  7.00%) ***- Semisweet and light and slightly syrupy. Medium tart finish.

Sap House Meadery (from Center Ossipee, New Hampshire)
In Your Head(12.00%) ***- Sweet with tart cranberry.
Om Nom Nom(13.00%) ****- Sweet like a liquid oatmeal raisin cookie.
Experiment #181: Chamomile(15.60%) **- Thick and bitter and earthy and floral.

St. Ambrose Cellars (from Beulah, Michigan)
John Lemon(  6.00%) ***- Mild lemon and semisweet. Smooth and light.

Cassel Vineyards of Hershey (from Hershey, Pennsylvania)
Apple Pie(  5.60%) ***- Semisweet yet not syrupy and tastes just like a slice of apple pie.
Dry Hopped(  5.60%) **- Bone dry and slightly hoppy, but not bitter.
English Apple(  5.60%) ***- Dry and easy drinking.

Meduseld Meadery (from Lancaster, Pennsylvania)
Renly's Peach(  8.00%) ***- Sweet and smoot creamy peach.
Bone Apple Tea(  6.50%) ***- Sweet and floral with honey.
Kviek Lime(  5.50%) ***- Semisweet with lime and a bit of fizz.
Approximation Proclamation(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet and creamy with a hint of bubblegum.
Mango Milkshake Mead(  7.00%) ***- Semidry and fruity with a bitter finish as well as earthy vanilla.
Red Keep Cherry Cyser(  7.00%) ***- Semisweet with cherries.
Kviek Vandmelon(  6.00%) ***- Semidry with a hint of mellon.
A Song of Hops & Mangoes(  8.00%) **- Semidry and quite bitter from the hops.
Grand Reserve(16.00%) ***- Dry and smokey and smooth like cognac.


Kopparberg (from Kopparberg, Sweden)
Pear(  4.50%) **- Bubbly and very sweet...too sweet.
Strawberry & Lime(  4.00%) **- Strong strawberry taste, but very sweet.
Winter Fruits(  4.50%) **- Bubbly and sweet but not as sweet as a wine cooler. Definatly one to return to. I'm not sure what winter fruits are, but they make mouth happy.

Rekorderlig (from Sweden)
Hard Apple(  6.50%) **- Syrupy and sweet.
Mango Raspberry(  4.00%) **- Sweet and syrupy, but tasty with lots of mango.
Passionfruit(  4.50%) **- Quite enjoyable with lots of passion fruit taste, but very sweet.
Pear(  4.50%) *- This reminded me of a distorted Skittles and was very sweet.
Spiced Apple(limited)(  4.50%) *- Quite sweet with a predominant vanilla bean taste with another flavor that I cannot identify.
Strawberry-Lime(  4.50%) *- This was very sweet but not as sweet as the other varieties.
Wild Berries(  4.50%) *- This tasted like the Sweetarts candy and was very sweet.

Brannland Cider (from Sweden)
Pernilla Perle(  8.00%) **- Smooth with a mellow apple taste and slight oakyness.
34 ° BRIX (2014)(11.70%) ***- Smooth with a sweet caramel undertone.
Fatlagrad 2013(11.00%) **- Smooth and sweet with a slight barrel aging.

Fruktstereo (from Sweden)
Definitely Cider(  6.50%) **- Dry and tart. Quite crisp!
Draft Funk(  6.00%) **- Dry and sour like a Spanish sidra. Refreshing!


Bulwark (Muwin Estate Wines) (from New Ross, Nova Scotia)
Bulwark Blush(  4.50%) ***- Not too sweet, but fruity.
Bulwark Original(  5.80%) ***- Not too dry or sweet, but just right.

County Cider Company (from Waupoos, Ontario)
Tortured Path(  6.50%) **- Very dry.
Waupoos Feral Cider(  6.50%) ***- Sweet from the raspberries, but not syrupy.

Luk (Domaine Deguire) (from Quebec, Canada)
Luk - Doré(  6.40%) **- Crisp and slightly tart.
Luk - Rosé(  6.40%) ***- Crisp and slightly sweet.

Dublin's Pub (from Quebec, Canada)
Black Velvet(  5.00%) ***- Very rich like a stout, but easy drinking like a cider with caramel.
L'authentique(  5.00%) **- Clean and crisp apple taste.

Domaine LaFrance (Les Verges La France) (from Quebec, Canada)
Domaine LaFrance - Récolte 2009(  9.50%) ****- Sweet. It has a touch of ice cider which makes it very smooth. Came in a 750ml bottle as does wine.

Cidrerie Du Minot (from Quebec, Canada)
Du Minot(  7.00%) **- Tasty; Similar to Woodchuck.

La Face Caché de la Pomme (from Quebec, Canada)
Neige 2007 - Première (ice cider)(11.00%) ***- Strong taste of sweet molasses
Neige Bubble (Semi-dry)(  7.50%) **- Semisweet and quite bubbly, with a boozy finish.

McKeown Cidery (from Quebec, Canada)
Bone Dry(  5.70%) **- Bone dry with little flavor and a mild honey finish and nose.
Cranberry (Canneberge)(  5.70%) **- Sweet with a honey finish. Just a hint of cranberry.
Crazy Cricket(  5.70%) **- Dry and hoppy, but not bitter.
Light Crackling Cider(  6.00%) **- Tasty; Similar to Woodchuck.
Pear (Poire)(  5.70%) *- Quite sweet with a nice pear flavor.

Cidrerie Saint-Nicolas (from Quebec, Canada)
Rose St-Nicolas(  7.00%) **- Sweet with hints of strawberries and raspberries.
Baiser Vole(  2.80%) **- Semisweet and very smooth and quite mellow.
Pom'Or Tradition(  7.00%) **- Sweet, floral and very smooth.

Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse (from Saanichton, BC)
Birds And the Bees(  9.90%) ***- Sweet with honey and lemon as the predominant flavor.
Bittersweet(  7.20%) **- Semidry, earthy and tannic.
Bramble Bee(  9.90%) ***- Sweet and fruity from all the blackberries.
Kings & Spies(  8.00%) ***- Slightly dry.
Prohibition (Kentucky Bourbon)(12.50%) ***- Semidry with brown sugar and molasses.
Prohibition (Rumrunner)(12.50%) ***- Sweet with a heavy molasses taste.
Wild English(  7.50%) **- Dry and slightly bitter.
Ruby Rose(  9.90%) ***- Semidry, tart, and smooth.
Wassail(14.00%) ***- Semidry with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and molasses.

Arista Wines (from Quebec, Canada)
Pomme de Coeur(  6.90%) **- Not bad, but nothing special.

Verger Lacroix (from Quebec, Canada)
Gabelianne   (Cidre fort petillant)(  8.00%) *- Crisp, but not as sweet.

Cidrerie Milton (Les Vergers de la Colline) (from Quebec, Canada)
CID Cuivre(10.00%) ***- Tastes like molasses.
CID Original(  5.00%) ***- Sweet and not syrupy.
CID Rose(  6.50%) ***- Sweet and fruity.
Houblin Api-Hop(  7.00%) **- Hoppy.
Le Glacé (Ice Cider)(10.00%) ***- Sweet and smooth.
Les Russet(  8.00%) ***- Smooth and semidry.
Promesse d'Automne(  8.50%) *- Slightly tart, but more sweet than tart.

Soultree Cider Co. (from Canada)
Original Dry Cider(  5.50%) **- Dry with a hint of sweetness.
Ginger Apple Cider(  5.50%) ***- Sweet and gingery.

Beaver Valley Orchard & Cidery (from Kimberly, Ontario)
Flagship Cider(  7.00%) *- Bitter and funky.

Twin Pines Orchard (from Thedford, Ontario)
Hammer Bent Red(  6.80%) **- Sweet, but not too sweet.

Cidrerie Michel Jodoin (from Rougemont, Quebec)
Hard Cider (green label w/ cork)(  6.50%) ***- Sweet, yet not syrupy and slightly dry with a clean taste.

William Premium Cider (from Terrebonne, Canada)
William Premium Cider(  5.20%) **- Tart and dry, but not as much as a Granny Smith apple. Very juice-like.

Alexander Keiths (from Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Original(  5.50%) *- Semisweet and syrupy with a funky nose and slight tart aftertaste of rotten apples.

Ardiel Cider House (from Blue Mountains, Ontario)
Dry Apple Cider(  6.00%) **- Semisweet with an earthy body.

Brickworks Ciderhouse (from Toronto, Ontario)
Batch: 1904(  5.00%) **- Semidry but not much taste and quick finish.
Queen Street 501(  5.00%) **- Semisweet and slightly syrupy.
Stadium Island Peach(  4.50%) ***- Semisweet and peachy, yet not really syrupy. Dry finish like when biting into a less ripe peach.

Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery (from Meaford, Ontario)
Forbidden Hopped(  6.50%) ***- Semidry and hoppy with a nice balanice and clean finish.
Forbidden Dry(  6.50%) *- Semidry and earthy with a finish that tastes like dirt.

Collective Arts Brewing (from Hamilton, Ontario)
Local Press(  5.60%) **- Semidry and bland with a mild honey finish. Quite mellow.

County Cider Company (from Waupoos, Ontario)
Pear(  6.00%) ***- Semidry with vanilla notes. Nice pear flavor.
Blood Orange(  7.00%) *- Sweet and medical like orange Triaminic.

Duxbury Cider Co (from Meaford, Ontario)
Original Sideroad Dry Cider(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with a honey nose and finish.
1615(  7.00%) ***- Semidry with a bold apple flavor.
Muddy Waters(  7.50%) ****- Dry and oaky and very smooth.

Ernest Cider Company (from New Market, Ontario)
Cider Rubee(  5.90%) ***- Semidry and tart and fruity.
Dry(  6.40%) ***- Semisweet and crisp, but slightly drier than sweet.

Double Trouble Brewing Company (from Stoney Creek, Ontario)
Grow a Pear(  5.00%) **- Semisweet and earthy.

Growers Cider (from Ontario, Canada)
Honeycrisp(  5.00%) *- Sweet and tastes like an apple jolly rancher.
Pear(  5.00%) **- Sweet with a heavy pear taste.

Sunnybrook Farm Estate Winery (Ironwood) (from Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario)
"The Original" Cider(  6.00%) ***- Semidry and easy drinking with a medium finish.

KW Craft Cider (from Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario)
Cider(  6.70%) ***- Semisweet like a tart caramel.
Thai Ginger(  6.90%) **- Semidry with a nice snap of ginger.

Magnotta Winery (from Vaughan, Ontario)
Small Batch(  5.60%) ****- Tastes like fresh juice...semisweet and slightly earthy.

Molson Coors Canada (Molson Canadian) (from Canada)
Molson Candian Cider(  5.00%) **- Semisweet with a smooth honey palate.
Molson Candian Pear(  5.00%) *** - Nice balance between sweet and dry with a heavy pear nose.
Molson Candian Stone Fruit(  5.00%) **- Semisweet with a passion fruit flavor. Not really syrupy.
Molson Candian Raspberry(  5.00%) *- Semisweet and tastes like cough syrup.

Okanagan Cider Co. (from Vancouver, British Columbia)
Apple Cider(  5.00%) *- Taste like apple juice and a bit sweet.
Dry Pear(  5.00%) *- Smells like pear juice, but a bit sweet on the palate.

Pommies Cider Co. (from Caledon, Ontario)
Cider(  5.00%) **- Semisweet and smooth with a slight honey finish.
Farmhouse(  6.00%) **- Semidry and tastes like I'm biting into an apple.

Reinhart Foods Ltd. (from Stayner, Ontario)
Red Apple Light(  3.80%) *- Semisweet and tastes like sweet cider, but with slight carbonation.

Seagram (from Kitchener, Ontario)
(Premium Craft) Cider(  5.30%) *- Artifical sweet, but not syrupy. Funky aftertaste like sweet n low or something.

Shiny Apple (Small Talk Vineyards) (from Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario)
Cider(  7.00%) ***- Semisweet with a medium smooth finish.
Cider w/ Pinot (can)(  6.50%) **- Semidry, but sweet from the grapes. It does taste like apple, but it is wine forward.
Bootleg Whisky(  8.00%) ***- Semisweet like an apple pie and heavy notes of vanilla, but not syrupy and deceptively easy to drink.
Peach(  7.00%) **- Sweet and peachy.
Cider w/ Pinot Noir (tap)(  9.00%) ***- Semidry and fruity.

Spirit Tree Estate Cider (from Caledon, Ontario)
Draught(  6.00%) **- A bit earthy and funky like a Spanish sidra, but not sour, and not much a mild sweetart candy.

Thornbury Village Craft Cider and Beer (from Thornbury, Ontario)
Apple Cider(  5.30%) ***- Semisweet and tart with a sweet apple finish.

Wanderoot Craft Cider (Molson Canadian) (from Canada)
Classic Apple(  5.10%) **- Quite sweet and appley...and slightly syrupy, with a bit of tannins.

West Avenue Cider House (from Freelton, Ontario)
Cherry Beach(  8.50%) ***- Dry cherry taste.
Heritage Dry 2016(  6.50%) **- Semisweet and lots of bubbles.
Cherriosity 2016(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet with a medium cherry palate.
Heritage Funk 2014(  6.90%) **- Semidry and earthy with lots of bubbles.
Belgiantosh 2014(  5.80%) ***- Semidry and clean with a long finish.
The Catalyst MK2 2016(  6.50%) **- Dry and quite smooth from the honey with a floral finish.
Juice Box: Saskatoon(  4.50%) **- Sweet but not syrupy and lots of berry goodness.
Barrett Fullers Secret 2015(  9.00%) ***- Semidry, smooth and floral.
Strawberry Fields 2014(  8.50%) ***- Semisweet from all of the strawberry, but more like a semidry cider.
Heritage Gold(  6.90%) ***- Dry and slightly earthy.
Legend of the Fall(  6.90%) **- Semidry and funky and sour like a Spanish sidra, but with a slight vinegar finish.
Wild Oak 2014(  8.50%) **- Dry and smooth from the honey with a slight funk.
Honey Monster 2014(  9.50%) *- Bone dry with a honey nose and extremely carbonated.
North By West 2014(11.50%) ***- This ice cider was quite sweet with a burnt caramel finish.
Frequin Rouge(  6.00%) ***- Semidry, tannic, and smooth.

Revel Cider Company (from Guelph, Ontario)
Liquid Gold(  5.50%) **- Semidry and smooth.
Pragmatic Eutopia(  6.40%) ***- Semidry with a slight hop and funk from the tea.
Violent Delights(  6.90%) **- Dry and tart with a nice faint vanilla cherry finish.

401 Cider Brewery (from Guelph, Ontario)
Cranberry Apple(  5.00%) **- Tastes like cranberry juice.
Peach(  5.50%) **- Semidry and peachy.

Twin Pines Cider House (from Thedford, Ontario)
Hammer Bent Red(  6.80%) ***- Semidry and earthy and light with small bubbles.

Redstone Winery (from Beamsville, Ontario)
Perry(  5.00%) ***- Semisweet and smooth with a light caramel finish.

Tawse Winery (from Vineland, Ontario)
Sparkling(  5.00%) **- Semidry, crisp, with a quick heavy apple finish.

Wagner Orchard & Estate Winery (from Lakeshore, Ontario)
Cherry Cider(  8.00%) ***- Semidry with a heavy sweet cherry palate and smooth finish.

Empire Cider Company (from Codrington, Ontario)
Sangria(  6.00%) *- Dry, bitter, and citrusy.

Rustic Roots Windery (from Cawston, British Columbia)
Snow Cider(  7.60%) **- Dry and slightly tart with a sour finish; very clean tasting.

Field Bird (from Wellington, Ontario)
Northern Spy 2017(  9.00%) **- Dry still cider that is a bit bitter and quite tannic, yet very clean tasting.


Aval Cider (from Bretagne, France)
Cidre Artisanal(  6.00%) ***- Mostly sweet, but just dry enough.

Calvados Christian Drouin Cidre (from Coudray-Rabut, France)
Cidre Brut(  4.00%) o- This was a bit bitter and very awful smelling. It also had sediment on the bottom as it was unfiltered.
Cidre Pays d'Auge(  4.50%) ***- This was sweet and the tiny bubbles tickled my nose. The cork almost popped itself.
Cidre L'Hiver(  5.90%) **- Nose of rotten fruit, with a smooth deep apple taste.
Poiré(  4.00%) ***- Lots of floral notes, almost hoppy.

Comte Louis de Lauriston (from Domfront, Normandy)
Cidre Bouché Brut de Normandie(  4.50%) **- Dry and not syrupy with small bubbles.
Cidre Brut de Normandie(  4.50%) *- Dry and barely sweet, but not bitter.

Cidrerie Dujardin Condé-sur-Vire (Agrial) (from Brittany, France)
Dan Armor Cuvée Spéciale Cidre Brut(  5.00%) **- Sweet like fresh apple juice.
Dan Armor Cuvée Spéciale Cidre Poire(  4.50%) - TBD

Kerisac (from Guenrouët, France)
Bouché Breton(  4.50%) **- Sweet, but not too sweet.
Bouché Breton(  2.50%) **- Sweet and rich, almost like from an apple concentrate.

Manoir D'Apreval (from Honfleur, France)
Cidre Cuvée du Manoir   [Cidre de la Côte de Grâce Brut](  4.50%) **- This was dry and slightly sweet, like a champagne with small bubbles.
Pommeau De Normandie(17.00%) **- This was a sweet aperitif which had hints of prune and was strong like a brandy.

Duché de Longueville (from Normandie, France)
Cidre Bouché de Cru (Antoinette)(  4.00%) ***- This was sweet and very mellow and went nice with mac and cheese.
Cidre Bouché de Cru (Muscadet De Dieppe)(  2.00%) **- Bubbly sweet cider.
Clos Normand - Brut(  4.00%) ***- Quite appley, but quite tasty.

Cyril Zangs (from Normandie, France)
Cidre Brut (2011)(  5.50%) **- Slightly medicinal tasting and slightly sweet, but left your tongue dry.
This Side Up (2013)(  5.00%) ***- Sweet and smooth like a McIntosh apple.
Easy Cider (2013)(  5.00%) ***- Slightly oaky and dry, but funky like a Spanish sidra.
Ciderman(  5.00%) ***- Semidry to dry with a slight funk and lots of tannins.

Le Père Jules (from Saint-Désir, France)
Cidre de Normandie Brut (2012)(  5.00%) ***- Not too dry and slightly sweet.
Poiré de Normandie Brut (2012)(  4.00%) ***- Perfect balance and dry and sweet, but in the pear variety.

Domaine Dupont [Etienne Dupont] (from Normandie, France)
Calvados Reserve Cidre (2012)(  6.90%) ***- Smooth and sweet and quite a concentrated, yet not syrupy, apple flavor. Oak aging can be tasted.
Cidre Bouché Brut (from tap)(  4.50%) ***- This was sweet and mellow and had hints of pear.
Cidre Bouché Brut Organic 2011 [green](  4.50%) ***- This was sweet with tiny bubbles.
Cidre Bouché Brut Organic 2012 [green](  5.00%) **- Dry and a bit funky like a Spanish sidra.
Cidre Bouché Brut 2012 [red](  5.50%) **- This had tiny bubbles and was a nice balace of sweet and dry.
Cidre Bouché Brut 2013 [red](  5.50%) ***- Crisp and clean and a nice balance between dry and sweet, but more sweet.
Cidre Bouché Brut 2014(  5.50%) ***- This was sweet with small bubbles.
Cidre Bouché Brut Fermier 2014(  ?.?0%) ***- This was sweet and mellow with small bubbles.
Cidre Triple 2013 [brown](11.00%) *- This was a bit bitter and had a strong alcohol taste.
Dupont Reserve 2012/2013(  6.90%) **- A bit dry with small bubbles, but very smooth and oaky.
Dupont Reserve 2014(  7.50%) ***- Smooth and sweet like a dry caramel.
Petit Jaune(  X.00%) **- Smooth with minimal carbonation and slightly tart.
Pome (1998) (17.00%) **- Sweet from the Apple juice and not as boozy as most calvadoses.

Cidrerie Nicole (from Surzur, France)
Cidre de Rhuys Brut(  5.50%) **- Dry but sweet. Very apply but not syrupy.

Manoir du Kinkiz (from Quimper, France)
Cidre de Fouesnant(  5.50%) **- Small bubbles and slightly sweet, but not too sweet.
Cornouaille AOP(  5.50%) **- This was not too sweet, but had a funky taste to it...almost smokey.
Cuvée Blanche(  4.00%) **- Sweet with small bubbles, but a slight medicinal taste as with Spanish ciders.

Ciderie Txopinondo (from Ascain, France)
Txopinondo - Sagarnoa(  6.00%) o- This was quite sour.

Cidrerie de la Brique (Les Vergers du Cotentin) (from Saint Josepth, France)
Cidre Bouché Brut(  4.50%) **- Slightly sweet with tiny bubbles.
Doux(  2.50%) ***- Sweet, smooth with small bubbles and a complex taste.

Eric Bordelet (from Charchigné, France)
Sidre Tendre(  4.00%) ***- Sweet and tasted like an adult version of the apple cider we all grew up with.
Sydre Argelette (2013)(  6.00%) **- Slightly bitter, with a funky taste.
Poiré Authentique(  4.00%) ***- Sweet and smooth with small bubbles.
Poiré Granit (2013)(  4.00%) **- Smooth and tart.

Frédérique Goussin (Héritage 1900) (from Palis, France)
Curée Tradition Dégorgée à la volée(  7.00%) **- Crisp and every so slightly tart.

Ecusson Maison fondée en 1919 (from Lisieux, France)
Cidre Rosé(  3.00%) ***- Sweet and fruity.

Cidrerie Traditionnelle du Perche (from Normandie, France)
L'Hermitière Cidre Brut(  5.00%) ***- A bit funky like Spanish sidra, but slightly sweet with small bubbles.
L'Hermitière Cidre Demi-Sec(  5.00%) **- Mellow, but complex flavor. Easy drinking.
L'Hermitière Poiré de Normandie(  4.00%) *- A slight vinegar aftertaste.

Domaine Bordatto Etxaldea (from Jaxu, France)
Basa Juan (2012)(  6.50%) *- Dry and slightly bitter.

Domaine Pacory (from Normandie, France)
Poiré Domfront(  5.00%) ***- Quite bubbly. This was slightly sweet, but smelled bad.

Cidrerie Loïc Raison (CSR - CCLF) (from Domagné, France)
Brut(  4.50%) ***- Sweet and crisp.
Doux(  2.00%) ***- Sweet and smooth and has a hint of butterscotch.

Clos de la Fontaine Hugo (from Rozoy-sur-Serre, France)
Cidre de Thiérache Brut(  5.00%) **- Slightly bitter with small bubbles.

Domaine du Verger (from France)
Apple Bite - Cidre Bouché Biologique(  4.00%) **- Quite sweet for a French cider.

CSR SA (from Domagné, France)
Celt - Cidre Breton Traditionnel(  4.50%) **- Sweet and very carbonated..

Le Manoir du Parc (from Normandy, France)
Authentic Cidre(  5.00%) **- Quite smooth.
Authentic Poire(  3.00%) ***- Smooth with a honey taste.

Vixin Cidre (from France)
Apple(  4.50%) ***- Sweet, but slightly funky.
Poire(  4.50%) ***- Sweet and smooth.

Domaine Julien THUREL (from Orleans, France)
Champêtre(  5.00%) ***- Sweet with small bubbles.
Cidre Cuvée Nectar (2014)(  4.50%) **- Crisp and very sweet, but the apple is tart like a Granny Smith apple.
Cydromel (2013)(11.50%) ***- Sweet and smooth like an ice cider, but with a slight kick.
Mellicidre(  6.50%) ***- Semisweet and very smooth and a very deep apple flavor.
Poire(  x.00%) ***- Smooth with small bubbles and sweet.

Domaine Normandie (from Normandy, France)
Domaine Normandie Brut(  5.00%) **- Smooth and sweet and appley, but also a bit syrupy.

Le Brun de Bretagne (from Brittany, France)
Brut (orange)(  5.50%) **- Smooth and semisweet with a bit of Spanish sidra funk.
Organic (green)(  4.00%) **- Smooth and sweet.

Ferme de la Sapinière (from Normandy, France)
Cidre Bouché Omaha Beach(  4.00%) **- Sweet and smooth and kind of funky like a farmhouse cider.

Val de Rance (from Pleudihen Sur-Rance, France)
Cidre de Bretagne-BRUT(  5.00%) ***- Dry with small bubbles.

Mère Poular (from Ergué-Gabéric, France)
Cave Saint-Michel - Poire(  3.00%) **- Sweet and pearlicious, but had a slight aftertaste of iced tea.

M.A. Herout (Ciderie et Caves Des Verges de la Chapelle) (from Normandy, France)
Cidre Contentin Brut "Biologique" 2013(  5.00%) ***- Semidry and crisp and slightly tart with small bubbles.
Cidre Contentin Brut "Biologique" 2014(  5.00%) ***- Smooth and slightly tart with a funk almost like a sidra. Small bubbles are nice.

Gaec de Claids (from Normandy, France)
Cidre Contentin Brut(  4.50%) ***- Semidry with small bubbles.

Domaine Duclos Fougeray (from Saint-Michel-d'Halescourt, France)
Tradition(  5.00%) **- Sweet and very appley.
Extra Brut(  7.00%) ***- Dry, earthy and tannic.

Lieu Roussel (from Douville-en-Auge, France)
Pays d'Auge(  5.00%) **- Sweet and almost still, but not syrupy.

SARL Gilles BARBÉ (from Merdrignac, France)
Le P'tit Fausset Brut(  5.50%) ***- Dry, oaky, and smooth.

Cidrerie Benoit-Bouvier (from Lamballe, France)
Ker Avel(  5.00%%) ***- Smokey and dry.

Pomze (from various parts of France)
Charlotte Corday - Pays d'Auge (  4.50%) ***- Semisweet, smooth, and mellow.
Guillevic Nicol - Sud Morbihan(  3.50%) ***- Quite sweet and smooth.

Cidre Séhiédic (from La Forêt-Fouesnant, France)
Cidre Francois Séhiédic(  5.50%%) ***- Smooth and bubbly and appley. Perfect.

La Chouette (from La Lacelle, France)
La Chouette(  4.50%) **- Sweet and slightly syrupy with a bold apple flavor.

Le Lieu Cheri (from Ouilly-le-Vicomte, France)
Cidre Fermier Brut(  5.00%) **- Semidry and musty.

Manoir de Grandouet (from Cambremer, France)
Tradition Cambremer (Pays AOP d'Auge)(  4.50%) **- Semisweet but slightly funky like a Spanish sidra.

Domaine Johanna Cecillon (from Bretagne, France)
Cidre Divona(  7.00%) ***- Sweet with small bubbles. Not syrupy.
Cidre Nerios(  7.00%) *- Semisweet with a slight bitter finish.
Cidre Nantosuelta(  7.00%) **- Slightly funky like a Spanish sidra, yet sweet with small bubbles like a French cidre.

Distillerie Claque-Pepin (from Serans, France)
Cidre Bouche(  4.50%) **- Smooth and semisweet with small bubbles and a deep apple taste.

Le Vale de la Chèvre (Chevre) (from Bouexiere, France)
Cidre Fermier Brut(  5.50%) ***- Semisweet, yet earthy and tannic. Smooth with small bubbles.

La Maison Ferré (from Comblot, France)
La Cave De Gabriel-Cidre Du Perche (Brut)(  5.50%) **- Semidry and smooth and earthy.

Cave de la Loterie (from Clecy, France)
Cidre Fermier - Extra Brut(  5.50%) ***- Semidry with small bubbles and quite tannic.

Domaine de Kervéguen (from Guimaëc, France)
Carpe Diem 2013(  4.00%) **- Sweet and full bodied with small bubbles and not syrupy.

Domaine de la Duretiere (Royer) (from Lassay-les-Chatéaux, France)
Cidre Fermier Brut(  5.00%) ***- Semidry and tannic and slightly bitter and funky like a mild Spanish sidra.
Cidre Fermier Doux(  3.00%) **- Sweet but not syrupy and lots of small bubbles.
Poire(  3.00%) ***- Semisweet with a slight earthiness from the pears and a nose of black tea.

Les Vergers de Romilly (from Isigny-sur-Mer, France)
Brut(  4.90%) ***- Dry with small bubbles.
Demi Sec(  4.90%) ***- Semidry with small bubbles.
Doux(  4.60%) ***- Semisweet with small bubbles.

Ciderie Daufresne (from Ouilly-le-Vicomte, France)
Brut(  5.00%) **- Semidry with small bubbles and an astringent caramel finish.

Louis Raison (from Moulineaux, France)
Organic Dry(  4.50%) ***- Semidry and slightly tannic like biting into an apple.

Domaine Sicera (from Eturqueraye, France)
Mariane(  4.00%) ***- Semisweet, smooth and fruity.

Famille Renouard (Ferme de Beau Soleil) (from Matignon, France)
Cidre Fermier Bio(  5.00%) ***- Semidry and quite tannic, almost earthy.


Brouwerij Huyghe (from Melle, Belgium)
Floris Apple(  3.60%) ***- Appley and smooth with an aftertaste of honey.

Stella Artois (from Belgium)
Cidre(  4.50%) **- Very bubbly and tasted more like an apple flavored beer rather than a cider.

Cidrerie Ruwet NV (from Roeselare, Belgium)
Brut(  4.50%) ***- Bone dry and overly carbonated, but nice flavor with a slow finish.


Thistly Cross Cider (from Dunbar, Scotland)
Real Elderflower [aqua label](  4.00%) ***- Sweet, but not overbearing. Elderflower is nice and floral.
Real Ginger [orange label](  4.00%) ***- Spicy from the predominant ginger taste.
Real Strawberry(  4.00%) **- Sweet, not syrupy with real strawberries and a honey taste.
Jaggy Thistle [purple label](  7.40%) ***- Dry and earthy.
Traditional [blue label](  6.20%) ***- This was quite enjoyable with a slight honey taste. Very smooth.
Whisky Cask [grey label](  6.90%) ***- Very smooth with an oaky taste.

Clyde Cider (from Glasgow, Scotland)
Dry (Batch #4)(  5.00%) **- Quite dry with little flavor.
Medium (Batch #1)(  5.00%) ***- Semidry, but could taste the Splenda.


Altzueta Sagardotegia, SL (from Hernani, Spain)
Sidra Natural(  6.00%) **- Semidry and tart with a slight sidra funk.

Astigarragako Sagadoa (from Astigarraga [Basque Country], Spain)
Sarasola Sidra Natural(  6.00%) **- This was a bit sour, on par with a sour beer. It was refreshing and didn't have the medicinal taste of most Spanish ciders.

Sidra Castañón (from Asturias, Spain)
Castañón Sidra Natural(  6.00%) o- This was quite bland with very small bubbles.
Val D Boides Sidra Natural(  6.00%) *- This was quite bland, but only slightly sour.

Sidra Cortina CORO S.L (from Asturias, Spain)
Villacubera "New Expression" 2013(  6.00%) ***- This had a very clean taste, unlike most of the natural Spanish ciders.
Villacubera Traditional (2011)(  6.00%) **- This was a mellow still cider that was not very sweet, and did have the medicinal taste as do most ciders from Spain.

El Gobernador (from Asturias, Spain)
Emilio Martínez (Signature Cider)(  8.00%) ***- Dry like a French cider, bit slightly funky like a Spanish cider.
Españar(  6.50%) *- Slightly tart and has a very slight medicinal taste, but went well with a meal.
Sidra Natural(  6.50%) **- Tart, but not sour.
Sopeña(  6.50%) **- Smooth and quite a bandaid.

Fanjul (from Asturias, Spain)
Sidra Natural(  6.00%) **- Funky and slightly sour.

Sidrería Irigoien (from Astigarraga)
Sagardos Sidra Natural(  6.00%) **- Slightly sour, but not funky.

Isastegi (from Tolosa [Basque Country], Spain)
Sagardo Naturala(  6.00%) o- This tasted like what a Band-aid smells like.

Llagares Valverán (from Asturias, Spain)
Valverán 20 Manzanas Frost Cider(10.00%) **- Very smokey and oaky for this sweet ice cider.
Valverán Brut Sidra(  7.50%) *- Bubbly and slight medicinal taste.

Maeloc Sidra (from Galicia, Spain)
Blackberry(  4.00%) **- Smooth and sweet with lots of blackberry goodness, but slight funk as it is a sidra.
Dry(  4.50%) ***- This was really nice without the medicinal taste and not too sweet.
Pear(  4.00%) **- This was quite sweet and had a very strong pear taste. The medicinal smell and taste were there, but only slightly.
Strawberry(  4.00%) **- While it does have a slight medicinal smell, it is like a strawberry candy.
Sweet(  4.10%) **- This is quite tasty, but does still have a slight medicinal smell.

Petritegi Sagardoa (from Astigarraga, Spain)
Sidra Natural(  6.00%) *- Funky and quite sour.

Sidra Menéndez, S.L (from Asturias, Spain)
Sidra Natural Val d'Ornón(  6.00%) o- This was quite sour for my taste, but was NOT medicinal tasting.

Trabanco (from Gijón [Basque Country], Spain)
Cosecha Propia (Homegrown)(  6.00%) *- This was very smokey and smooth with an oaky taste.
Poma Áurea(  6.50%) *- Bubbly with a slightly medicinal taste.
Sidra Avalon(  5.50%) ***- Sweet, but only slightly funky for a sidra.

Ribela (from Pontevedra, Spain)
Sidra Natural(  5.50%) o- Quite sour and very bland.
Special Reserve (single varietal)(  5.x0%) ***- Fruity and more dry than sweet.

Sidreria Zapiain (from Gipuzkoa, Spain)
Astigarragako Sagardoa(  6.00%) **- Tart and funky, but smooth.

Valle, Ballina y Fernández, S.A. (from Asturias, Spain)
El Gaitero One-Third(  5.50%) ***- Sweet, but not as funky as other Spanish ciders.
Sidra el Gaitero(  4.10%) **- Sweet, but not as funky as other Spanish ciders.

Sidra Riestra (from Asturias, Spain)
Sidra Natural(  6.50%) **- Funky and very smooth.
Guzman Riestra - Sidra Brut Nature(  8.00%) ***- Dry and Slightly Oaky, but not too funky.

Sidras Bereziartua Sagardoak (from Astigarraga, Spain)
Bereziartua(  6.00%) **- Sour, but not medicinal tasting.

Sidra Viuda de Angelon S.L. (from Astarias, Spain)
Viuda de Angelon - Sidra Brut(  6.00%) **- Slightly tart, but not too funky.
Viuda de Angelon - Sidra de Pera(  5.20%) **- Sweet and slightly funky from the sidra, but smooth as it is pear.
Viuda de Angelon - 1947(  6.00%) **- Smooth and mild and not too funky as many other Spanish sidras. A bit sweeter than most as well.
Angelon - Sparkling Cider(  6.20%) ***- Smooth and tart and only a slight funk.
Sidra Diamantes de Hielo(11.50%) ***- Smooth, not syrupy and not too sweet.

Artisan Collection (from Astigarraga, Spain)
Bere Aran - Sidra Naturale(  6.00%) **- Slightly funky, but not sour.

Ramos Del Valle (from Spain)
Ramos Del Valle - Natural Cider(  6.30%) **- Smooth and funky and quite tart.

Sidreria Astarbe Sagardotegia (from Gipuzkoa, Spain)
By Hur - Sagardo Aparduna(  8.00%) **- Slightly bitter, but not quite dry. Smooth and slightly oaky.
By Hur 24(  8.00%) ***- Dry, but slightly sweeter and smoother than the original.

Sidreria Gurutzeta (from Guipúzcoa, Spain)
Sagardoa Sidra Natural(  6.00%) **- This one came from the bottle and was quite sour and funky. Smooth, but really sour.
Euskal(  6.00%) ***- Dry and funky being sour forward which quickly fades into a smooth neutral finish. Quite nice!

Macrile S.L. San Martin de Huerces (from Asturias, Spain)
Huerces (Dry Cider)(  5.90%) **- Smooth and tart, yet more like mid sweet/dry as opposed to "dry" as it claims to be.

Urbitarte Sagardotegia (from Guipúzcoa, Spain)
Sidra Natural (Urbitarte)(  6.00%) **- Smooth and sour, but not really funky.

Iruin Sagardotegia (from Gipuzkoa, Spain)
Barrika(  6.00%) **- Sour and funky and very smooth.

Mayador (from Villaviciosa, Spain)
Sidra Natural(  6.00%) **- Semidry, sour, funky, and smooth.


Freyeisen Apfelwein GbR (from Frankfurt, Germany)
Freyeisen(  5.50%) ***- This was sweet with an almost honeylike flavor.

Fuchshof (from Bodensee, Germany)
Most(  5.50%) **- A bit funky and sour like a Spanish sidra.

Possmann (from Frankfurt, Germany)
Frankfurter Apfelwein(  5.50%) **- Dry and sour.
Frau Rauscher Speierling(  5.50%) **- Smooth, dry and sidra-like. Clean.
Heisser Mulled Cider(  5.50%) ***- Seasoned nice with cinnamon and very smooth.
Possmann 1881(  8.00%) ***- Clean and crisp and not too dry.
Pure Cider(  5.00%) **- This was sweet, but not syrupy. It had a very bold apple flavor.
Pure Cider - Rosé(  5.00%) ***- Clean, sweet, and tart from currant.

Weidmann & Groh (from Friedberg, Germany)
Cydonia(  6.00%) **- Slightly bitter and effervescent.
Grohsecco(  6.00%) ***- Slightly tart and dry. Virtually no bubbles, yet still crisp.
Nizza(  9.00%) ***- Smooth and sweet like a mellow caramel candy.
Speierling 2012(  8.50%) **- Slightly bitter, but very clean.
Speierling 2013(  7.00%) **- Quite crisp.
Speierling 2014(  6.00%) ***- Smooth and clean dry apple taste.

Stefan Vetter (from Karlstadt [Franken], Germany)
Apfelperlwein(  7.50%) ***- Semidry with small bubbles, yet a bit heavy like a hefeweizen.

Bembel with Care (Kelterei Kramer) (from Mannheim, Germany)
Apfelwein Pur(  6.00%) ***- Semidry and clean tasting.
Apfelwein Kirsch(  4.20%) ***- Semidry with a light hint of cherry.
Apfelwein Cola(  4.00%) *- Eh...tastes like a watered down cola.


Baladin (from Dogliani, Italy)
Sidro Baladin(  4.50%) **- Smells awful, but tastes good and very smooth.

Maley (from Saint Marcel, Italy)
Cidre du Saint Bernard(  4.00%) **- At first it was a bit tart, but then the taste just grew on you.
Cidre du Saint Bernard 2013(  3.50%) ***- Sweet with a honey after taste.
Cidre Jorasses Classicum(  8.00%) **- Dry and bubbly.

Angioletti (Forty Acres Ltd) (from Trentino, Italy)
Angioletti Rose(  4.00%) ***- Smells like cheese and tastes smooth like blueberry cheesecake.
Angioletti Secco(  5.00%) **- Sweet and fruity, smooth and slightly tart

New Zealand

Moa Brewing Company (from Marlborough, New Zealand)
Apple(  5.60%) **- Not as sweet as the kiwi, but a nice balance of sweet and not too dry.
Kiwifruit(  5.60%) **- I tasted some oak flavor, but not really kiwi. It was slightly sweet and not too dry.

Zeffer Brewing Co. (from Auckland, New Zealand)
Apple Cider(  5.00%) *- A bit sour, but crisp and bubbly.
Cidre Demi-Sec 2015(  4.50%) ***- Semisweet cider with bold apple taste.
Hopped Up Pippin(  5.80%) ***- Semidry with a floral hops highlight, but not bitter. Nice balance.
Juicy Pear(  5.00%) ***- Semidry and smooth with hints of honey.
Newtown Pippen (2015)(  6.50%) **- Dry cider with a medium finish. I don't taste the oak as they state, but quite crisp.
Pear Cider(  5.00%) **- Smooth and mellow like a sweet pear.
Slack ma Girdle(  6.90%) **- Semisweet and smooth.
Zesty Citrus(  5.00%) **- Semidry with a slight lemon flavor.
Red Apple Cider(  5.00%) ***- Semisweet and tastes like earthy fresh juice.
Crisp Apple Cider(  5.00%) ***- Semidry with a bold tart apple taste like a granny smith.

Peckham's Cider (from Nelson, New Zealand)
Boysenberry (2013)(  5.20%) ***- Smooth and slightly carbonated and quite sweet, but not syrupy from the berries. I don't taste apples, but only the berries.
Cardamon (2014)(  5.20%) **- Dry with a hint of spice, but overly carbonated.
Elderflower(  5.70%) **- Semisweet and floral.
Cider with Feijoa(  5.10%) **- Semidry and slightly sour with a hint of guava.
Home Block (limited)(  5.90%) **- Very crisp.
Hopped(  6.10%) **- Crisp and hoppy.
Kir (2014)(  5.10%) - TBD
Moutere(  5.60%) - TBD
Moutere & Cardomon(  5.90%) **- Dry with a hint of spice.


Saku Õlletehas (from Lithuania)
Kiss Cider - Cherry Flavour(  4.50%) **- Like drinking a cherry Kool-aid, but not as sweet.
Kiss Cider - Strawberry Flavour(  4.50%) *- This tasted like a watered down Redbull or cough syrup, but ironically was not syrupy.


Cidrerie du Vulcain (from Le Mouret, Switzerland)
Premiers Emois(  7.10%) **- Sweet with a slight bandaid taste, but not the funk of Spanish sidras.
Trois Pépins(  7.10%) ***- Sweet and clean with small bubbles.


Quebrada del Chucao (from Huiscapi, Chile)
Sidra Espumante - Brut Nature (2013)(  7.80%) **- Bold, funky, and slightly tart.


Maarab Sidra (from Argentina)
Sidra(  4.00%) **- Sweet like an ice cider, but not quite syrupy.


Dansk Mjød (from Billund, Denmark)
Viking Blod (mead)(19.0%) **- Earthy and slightly astringent taste, almost like a liquor.

Royal Unibrew (from Odense, Denmark)
Tempt #9 (Strawberry & Lime)(  4.50%) **- Semisweet with a nice strawberry flavor, but hides the apple. Think a lesser sweet Rekorderlig.

Somersby (Carlsberg Group) (from Copenhagen, Denmark)
Apple Cider(  4.50%) **- Sweet with a clean apple taste.
Blackberry(  4.50%) **- Semisweet and fruity from the blackberries which taste more like fruit than syrup.
Elderflower Lime(  4.50%) **- Semisweet yet not syrupy. I do taste the lime and there is a very floral dominant flavor, which I guess is the elderflower. Interesting.
Pear(  4.50%) **- Sweet but not syrupy. Nice pear flavor.

South Africa

Makana Meadery (from Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa)
IQhilika African Transkei Gold Coffee Mead(12.00%) ***- Smooth and sweet with essence of coffee.

Savanna Cider (from Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa)
Savanna Dry(  5.00%) ***- Dry, but not super dry.


Firma Appel En Peer (from Heerewaarden, Netherlands)
Cider(  6.00%) **- Crisp and slighlty tart, but smells like pot.

Redlove Cider (from Werkhoven, Netherlands)
Premium(  6.00%) ***- Semisweet and crisp.

JillZ (from Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Original(  5.00%) *- Sweet and states like purfume.
Raspberry(  5.00%) **- Sweet and tastes like berries.

UWE Betuwe Cider (from Mermsestraat, Netherlands)
UWE Betume Cider(  5.00%) ***- Sweet and dry with a molasses taste.
UWE Betume Blossem(  5.00%) ***- Sweet and floral.
UWE Betume 6.5%(  6.50%) **- Dry with a heavy molasses taste.
Groot Merm Cider(  6.50%) **- Crisp and dry but starts off sweet.
Groot Merm Perencider(  6.50%) **- Bubbly and dry.

Beer Cider (from Graveland, Netherlands)
India Wheat Cider(  6.50%) *- Tasted more like a hoppy beer than a cider.
Nederlandse Appelcider(  5.30%) ***- Semidry and smooth.

Giel Cider (from Bunnik, Netherlands)
Hollandse Cider(  7.00%) *- Dry and quite bitter.

Northern Ireland

Armagh Cider Company (from Armagh, North Ireland)
Carsons Crisp(  4.50%) ***- Dry and funky like a mild sidra.
Maddens Mellow(  4.50%) ***- Dry and clean.

MacIvors Cider Company (from Armagh, North Ireland)
Medium Cider(  4.50%) ***- Sweet and smooth.
Traditional Dry(  5.60%) ***- Semidry, crisp, and clean.

Bailwick of Guernsey

Rocquette Cider Company (from Guernsey, Channel Islands)
(draft)(  4.50%) ***- Very crisp and semidry.


AS Vohu Vein (from Estonia)
Scandinavian Cider-Apple(  5.40%) *- Sweet and syrupy.
Scandinavian Cider-Green Apple(  5.40%) *- Sweet and syrupy and tastes like a Jolly Rancher candy.


The Two Metre Tall Company (from Tasmania, Australia)
Huon Farmhouse Dry (2014)(  7.50%) ***- Dry and tart and musty.


Zemilla Mexican Hard Cider (from Oaxaca, Mexico)
Zemilla(  4.00%) **- Sweet and slightly syrupy from the sugar.


Bak's Cidery (from Poland)
Bak's(  4.50%) - TBD

Miloslawksi (Browar Fortuna) (from Milosaw, Poland)
Cydr - Semisweet(  4.50%) *- Semisweet and slightly syrupy. An odd metallic taste.
Perry(  4.50%) **- Smooth and sweet, but not syrupy, with a honey finish.


Ramborn Hard Cider (from Mompach, Luxembourg)
Original Medium Dry(  5.80%) ***- Semisweet with lots of apple.
Cascade Hopped(  7.40%) ***- Semisweet with hops, but not bitter.
Perry(  5.80%) ***- Semidry and tannic.

As a side note:
•HP Bulmers is the parent company for Woodchuck and Woodpecker.
•Bulmers is the parent company for Magners.
•Magners is the parent company for Hornsby and Shepton Mallet.
•Crispin is the parent company for Fox Barrel. (MillerCoors own them both)
•Wandering Aengus is the parent company for Anthem.
•Sam Adams (Boston Beer Company) is the parent company for Angry Orchard.
•MillerCoors is the parent company for Redd's and Smith & Forge.
•Budweiser is the parent company for Johnny Appleseed.
•Heineken is the parent company for Strongbow (USA), Orchard Thieves (Ireland).
•Woodchuck (Vermont Hard Cider Co.) is the parent company for Newton's Folly and Hard Pressed Cider and Wicked Grove (Aldi stores).
•Carlsberg Group is the parent company for Somersby Cider.