Phillydog's Silent Alphabet

You may have heard of a military (NATO) alphabet which includes the following:
A - Alpha
B - Bravo
C - Charlie
D - Delta
I have decided to make a silent alphabet:
Letter - Word   (Pronunciation)

A - Aesthete    (Esthate)
B - Bdellium    (Delium)
C - Czar        (Zar)
D - Djin        (Gin)
E - Eugene      (You Jean)
F - Fhaide      (Ah-je)  [Gaelic origin meaning 'easy'] 
G - Gnome       (Nome)
H - Hombre      (Om bray)
I - Iago        (Yah go)
J - Jai alai    (Hi lie)
K - Knowledge   (Nah ledge)
L - Llamer      (Yah mer) [Spanish for the verb 'to call'.]
M - Mnemonic    (Nuh monic)
N - Nguyen      (When) [A surname which is of Vietnamese origin.]
O - Oedipus     (Edipus)
P - Pneumonia   (Nuh moan-e-uh)
Q - Qat         (Cat)
R - Rzeszów     (Je-shut) [A city in southeast Poland] 
S - Szyr        (Zeer) [A person's name which is of Polish origin.]
T - Tsar        (Zar) 
U - Uitlander   (Ite-lander or Oit-lander)
V - Vier        (Fear) [German for the number four] 
W - Wrist       (Rist)
X - Xylophone   (Zy-la phone)
Y - Yves        (Eve)
Z - Zsolt       (Jolt)